shower me with your affection (or let me wilt)

YOI bigbang || written by @exile-wrath​/@plotmaster, art by me!

“Victor and Yuuri meet in a summer of earthquakes, shower duets, musical filming, and figuring out whether they should suspect each other to be a murderer or not.”

Read the fic on AO3! <3


Transman Talk: Dream Daddy Intro

“Happy birthday, little lady”

Little gift for @promiscuous-jalapeno / @saizoswifey. Heard your birth day is today. So I wanted to draw Saizo for you ! Thank you for always being so extra !

(Yep that’s me)

I want to introduce myself again because I feel like I didn’t introduce myself right last time.

About me:

♢You can call me Pandi
♢I am 19
♢I am a she

What will this studyblr be about?

☆It will be mostly filled with reblogs of a lot of posts (tips, advices, wow) I find helpful or I think might help me in my studies (from different awesome peeps!)

☆Sometimes post pictures of my own bujo and study notes (not picture perfect)

☆Hopefully post my own tips, advices or other stuff I might be able to share to you that might help you.

Some of the peeps I have found very helpful (and you should definitely check out and follow are):

@starmapstudies @improvinggrades @pyxel-spree @studyquill @lynnsstudycorner @educatier @mkaxoo @marias-studyblr @athenastudying @cam-studies-life @nightstudying @girl-studying @academeg @studyally @universi-tea @lizzylearns @studyquirk @ashlyn-studies @studyingcompeng @bionctes @erudited @schoollifeandstuff @kikkistudies @studyspoinspo @libraery @aescademic @studywitheva @strive-for-da-best @einstetic @determinationandcaffeine @study-studymore-studyhard @studyblr @studteacafe @studygraycee @plannerdy @chemistri @studeebean @librarystudies @lattescholar @hystorically @studying-and-organzing @sakura-studyblr @noteology @kay-law PS: I follow a lot of people already can’t tag them all, so these are just some people who have posted/reblogged meaningful content that might help our studies (survival in univ/school) Feel free to follow me here or on my other accounts (if you like) @iambabypandi is my main account @pandispirations-studyblr is the blog where I compile all my bujo inspirations and quotes.