Friends !!

Tonight I met Bob. The Bob. At a reading. He signed my writing notebook, was absolutely über-nice, and just awkward and uncomfortable enough at the whole signing-taking-pictures-with-strangers thing for it to be even more adorable, if you ask me.

After we talked a bit about his books and stuff I told him: “Ha! I’d never thought I’d say a sentence like this to you ever but uhm…you’re following me on tumblr!” – And he was like “ah oh” – And me (with slightly averted eyes, ya know): “Yup. I’m a Johnlocker”.
And he looked me in the eye, and said: “me too”.

Like, soberly, unapologetically, assertively, “ME TOO”

aaaaAAAAAAA I love him!!

can’t believe this fucking happened.

David Hockney: ‘Just because I’m cheeky, doesn’t mean I’m not serious’ | Art and design | The Guardian

He has a marijuana card, he says, and pops down to the cannabis shop in Hollywood to get his fix. Does he take it for pain or pleasure? “According to the card, it’s for anxiety. But it’s for pleasure.” He tells me that his biggest anxiety is that he won’t be able to get stoned…

D.H. rules.

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