So yesterday awesometothe3rd and doctor-brennan made me aware of the Graham/Emma hug in “That Still Small Voice.” And everything’s better with frame-by-frame commentary! Obnoxious Gremma-ing to follow. I have no regrets. Because there are obnoxious blogs about every ship, but far too few that are obnoxious every time these two so much as look at each other. <3

The hug. As pointed out to me. I would like to give a shout-out to the spontaneous display of emotion by Graham, who, remember, hasn’t felt anything in about 30 years and the fact that Emma, who is not a touchy-feely person, is hugging him back. Holy shit. Also, Graham has nice arms. Which seem to be around Emma pretty damn tightly I can’t breathe oh my God.

Right. Moving around to the other side of Archie and Marco:

Excuse me is his cheek pressed against her hair why does this exist oh God.

Pulling back…Okay, they’re close enough to kiss…Just what was that?

…and she’s snapping out of it and turning her head to look at him a second after he looks at her. My OTP is making eye contact here, while, as you can see in subsequent frames, including the next shot–

his arm is still around her. Emma. Graham. This isn’t an oh-cool-you’re-okay hug anymore; you guys are just sort of touching each other for the sake of touching each other.

And they both turn to look over at Henry at the same time. Which makes this probably my favorite shot because “oh look, let’s keep holding each other while our attention is elsewhere”–namely, Emma’s little boy. Family feelings.

And Emma has to make sure Henry’s alright, but why yes, that is her gloved hand lingering on Graham’s arm in the instinctive way you say “sorry, hold on for now” to someone you’re not just brushing off.

Yeah, she doesn’t seem to want to let him go, even though her kid is of course the first thing on her mind right now, and that is why her arm is back there oh my God.

You know, this would have been A+ foreshadowing for the shit hitting the fan in their relationship in the next episode, if they had only shot the Archie/Marco hug from a slightly different angle. …See you all later, I’m going to hug a teddy bear.