…I never realized how many people were following me until I started typing everyone’s names in.

anonymous asked:

Dat so cute your art so cute have a good day and keep up the good work

Thankies awesometastic anony I shalll~! I hope you have a wonderful day/night too~ ( *`ω´)

pandafrenetico asked:

hey I know you probly have lots of other stuff to do but it's really nice seeing you make your random returns to tumblr! js but anyways yea have a good day/night and best wishes!



aw panda this is so sweet thank you!

I’m actually not super busy for the moment/today but yeah I have been very on and off in the tumblrverse lately for multiple reasons and I’ve lost a few followers here and there probably because of my inactivity so to know that someone out there notices and messages me just to say hi and that they’re happy to see me is just- so wonderful and so nice and sweet!

Thank you so much, yo

you just made my night! c:

I hope you have an awesometastic day/night and best wishes to you as well!

anonymous asked:

You've been selected to get a random compliment : Your Mabel is awesometastic and you're such a supportive and caring person!

Oh goodness! Thank you so much!! I’m really happy you enjoy ; u;

turambar-masterofdoom asked:

Two things: I acquired an Xmen comic, thought you might enjoy that knowledge and laugh at what I'm about to get myself into. Second: anions are nasty and I'm going to punch them through the time zones for being rude, unpleasant whinging toejam-suckers. Because you are awesometastic and do not deserve that rubbish.

*hugs you from across the ocean*

angelo-aru-wang asked:

But I want to call you dad :c you're awesometastic! even if you don't like me uvu

*sigh* fine. It’s not that i dont like you. I just dont want to be a father. I’ve only ever been a brother.