awful alice


Because of his Alice, my brother has experienced many bad things. He may seem unpleasant, but he always protects me. That’s why I want to protect my brother, too. Because in truth, my brother is very kind.”

“You must love him a lot.”

I do.

Every Single Little Thing |Jack Maynard|

Summary -  Can you do a imagine where Jack is hanging out with this girl a lot and Y/N gets jealous and Jack reminds Y/N he loves her.

Word Count - 1,159

Warnings - N/A

Hearing giggles from outside your flat, you rolled your eyes. Please don’t say she is here again.

You slid your key into the lock and turned it to the left, watching the door swing open as you stepped in. And there she was. Sat on the sofa, sat as close to Jack as humanly possible without being sat on his lap.

“Hi,” you mumbled, placing your bag on the work top in the kitchen, glancing at the blonde that was attached to your boyfriend’s side.

“Hi, Y/N.” she smiled, resting her hand on Jack’s shoulder as she pulled her knees to her chest.

“Y/N, you remember Alice?” Jack smiled at you, not even saying hello to you or giving you a kiss.

“How could I forget? She’s here more than I am.” You mumbled to yourself, very thankful that neither of them could hear you.

Rolling your eyes again, you stayed in the kitchen with a bottle of water in one hand, your phone in the other as you leant your elbows against the worktop.

Every few seconds, you found yourself glancing over to Alice and Jack, until you finally walked over to them and sat yourself on the chair that was positioned on its own, leaving both of them to curl up on the sofa.

Staring at the TV, Alice interrupted your daydreaming as she sat up and looked over at you.

“What is it you do again, Y/N?” Alice asked.

Glancing over at her, you turned your attention back to the TV.

“I work in an office, I actually-”

“Aw, that sounds fun.” Alice smiled sweetly, completely cutting your sentence short.

Letting out a sigh, you glanced at Jack who was looking at Alice, listening intently as she proceeded to tell him about a photo shoot she had been on last week.

He didn’t take this much interest when you told him about your job.

You decided to keep your mouth shut, and your eyes on the TV as Netflix changed to the next episode of Pretty Little Liars.

“Jack and I have been watching this since it started.” Alice informed you. “We just finished season 5.”

“Aw, you’ll be happy to know that Cece is A then?” you smiled sarcastically, glancing at them both as they just stared at you.

“Sorry.” You shrugged. “Thought you already knew.”

Alice rolled her eyes and sighed, turning back to Jack and mumbled something in his ear as he chuckled quietly.

Clenching your fists by your side, you continued to stay quiet. Alice had been over the flat for the past 4 days, and you didn’t really get a chance to ask Jack who she actually was. It was the same 4 words, every single conversation.

‘She’s just a friend.’

It didn’t really seem like that from where you were sat. How many friends would practically sit on your boyfriends lap? Or keep whispering and giving you dirty looks?

Not many 'friends’.

They both sat quietly, staring intently at the TV and you took this opportunity to leave the room quietly and go upstairs.

“Babe? Where you off to?” Jack asked, but still kept himself perched on the sofa next to her.

You chose to ignore him, because you knew you’d end up giving a sarcastic reply, so you went into the bathroom.

After taking your make up off, you stayed in the shower for much longer than you normally would, hopefully to get your point across to Jack that you were annoyed, without actually saying those words out loud.

Stepping out of the shower, you wrapped a towel around yourself, tying it as you held it under your arms.

You still heard those two voices downstairs, the deep, calming one belonging to your boyfriend. And the squeaky, annoying one belonging to his 'friend’.

You walked into your bedroom, the trail of wet footprints behind you.

Sitting on the bed once you had gotten dressed in your favourite onesie, you sighed quietly as you heard both of those voices laughing.

You had already made the decision that you were going to spend the remainder of the night in yours and Jack’s bedroom, or until Alice had left.

It sounds very pathetic but you were jealous, and it’s not because you thought Jack was cheating, it was just the fact that Alice was a massive flirt and didn’t know when to stop flirting and keep her hands to herself.

After half an hour or so, the laughter stopped and you heard the front door of your flat close. Then footsteps. And then, the bedroom door opened and you were welcomed by the sight of Jack, leaning against the doorframe, a smug smirk on his face.

“What are you smirking at?” you mumbled as you were lead in the middle of your bed, your eyes fixed on the TV.

“You’re jealous, Y/N. Don’t try to hide it from me.” Jack chuckled, shaking his head as his stepped closer to you.

Rolling your eyes, you scoffed. Like hell you were going to admit you were jealous or even worse, that Jack was right.

“I am not jealous, it’s just that I want to be able to come home and watch what I want on TV, and be able to sit on my own sofa.”

The reasons you were trying to use against the fact you were jealous, were dreadful. Jack knew that you didn’t care whether you sat on the sofa or not, he knew that you were jealous.

“Babe, come on.” Jack sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed.

You sat up and paused the episode of Pretty Little Liars that you were currently watching.

“Okay, I am jealous. Because Alice is all over you, and I wanted to spend time with you once I had got home from work and I don’t get that option because she has been here for the past 4 days and I just-” you were cut off as Jack leant forward and pressed his lips against yours.

Chuckling, he pulled away, that smirk still plastered on his face.

“I love it when you get jealous.” Jack chuckled, sitting next to you and pulling you onto his lap.

Nuzzling into your neck, he gently planted a few kisses across your jaw line.

“I love you, and only you. Not Alice, not anyone else. Just you.” Jack told you.

You opened your mouth to protest but Jack interrupted.

“I love your smile,” he mumbled, gently pecking your lips.

“Your laugh, your eyes, the fact that your nose scrunches up when you laugh, the fact you snore.” Jack chuckled, protectively wrapping his arms around your waist.

“I don’t snore!” You laughed, shaking your head in protest.

“You do, but do you know what?”

You looked up at Jack, waiting for his answer.

“I love it. And I love every single little thing about you.” His blue eyes sparkling.

And you knew he meant it, every single little word.


soulmate au — > “all of your dreams are your soulmate’s most significant memories from that given day“

Jughead woke with a start. His heart was pounding, and he tried as hard as he could to push the feeling of anger away. Jughead barely – if ever – dreamt. Tonight though he had dreamt, though he did not know what of. Images shot through his head again, a red-haired boy and a raven haired girl sitting together on a red couch as he watched from afar, a sinking feeling filling the pit of his stomach. Images of a darker skinned male flashed through his mind and Jughead winced as the feeling of uselessness and fear filled him. Finally, images of curled fingers, scarred and bloody hands filled his mind and he gasped at the pain he felt on his own palms as if the wounds were his.

The sudden sound of his alarm startled him, and Jughead swung his blanket off of his legs before sitting up on the edge of his bed. Jughead shakes his head trying to rid the images from his mind but it’s too late. They’re already imprinted there, as well as the feelings attached to them. Sighing, Jughead pushes himself up off of the bed, grabbing a sweater that is hanging off a chair in the corner of his room. Opening a drawer, he grabs a pair of pants and tugs them on before entering the bathroom to brush his teeth and put on some deodorant and cologne.

Finishing up in the bathroom, Jughead brushes his hair with his fingers before throwing his signature beanie on over top of his mess of hair. A noise coming from he kitchen startles him and Jughead cautiously makes his way down the hall. “Hey,” he says to his father as he enters the kitchen and F.P. lifts his head out of his hands. Jughead pours himself a cup of coffee in a to-go cup and eyes up F.P., narrowing his eyes at his dad. “What’s going on?” He asks him and F.P. shakes his head at his son.

“Nothing,” he lies, “go on, you’re going to be late for your first day.” Jughead shakes his head and chuckles.

“Yes, because being the new kid is so much fun.” Jughead snips at his father as he makes his way towards the front door. He stops in his tracks when a splash of red on a piece of paper catches his attention. Final Notice it read in big bolded letters. Jughead’s heart sunk and his limbs went weak as he looked back at his father, still sitting at the table, head buried back in his hands. Without a word, Jughead yanks the front door open and makes his way outside.

Jughead arrived at Riverdale High just before the first bell and he groaned as he made his way up the front steps and into the brightly lit public school. A sign hanging from the ceiling gave directions to different wings as well as the office and Jughead sighed, tugging at his beanie before making his way to the office.

“Hello!” A short elderly woman greeted him and he winced at her bright voice.

“Hey,” He greeted her back, “my name is Jughead, Jughead Jones.” He told her and she beamed, her eyes shuffling through a pile of papers before finding his.

“Here you go dear,” she smiled, handing him the papers she had retrieved. Among them was his new schedule, a list of sports teams and clubs, and a map. Jughead furrowed his eyebrows and unfolded the map. “Yes, about that. Your student guide has called in sick for the day. So for today, just try your best and tomorrow she should be here.” Jughead nodded his head and thanked the lady before returning back out into the hallway.

Pulling out his schedule he tries his best to scan the map, but it’s so dated that Jughead can’t tell what is what. Suddenly Jughead is shoved from behind and thrown against a locker. “Oh shit,” he hears a voice shout from behind him and he twists his head to see who it was.

“Reg, not cool man. Hey, sorry dude, Reggie’s an idiot who doesn’t watch where he’s going.” Jughead chuckles and stands from the ground, turning to thank the stranger. Jughead freezes as his eyes land on the red headed boy from his dream. “I’m Archie, Archie Andrews.” He introduces himself while Jughead continues to stare in complete shock.

Jughead was pretty sure he’d never seen nor met Archie before, so now he was confused as to why he was showing up in his dreams. Suddenly the raven-haired girl from his dream appeared from behind Archie, grabbing his arm and pulling him with her.

“C'mon Archiekins, we’re going to be late for first period.” She tells him, her eyes landing on Jughead at the last moment. “Oh,” she smiles at him and Jughead raises his eyebrows. “Hi there, you must be new. I’m Veronica Lodge.” She told him and Jughead nodded slowly.

What the hell is going on? He thought to himself as Archie and Veronica shared curious glances with each other.

“Hey, we’ve gotta go to first period. Where are you headed?” Archie asks Jughead and Jughead, snapping out of his head, unfolds his schedule to read it.

“Chemistry. F118.”

“Great!” Veronica cheers, pulling Archie with her. “You’re with us. Come along.” She orders, and he follows the two of them down the hall to the classroom, stopping at the door of the classroom when more familiar faces from his dream appeared.

What the hell?

Betty woke up from her nap suddenly, startled by a strange noise in her room.

“Elizabeth Cooper, what the hell are you doing home?” Her mother burst out as soon as she saw that Betty was awake. Betty groaned and pulled a pillow over her head, blocking her mother out.

Suddenly the pillow is ripped off of her head and Alice is hovering over her, hands on hips with her mouth drawn in a thin line. “Let’s go.”

“Mom, no, I can’t go today. I feel awful.” Just then Alice smacks her hand against Betty’s forehead.

“You feel fine Elizabeth, get up. Now.” She told her before storming out of her room, finally leaving her alone. The silence filled the room and Betty sat up in her bed. She had dreamt of the south side of town. She vividly remembered images of a trailer park and a scruffy looking man sitting at a table before the big red bolded words “Final Notice” flashed across her vision. Then she was at school, being pushed into a locker by Reggie, and then helped by Archie and Veronica.

“What a strange dream.” She whispered to herself.

“What dream?” Betty jumped at Polly’s voice and her sister winced apologetically. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” She told her, making her way into her room and sitting on the edge of her bed. “Tell me about your dream.”

Betty’s eyebrows furrowed, but she relaxed after Polly gave her one of her cheeky smiles. “Okay, well it was weird. It felt like I was in someone else’s mind. Or like I was living someone else’s life in my dream.” Betty told her and Polly’s eyes lit up. “What?” Betty asked her, but Polly was becoming extremely giddy, which only made Betty even more confused.

“Seriously? Oh, c'mon Betty! Your soulmate is starting to make an appearance in your life!” Polly chimed while Betty’s mouth hung open.

“What? What do you mean?” Betty asked her sister and Polly rolled her eyes.

“One of my friends had this happen to her! It’s very rare to happen this young! Finding your soulmate is extremely hard to do! It starts with dreams, then moves to feelings, scents, and then you can hear voices.” Polly explains to Betty making her eyes widen. “I guess you don’t start learning about Soulmates until next year in school right?” Polly thought for a moment, before realizing that that, in fact, was true.

“Soulmate,” Betty whispered to herself. Polly smiled and squeezed her sister’s hand before letting it go.
“Go find him,” Polly whispered to Betty, giving her a little wink making Betty blush and giggle. Betty nods her head happily, throwing her blankets off her lap so that she could get ready for her day.

justanotherbugheadtrash  asked:

Prompt: At the day Jughead and Betty are going to get married stuff start to go wrong, like problems with the flowers, band... Betty has a little panic attack and F.P is the one to put her back on tracks. Jughead also starts to freak out and Alice comforts him.

Oh my goodness, I love this prompt. I love the idea of the other parents comforting them! Sorry it took me a little while to write, I had to take a break in the middle to go to dance class. I hope you enjoy it darling!

“No, no, you can’t do this to me, Josie. The wedding is next week, how am I going to find another band that quickly?” Betty was practically begging. She vaguely heard Josie give a string of apologies on the other end of the phone, but she wasn’t really listening. “Okay, okay, I’ll figure something out.” Betty hung up the phone as her breathing began to pick up.

She had walked out of the florist to answer the phone, but she couldn’t go back and face them yet. She had spent all morning trying to negotiate a deal with this florist after her last one had horribly screwed up, thinking the wedding was this week and not next week. Betty would have been willing to forgive the mistake, except they had then told her that they were too booked up to be able to fill her order by next week. So now here Betty was, without a florist and without a band. It seemed like everything was falling apart.

Betty leaned back against the wall and slowly slipped down to a crouching position as she felt her eyes fill with tears. All she wanted to do was marry the boy of her dreams, but this wedding was proving to be a lot more drama then she wanted. She wondered if Jughead would be willing to run away with her and get married in secret.

“Hey” Betty looked up in surprise to see that it was FP who had come out to check on her. He saw her tears and immediately grew concerned. He crouched next to Betty and put a reassuring hand on her arm. “Is this about the florist? Because we will get flowers at your wedding even if I have to go into a field and pick them myself.” Despite how lousy she was feeling, Betty couldn’t help but smile. She took a shaky breath and wiped away her tears.

“It’s not just the flowers. That was Josie on the phone. Her manager is making them stay on tour for another two weeks, so they can’t play for our wedding.” Saying the words out loud made Betty’s panic come back. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to focus on her breathing, but try as she might, she couldn’t push thoughts of the wedding from her mind.

“Hey, hey, Betty relax.” FP’s hand found her arm again and squeezed lightly. “Betty, look at me” Betty obeyed, opening her eyes to look at the father of the man she was going to marry. FP hadn’t always been the best father for Jughead, but he had really stepped up recently and he had been a lot of help in planning for the wedding. He was one of the few people who could put Alice Cooper in her place. “That’s better, now Josie and the Pussycats aren’t the only musicians in town. We’ll find someone else.”

“It just all seems like too much. The florist and now the band…I know I should be excited that I’m getting married in a week, but I’m just too stressed. I just want everything to be perfect.”

“Yeah, Jughead said that was one of your things. Look, Betty, do you really care about what flowers you have or who is singing in the background? What’s the most important thing about this wedding?”

“Jughead obviously, that’s why I need it to be perfect, for Jughead. He deserves the world.”

“You’ve got that right, but he already has the world in you. Betty, he couldn’t give a damn about any of these details. He would marry you in a paper bag at Pop’s. Jughead just wants to marry you, that’s the most important thing.”

“You’re right” Betty took a deep breath, grateful that FP had put her in her place and set her priorities straight. Betty stood up and FP followed her lead. She gave him a nod and a smile.

“So you go in there and convince that florist to do your wedding. I have a buddy who is in a band that I can go talk to.”

“Thank you FP” Betty gave him a hug and kissed his cheek. She walked back into the shop to find her mom and Jughead looking at her anxiously. Jughead immediately moved towards her and kissed her on the cheek before putting his arm around her.

“Everything okay?” His eyes roamed across her face. She knew he didn’t miss the tear tracks.

“It is now” She wrapped both of her arms around his waist and held on tightly. “Josie had to cancel. Her manager is making them extend the tour. It sucks and she’s really upset about it, but there is nothing she can do.”

“Oh, how awful,” Alice said as she came over to join them.

“FP said he has a buddy who is in a band that he’ll ask. Hopefully, they are willing to do it so last minute.” Betty sighed and leaned against Jughead. He was her rock, simply being near him made everything a bit better.

“Hopefully it’s not his band,” Jughead said with a grimace

“Your dad is in a band?”

“Well back in the day he was.”

“Oh, god. With Fred Andrews, I remember them, they were awful.” Alice said with a laugh

“Well, we will let him down easy if that’s the case. Although bad music might be better than no music at all.” Betty said with a sigh

“We have some good news at least. These guys promised up that they can have flowers done by the time of your wedding.” Jughead said

“Juggie, that’s wonderful.” Betty hugged him tighter.

“We won’t get to pick out the specific flowers, but I trust their judgment and it’s better than no flowers.” Alice put in. Betty wondered when her wedding had turned into taking what they could get, but she quickly pushed those thoughts from her mind. She remembered what FP had said. The flowers and music and everything else didn’t matter. All that matter was she was marrying the love of her life. Betty leaned up and kissed Jughead on the cheek.

“What was that for?” He asked, mirroring her bright smile.

“Because I get to marry you in a week and that’s all that really matters.” Betty said happily. Jughead’s smile widened and he leaned down to give her a soft kiss.

“Eh-hem” Alice cleared her throat. The two broke apart with amused smiles. “I hate to ruin the moment, but Betty, you have to get to your final dress fitting with Veronica, and Mr. Jones, we are meeting Archie to finalize seating arrangements now that we finally have gotten all of the RSVPs.” Alice said in a businesslike tone. Her mom had been a rockstar in the wedding preparation. She and Veronica had taken on the task with an almost scary amount of enthusiasm and dedication. Betty didn’t know what she would have done without them.

“Right, seating arrangements.” Jughead gave a sigh and shot Betty a look that said he would rather be doing almost anything else. She patted his chest and leaned up to kiss him again.

“You’re the best. Both of you. I love you” She said and with one more little peck, she was out the door.

“Alice?” Jughead asked as they walked back to the Cooper’s house. It still felt weird to call her by her first name, but she had insisted when they had gotten engaged.


“Do you think Betty is happy?” Jughead spit the words out before he lost the nerve. Alice stopped walking and turned and faced him. She squinted her eyes and regarded him seriously.

“Where is this coming from.”

“I just…she deserves a real fairytale wedding, but with our limited budget and now all of these things going wrong, I’m just worried she won’t be happy.” Jughead shrugged self-consciously. He had never put any thought into what his wedding might look like, he hadn’t even thought he was the marrying type until he met Betty. He didn’t care how he married Betty as long as he got to make her his wife. But Betty, she had been dreaming of this moment since she was little. Jughead could remember little Betty drawing wedding dresses and making herself flower crowns and pretending to walk down the aisle. Betty defied the girl next door stereotype in many ways, but this was not one of them. She wanted a perfect, dreamlike wedding and Jughead was trying his hardest to give it to her, he was just worried that he was falling short.

“You’re worried that she won’t be happy with the wedding?” Alice shook her head in disbelief “Jughead, maybe you can’t see it because to you she is always beautiful and glowing, but Betty has been absolutely radiant since you proposed. This is the happiest that she has ever been, and it is all to do with her love for you.”

“Yes, but what about the girl who filled journals with what she wanted her perfect wedding to be like. I’m letting that girl down.” Jughead found that all of his insecurities and doubts were suddenly pouring out. And to Alice Cooper of all people, but to his surprise, she was oddly easy to talk to.

“That girl had no idea what it felt like to be in love and when you are in love, that overshadows anything else. I promise you, Betty isn’t thinking of the wedding she wanted as a child, she is just thinking about how much she wants to marry you.” Alice smiled kindly and took Jughead’s hand. “Trust me, I wouldn’t let my daughter have a wedding that wasn’t exactly what she wanted.” She squeezed his hand and he squeezed back.

“Thank you” Jughead had always been amazed of Alice’s quick acceptance of him. She didn’t like most of Betty’s friends, but Jughead, she had been totally okay with. It had taken Jughead a little while to realize that it wasn’t him she was accepting, but the way he made Betty feel. All of Alice’s actions were always driven out of love for her family. Alice didn’t Jughead based on his clothes or how he acted, she judged him off of how he treated Betty and how he affected her happiness. She had accepted him because she saw that he made Betty happy. This was no different. Alice recognized that the details of the wedding didn’t matter, making Betty happy was the only thing that did. And according to Alice, simply marrying him made her happy. Jughead felt the same way, he just hadn’t realized that Betty shared those feelings until Alice told him.

“Anytime, now let’s go make sure that the Blossoms are seated as far away from the Coopers as possible.” Alice dropped his hand and resumed walking. Smiling to himself, Jughead followed her. He now knew that there could be a fistfight between the two families and it still wouldn’t ruin the wedding. All that mattered was that he got to marry the love of his life.

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Being Alice Cullen’s Human Mate Would Include:

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

anonymous asked: I can’t get on a cp to see the rules, sorry. But can you do a Would Include for Being Alice Cullen’s human mate? It’s ok if you can’t. Thanks

A/N: You can go on the Internet on your phone, go onto my blog and you can see the rules and master list no problem, I checked to make sure those links work on mobile. Yeah, I can do that for you, lovely. Thank you so much for your request and I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with.

- Not out of offence or in a rude manner, you would definitely turn into Alice’s doll to dress up and make up. She’d practically be your fashion police!

- Alice being incredibly tender with you; physically and emotionally.

- Alice always getting her way.

- “Now I can see why Edward and everyone are so grouchy around you.

- “You don’t mean that!

- Despite Alice’s small stature and total cuteness, she is absolutely fiercely protective of you. Like she will become the freaking predator if she has to!

- Alice always looking out for your future.

- “Our wedding’s going to be amazing!


- Giving Alice piggy back rides everywhere.

- That tremor that runs up and down your spine when Alice hugs you from behind in the morning when you’re cooking food for yourself.

- Alice cooking for you and ensuring that everything is pretty much perfect for you.

- Alice redecorating your room every month.

- “Is this necessary, Alice? I liked it the way it was before.

- “Yes, absolutely! You shouldn’t have, it was getting really tacky.

- Alice pretty much spoiling you rotten and never forgetting birthday’s, Christmas’s, Easter’s, etc.

- Alice absolutely adoring you no matter what.

- “I will never let a single thing touch or hurt you. I’ve waited my whole life for someone as spectacular as you, (Y/N). You have no idea how much I feel for you.” Alice would gush, her golden honey orbs locked attentively with yours.

- “I love you more, Alice!

- “You wanna bet on that, (Y/N)?

- Going shopping with Alice.

- Vacationing with Alice.

- Alice practically kidnapping you from your family and making you sleepover at her house all of the time.

- “It’s a Wednesday, Alice. Who has a freaking sleepover on Wednesday’s?!” 

- “I declare that it’s a tradition now!

- Alice declaring a lot of things just to get her way.

- “I declare that everyday is shopping day!

- “Oh god no!

- When you’re upset, Alice is a miracle worker and makes you feel better in less than five seconds.

- Watching an endless amount of chick flicks.

- Finding that Alice is nothing less than an intricate beauty and you can’t wait to be like her.

- “I want to be a vampire. I want to be with you forever.” you’d confess.

- “Well, can we talk about this? I want the exact same thing, but there’s more to it, sweetie.

- “I’m not going to change my mind.

- “Well, there’s a right time for the majority of things, so please be patient until I’ve learnt how to do it myself.

- Being an incredibly attentive, ardent and passionately loving couple.

- Passionate hot sex.

- Lingerie.

- Soft sweet pecks in public.

- Deep passionate lustful kisses behind closed doors.

- “I love you more than my own eternal life.

- “I love you more than this entire universe.

- Edward, Jasper and Emmett teasing you two for being so cheesy and sappy.

- “It’s called romance, take some tips, morons.


- Going on so many dates in a week.

- “You spoil me rotten, Alice.

- “Pssshh! You deserve it!

- Overly cute or cheesy pet names.

- “Awe Shnookums!

- You and Alice getting married.

- Alice turning you someday.

- “I thought before your transformation you were the most beautiful, but somehow I stand corrected…” Alice would breathe.

- “Alice, you see the future…

- “You just had to ruin it, didn’t you?!

- Getting flowers in the morning nearly everyday of the week.

- Never being able to surprise Alice.

- “I know that you planned something and by the way, I love it!

- “Can’t you just keep your visiony crap away from my surprises?!

- “Not a chance! I’m nosy and curious! There’s no way that I’m getting surprised.” Alice would simper.

- Many inside jokes.

- Really enjoying Alice’s upbeat and bubbly personality.

- Standing up for Alice because she’s your precious cinnamon roll that needs to be protected.

- Kinky sex.

- Sex.

- SEX.

- Alice being mindful enough and considerate to be gentle with you during sex or not so rough that you get hurt.

- Loads and loads of cuddles.

- You falling asleep with your head in her lap.

- Alice always running her fingers through your hair.

- Alice planning your wedding years before it actually happens.

- “What are you doing?

- “Planning our wedding.

- “Can you get any blunter?

- You being the center of Alice’s attention and not Bella.

- Alice getting jealous and you know it but you don’t bring it because she can get scary when she’s mad.

- When you’re jealous, Alice enjoys teasing you.

- Alice practically never leaving your side.


- Alice and you always teasing each other playfully.

- Alice taking good care of you.

- “I can open the pickle jar by myself, Alice.

- “I was trying to lend a helping hand.

- You asking Alice questions about being a vampire.

- “So does Dracula exist?

- “So you’ve never had McDonalds?

- “So are you a living stone technically?

- “So I’m basically going to be an albino hamster when I turn into a new born?

- Alice keeping certain things from you to protect you, to which you blow your top off because you hate being lied to about anything!

- “You lied to me, Alice! You talk about honesty when you can’t even be honest with me!

- “I was doing it to protect you! I had to get you out of town when Victoria was here! The last thing that I need is to lose you!

- You and Alice always making up in the end.

- “I hate fighting with you. It’s the worst thing in the world…

- You knowing the Cullen’s secret, which means you need to be turned into a vamprie for your own safety and their family’s safety.

- Being close with the Denali’s.

- “She’s very beautiful, Alice.” Tanya would grin.

- “She’s a gem!” Kate would beam.

- You being the Cullen’s cinnamon roll that they’ve sworn to protect forever.

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