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The Gainer Sesh Part 1

*A sequel to The Fat Brother (Link)*

*Disclaimer* Fictional story. Intended for 18+ readers only. Smoking is bad for you.

One morning inside a garage, three 22 year old guys, Kurt, Darren and Campbell, are sitting in a circle.

“Yo guys” Darren, the ginger one, announced sheepishly as he took a hit.  “I’m gonna get some munchies.”

“Awesooome” blonde-haired Campbell said, extending the last syllable for a bit to long.

“There’s this box on the counter,” Darren kept talking even as he went to the kitchen in his parents’ house.

The heavy one, Kurt, took a quick hit and then asked quickly “What’s he talking about?” before exhaling.

“Must be nice living with mommy and daddy and not having to buy your own food” Campbell told him in a bored voice, drawing a line in pen through the maze on the back of a cereal box as he munched on some dry Coco Puffs.

“And here you are raiding the Bennett’s pantry” Kurt smirked at his friend as Darren came back with a brown box,  “What’s that?”

Darren opened the top flaps of the box.

“They’re cookies!” Darren proclaimed.  

The other two watched as the red haired one turned over the box to reveal one dozen chocolate chip cookies.

“I love chocolate chip,” Kurt started to salivate.  “But I can’t have that man I’m on a diet.”

“Ladies dig the dad bod anyway” Campbell said, snagging a cookie and biting into it.

The other guys laughed as a bit of chocolate covered his lips.

“Mmm, this is soooo good,” he declared, eyes lit up in culinary delight.

“Really?”  Darren asked, grabbing one for himself.  “I wonder where my parents got them.  Woah … this is the best cookie I’ve ever had. You sure you don’t want one, big guy?”

“I gotta leave” Kurt replied, trying to avoid eye contact with the box.  “I’ll have some later, don’t eat them all, okay?”

In fact, Kurt grabbed one as he headed out the door, and was glad he did as soon as his teeth sunk into the tasty treat. Afterwards however he felt guilty and despite his hunger pangs, resisted getting more food for breakfast. At 6’2” and 215 pounds, Kurt was definitely a bit chubby, but it was better than when his weight was north of 230. Kurt had always been skinny without too much muscle, carrying only 160 pounds for most of his young adult life. But due to some weird events 2 months ago, he had quickly ballooned up to obesity. Despite all this, because he was never naturally fat, he had managed to shed 15+ pounds.

The trio spent their day at work, occasionally licking their lips and thinking about the cookies at Darren’s house, totally unaware that they each carried 3 more pounds than they had when they awoke that morning.

They agreed to meet back in Darren’s garage at 5, and went to Little Caesars to grab 2 hot-and-readys.  Normally the time spent eating together would be full of conversation and good-natured teasing about Kurt’s weight.  All three, however, seemed a bit subdued as they ate their pizza.

Kurt broke the rather pensive post-meal silence.  

“Am I the only one who really wants another one of those cookies?” he asked.

“Shit I’m glad you brought it up” Darren replied.  “I’ve been thinking about those things all freaking day.  I don’t know what it is, it’s like I have to eat another one.”

“Yeah, same here,” Campbell concurred.  “Let’s break ‘em out.”

The cookies were brought to the table and each one reverently took one.  Quiet moans filled the kitchen as three sets of teeth sunk into the perfectly baked cookies, chocolate chips spurting out onto waiting tastebuds.

“So good,” Darren sighed.  

The conversation picked up, each guy back to his normal goofy self, talking about cars and college football.  They didn’t even realize that they were picking up another cookie until Campbell’s hand reached into the box to find it empty.

“Whoa,” he said, her tone turning serious.  “We just ate all the cookies.”

“What? No way!” Kurt denied, grabbing the box.  “Damn, they’re all gone.  I didn’t even realize it…”

Campbell placed one hand against the midsection of his Hawaiian shirt.  His stomach did feel uncomfortably round and a bit bloated, all evidence of cookie gluttony.

“Guys, we gotta be careful,” Darren warned.  “Good thing it was only a dozen”

“You’re right bro” Campbell agreed, his hand still lightly rubbing his overfull middle.  As much as he was loathe to admit it, though, he did find himself craving just one more.

That evening the boys ended up getting so buzzed they decided to just spend the night at Darren’s, with Kurt and Campbell sleeping in a sleeping bag in each corner of Darren’s room. One corner of their minds were still basking in the memory of those incredibly delicious cookies.  It was enough to keep them from realizing that each of their bodies was now 12 pounds heavier.

Kurt found it took a bit more effort to get his brother’s old 36’ jeans under his chunky ass, and there was definitely a greater feeling of relief when he undid the button.  A quick glance in the mirror was not enough to raise suspicions.  Kurt had shaggy brown hair, not a lot of muscle, blue eyes, and was thick all over.  At 6”2 and chubby 215 (when the day began), with most of his weight rounding his overfed gut, but also some fat chunking out his sagging chest, chunky legs, and wide ass.  He knew he had to be careful. He knew he was only a few pounds from transitioning from chubby and overweight to downright fat and obese.

Behind him, Darren grunted slightly and let out a sigh of relief as he undid the button on his jeans and pulled down the zipper.  At 5’11”, he had wavy red hair, blue eyes and very fair skin.  A strict gym regimen kept him at a toned and muscular 160.  He did his best to keep his pudgy youth a secret from others, the truth was that his metabolism wasn’t great so it was only by a strict diet and lots of time in the gym that he managed to keep his sexy slim figure.  With a very good looking face, he had gotten used to turning heads and wanted to keep it that way.

Lastly, Campbell struggled a bit to release the straining button on his shorts.  After stepping out of the shorts and undoing the front buttons of his Hawaiian shirt, he got visual confirmation of his bloated feeling.  His normally flat stomach pooched out slightly above his V line, a rather shocking sight on his usually slim frame.  The same height as Kurt, Campbell had never needed to worry about his weight.  He simply had a slim and toned build and it seemed that his weight had been pretty constant at 170 ever since he graduated from high school.  His laid back attitude, blonde hair, and piercing green eyes lent him a bit of a surfer look, and his thin waist and muscular pecs/arms certainly didn’t hurt.

All three climbed under their covers, closing their eyes and drifting off to sleep with a small voice in the back of their heads whispering, “More cookies…”

“You never said there was another box!” exclaimed Campbell.  

Neither of the other two replied as they all stood around the island counter, looking at the mysterious box that had seemingly appeared overnight.

“I-I-It wasn’t here last night,” Darren said incredulously, “My parents are supposed to be gone all week.”

They watched as Kurt slowly ripped open the seal and pulled the flaps open.

“More cookies,” he announced.  

The three guys gazed into the box, another dozen chocolate chip cookies staring back at them.

“Is that drool on your lip big guy?” Campbell asked, starting to laugh before his stomach unleashed a loud roar.

“Hungry much?” Darren smirked.  “Anyway, I have no idea how these got here.”

“Well … I dunno.  Does anyone really care that much?” Campbell asked, balling his fists to keep from reaching out and snagging one.

“Um, not really,” Kurt replied.  “I, uh, I need to take a leak.”

“Yeah, I gotta let the dog out,” Darren chimed in, his eyes straying back to the open box as he started walking down the hall.

Campbell left the kitchen right after the other two, but not before grabbing a cookie to take with him.


The guys ended up napping all morning, and by the time Darren said that he was going to shower and officially wake up for the day, only 6 cookies remained the box.

Kurt looked at Campbell as they both heard swearing coming from the upstairs bathroom.

“What’s going on?” Kurt asked, sleepily rubbing his eyes.

“I dunno,” Campbell yawned.  “Sounds like he stubbed his toe or something.”

The sight that greeted them when they arrived at the bathroom served to rouse them from their stupor.  There, standing on the scale in just a very tight pair of boxers, was a very upset Darren.

“I gained 24 pounds!” he shouted.  “184! I was 160 last time I weighed myself on Monday! How the hell does that happen?!”

“I’m sure the scale’s just broken,” Campbell said, but even as the words left his mouth he realized he was wrong.

A good look at his bud revealed that Darren was indeed looking heavier, about 24 pounds worth.  His cheeks had developed dimples and his neck was thicker. His boxers strained against his butt which rounded out way past his back, his blown-out thighs wider and rounder, filling out the legs of the boxer shorts completely.  Instead of flat abs, a frat-boyish gut was oozing over the stretched waistband.

“It’s the fucking cookies!” Kurt exclaimed.  

“Yeah, that must be it,” Campbell agreed, feeling excited that they had figured it out before he began to look down.

“Holy shit,” he whispered, with a look of horror in his fuller cheeks and feeling butterflies in the pit of his stomach.  

Kurt and Darren turned towards their friend. Campbell’s small t-shirt and boxer shorts hid nothing.  An even rounder belly with a thin happy trail and deep navel poked out of the 3” gap between the hem of the shirt and the waistband of the boxers.  He gently prodded his pudgy stomach in wonder, hands slowly sliding up to feel his softer pecs.

Kurt’s large fat stomach jiggled as lifted up his T-shirt and walked to the scale to join Campbell in inspecting the damage.  Since he was already big all over, his fatter stomach didn’t seem so out of place, but the overhang that was present a few weeks ago had returned. Substantial love handles popped out from his sides and oozed over the waistband of his tight boxers. His butt was huge and round enough to make any black woman jealous. As the screen lit up and flashed, Kurt lowered his arms to his sides. His T shirt remained in place, held up by his large moobs. The numbers 239 appeared on the screen.

“239,” he told them.  “24 pounds.  8 cookies.”

“Could it really be the cookies?” Darren wondered out loud.  “I mean, I ate like … 8 I think.  4 each day.”

Campbell approached the scale with trepidation, simply nodding to confirm his own gain when the scaled flashed “194” at him.

Then they all looked at each other, as if each had an identical thought. Running back down the hall, glancing at each other’s figures and noticing all jiggling that took place as they ran, they ventured to the kitchen.

They stopped in their track when an identical box could be seen on the counter once again.

“What do we do?” Darren whimpered, right hand cupping his chubby gut.

“I… I don’t know,” Kurt said.  “Should we open it to make sure…?”

His voice trailed off, even to his ears it was a pathetic attempt to simply get the cookies in his belly.  Maybe it was because the new pounds seemed to be messing with his appetite, but all he could think about was eating more cookies.

“Well, we should probably find out for sure if it is the cookies,” Campbell suggested.

“No shit it’s the cookies,” Darren snapped.  “And how do you suggest we ‘find out’, anyways?”

“Well, one of us could stand on the scale while we eat a cookie.”

“Not me, I’m fat enough already” Kurt backed away.

Campbell took a deep breath.  “I’ll take one for the team.”

A few minutes later the box was open and Campbell stood on the scale to get a baseline reading.

“Alright, we’ve weighed you three times and you’ve been 194 each time,” Kurt announced.  

Campbell stepped off the scale and took a cookie from the box.  As much as he was terrified by the thought of getting chubby, he couldn’t deny that he enjoyed the tingling sensation that warmed his body as she bit into the cookie.  As soon as it was gone, the pudgy blonde stepped back onto the scale.

“197,” Kurt read out loud, her eyes widening as he looked at Campbell’s tubby gut.  “So what do we do now?”

Campbell shrugged and grabbed another cookie.  “Well, I think we just gotta be very careful.  I don’t know who’s behind this, but I think it’s someone who has it out for us.”

“Maybe we can get a sample sent to a lab to see what’s in it,” Kurt mumbled through a mouthful of baked good.

“Mm-hmm,” Darren agreed, licking some chocolate off of his lips.  “Kurt should get us some clothes that will fit and then we’ll look for a lab to test it.”

“Sounds good,” Campbell said, small double chin visible as he chewed and then swallowed the last bite.  “I’ll just bag one of these… uh-oh.”

“Wait… is that box empty?” Kurt asked, a sprinkling of crumbs on his moobs.

“Did we just eat all those cookies?!” Darren screamed, eyes bugging out.

Campbell stepped back onto the scale.


*To be continued*

All Nightmare Long - Draco Malfoy Imagine

A/N: hello dearies, here comes another (awesooome) request :D

Anonymous said: Can I please get a Draco one where its 5th yr & we’ve been dating since 4th, but Pansy still isn’t over him?So shes always throwing sly insults at me & my responses are usually sharper, but one day I hit her where it hurts& she slips me a potion that causes nightmares. I end up having to go to Draco’s dorm every night till he finds out with the help of his friends that its her fault& they get her back while I recover in the hospital wing? Then he visits me& the boys come later& it’s all fluffy!! 

so… here it goes :D 

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter

Your name: submit What is this?

All Nightmare Long

“Hey, how’s my favorite girl?” (Y/N) heard her boyfriend’s voice coming towards her.

“Hi love” she said smiling up at Draco Malfoy as he leaned down to kiss her lips.

“I missed you” he said sitting on the sofa next to her.

“I missed you too” she said closing her book. How was Quidditch practice?”

“It was alright. We’re going to crush Ravenclaw on Saturday” he said smirking.

“Well, I don’t doubt it we do have the best Seeker in the entire school” she said smiling at him and kissing him on lips again until she heard a familiar voice she despised.

“Ow, look how adorable” Pansy Parkinson said walking over to the couple with a bunch of girls behind her.

(Y/N) and Draco pulled apart rolling their eyes. Draco quickly wrapped his arm around (Y/N)’s shoulders and she buried her head on his chest. Draco and (Y/N) had been dating over a year now and they both couldn’t be happier. But Pansy seemed to think that Draco still belonged to her; which, according to Draco, he never did. The point was that Pansy always found a way to mess with (Y/N), insulting her and bringing her down. She had tried really hard not to let her get on her nerves and most of the time, she succeeded, but sometimes, she just didn’t know when to stop.

“What do you want, Parkinson?” Draco said glaring at her.

“Oh, no need for last names, Drakey dear” she said smiling at the blonde boy.

“Seriously, what do you want?” (Y/N) said annoyed glaring at her too.

“Nothing with you, obviously” she said rolling her eyes. “As if I would waste my time with a pathetic being like yourself” she said laughing and making her group of friends laugh.

“Hey! Don’t talk about her like that” Draco said upset getting up.

“Honestly Draco, I don’t even know what you see in her?” she said rolling her eyes. “Never thought you’d like stupid little cry-babies” she mocked him.

“Really? Is that the worse you can do? Wow, you’re really losing your touch, Parkinson” (Y/N) said rolling her eyes. “Pathetic.”

“Ugh, please! Do you even know what everyone says about you?” Pansy said turning to glare at the girl.

“Whatever it is, it can’t be worse than what they say about you” (Y/N) replied. “I mean, you’re the one who’s been after my boyfriend for over a year now” she pointed out. “You’re the one that has to bring people down just to feel better about yourself” she continued.

“Oh, please I am better than anybody in here and everyone knows it” she said crossing her arms.

“That’s what you tell yourself every morning, isn’t it?”

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k-chymaera  asked:

I saw your gif with you and spoons and spoon is the funniest word ever. There are three words that kill me without any reasons and spoon is one of them so I died by laugh seeing your spoons. It was an useless comment bye. ^¤^ Have a lovely day btw ! And as usual, you're gorgeous ! (And the last chapter out is awesooome)

Lmao that was the cutest comment ever





Like Marinette is still Ladybug and Adrien Chat Noir but that’s their code name.
-Marinette and Adrien are still in college tho
-Master Fu is like the director of the Miraculous secret agency *Like he is the only one who knows their identities
-Alya is know as Lady Wi-Fi and Nino as DJ in the agency and they’re well know for making the gadgets and everything.
-They’re trying to arrest the biggest criminal know as Hawkmoth
-Hawkmoth stoled a technology know as ‘’Akuma’’ that is able to control people’s mind
-Ladybug is the only one who knows how to destroy this technology
-Even if they’re secret agents they still have to keep with school and its sometimes really difficult.
-Chat Noir’s favorite gadget is his staff that can extends a lot and helps him a lot when he fights *The name of the staff is Cataclysm*
-Ladybug’s favorite gadget is her yoyo that can extends also a lot and has a special cord that can take a good grip on everything and is useful to climb buildings *The name of the Yoyo is lucky charm*
-Of course, nobody knows everyone else’s identity so there’s like 4 secret identity in the same class. 
-Box ship is the same
-The objectif is the to retrieve this dangerous technology
If you have more ideas about this AU feel free to tag me! *^*
And like plssss I suck at drawing so if someone would like to illustrate that it would be awesooome! ;o


This is going to be a long post (I made a tl;dr at the bottom). I just want to share my experience, fandom- wise and I hope this post can help you realize stuff in your life. So here goes my last seven years:

I think this is one of the most interesting thing to talk about especially if you’re making new friends in the fandom, the ‘how did you get into kpop anyway’? For me, I was browsing the TV when I saw this music video promoting Seoul featuring SuJu and SNSD, it was  really cool and catchy, that time, the first guy I noticed was Ryeowook, he is my bias and first KPOP crush.

I am pretty lucky to discover KPOP at that time because I strongly believe that these were the golden years. The songs popular that time were: Sorry Sorry, Neorago, Oh, Genie, Lucifer, Bingeul Bingeul, I Don’t Care, Fire etc. They were awesooome, and I just can see why people would be into this music. The scene was super cool, the songs were good, I can even name rookie groups that time and their debut songs are good too (Teen Top, B2ST, CN Blue etc). I was a full time ELF, I was able to watch their concert (Super Show 2) here too, but my ticket that time was only upper box because I don’t have money, so I vowed that the next time Suju will be here, I will be  in the VIP section.

After discovering KPOP, of course you fall in love with the groups, my top group that time was Super Junior but I am a big fan of SM Town already, I know all the famous groups there. My soul was sold to kpop this time, like I know  all the latest updates, the new songs, I watch everything, all the variety shows AND STUFF, I KNOW YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, JUST BEING THE ULTIMATE FANGIRL. I started saving like crazy too because Suju announces SS3 Manila leg AND I NEED TO GO, almost 90% of my allowance (I swear I stopped eating at school) went to buying merch and album, and going to KPOP
conventions here. I was able to watch SS3, my ticket was standing VIP, I will never forget about that experience and I got to touch Siwon’s hand too!

Shortly after this, I discovered TVXQ, by this time they are already going through lawsuit and in hiatus, but I am positive I am going to love the five of them forever. I did not leave the Suju fandom but I got into DB5K more, I mean TO ME THEY ARE PERFECT PERFORMERS COME ON, THEY CAN ALL DANCE, THEY CAN ALL SING, THEY ALL LOOK SO FREAKING HOT AND EVERYTHING. This is my top group so I did a lot of catching up- the songs, the variety shows, the concert DVDs, I watched EVERYTHING. My ultimate bias now is Shim Changmin. In this fandom, I got to meet a lot of people and friends, to the point that I even went to sleep over at their houses.

This is like the honeymoon phase where I am super in love with everything KPOP and ready to do just whatever it takes to support my idols.

This was the time I start questioning like 'do I really need this album?’, 'do I really need to buy this magazine?’, and stuff, I am still a fangirl but I felt like I am getting tired of KPOP. This year JYJ and 2VXQ came back to the scene, this was the year EXO debuted, I was there from the start, with all the teasers and MAMA and History days. I was an instant EXO fan too, but like in moderation. My EXO bias is Sehun.

2012, I was a sophomore in college, and I just found it hard to study with too much distraction, plus it’s getting too childish for me now (like I can do something more meaningful with my time and I started joining college orgs), so I left the fandom slowly. For three years, I did not have ANY UPDATES AT ALL. The only thing I knew then were the biggest news just like when Sungmin got married, Kris leaving and who’s entering the army. But I really don’t care much now. I still wish for DB5K to be successful in their paths, I don’t obsess about them now, I get
to watch them from time to time especially since they ventured into acting too, I think, honestly, these five men will  always have a special place in my heart (but as I said, I don’t obsess about them now, I don’t even follow their SNS, and I DON'T have a SINGLE song of them in my iPod).

I graduated from college and is now working. I stumbled upon SHINee’s View MV and liked it instantly so I started catching up a bit, but I realized how different I am now than I was four years ago. So now, I still watch MVs and variety shows but for pure entertainment purposes only.

I was a typical fangirl, yes I also went into that delusional stage (I THINK THAT IT’S NORMAL TO HAVE A DELUSIONAL PHASE, JUST GROW
UP AND DON’T GET STUCK IN HERE), I even found an old diary entry where I wrote that I am sure Changmin and I are meant to be and we will end up together or something, reading it now, I find it funny.
I was so naive back then, during album launch, I even go to the mall super early so I can be first in line, and when I think about all the money I spent, (my parent’s money) and all the efforts and all the time I invested to KPOP, I mean my whole adolescent life almost revolved around KPOP)

Thinking about it now, it’s very cringe worthy but if I can turn back time, I will not change anything. I was a fangirl, I will tell my friends stories about how addicted I was and we will have a laugh or two about it.

I don’t get people who say that KPOP ruined them, because it wasn’t supposed to be that complicated, in the end it was your fault for going in too deep, I had that time too, where I feel sad when I think that I will never get to meet these people in real life, but that’s over now, AND BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY, SOONER OR LATER, YOU WILL MOVE ON. But the experience you had while you were still a fan stays with you, and they will all be good memories if you choose to make good memories. I MEAN COME ON, I WAS ABLE TO TOUCH SIWON’S HAND. I don’t obsess about it, but I don’t think I will forget that ever.


Now, when I see Suju or TVXQ somewhere, I just pray that they get married already or find a more stable happiness aside from their careers. God, I hope they get married soon because they are not getting any younger. I may not be here to support them for every step of the way, but we will always have 2010-2011, and I am sure that’s enough, because we need to move on to more important things in life at some point.

TL;DR: every fangirl goes through these stages at some point, and you will too, and you will move on too, so don’t let kpop ruin you and instead make good memories out of it :)


First collab with the awesooome jen-iii ! WOOH!
I drew the sketch and did the lineart, while she used her magical coloring skills and brought it to life!

The idea was born after I read rhinocio‘s fanfic Tenacity: A Traveler’s Dissertation on Distorted Truths and Separation Anxietyoriginal and after rewatching Godzilla (2014) during which there’s this particular scene (not gonna spoil though!). Thus, I combined this two things and BAM!

Sooo, welll, hope you can enjoy it! >:D