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Well here they are: Jeffrey and Sara, the teenaged brother and sister duo of my upcoming animated series TOO LOUD! Due to Jeffrey and Sara’s abnormally large heads and faces, they’re the two noisiest and clumsiest people in the world - much to the dismay of everyone around them!

I created these guys late 2014, with final designs by my pal and ultra-talented artist Benjamin Anders. Then I pitched everything to Dreamworks TV… to very positive response! And for the past year, my team of artist pals and I have been working hard to bring you the most fun cartoon we possibly can. And it’s all coming to AwesomenessTV on a Youtube near you, THIS SPRING! 📢

Hey! Suddenly got lots of premature judging that Too Loud is a rip-off of The Loud House. I’m assuming because the word “loud” is in both titles? Besides that if you see any resemblance, it’s complete coincidence. Both shows are totally different settings, characters, everything. I created TL before LH was even in production, and even then I work at Nickelodeon so it would be very foolish of me to plagairize a peer’s show like that. I suppose despite having TL in the works for 2 years, criticism will happen since LH happened to release first. Hopefully once the actual show is online, folks will see it has nothing in common with LH.