awesomenauts art


During my downtime, I’ve been looking at character designs a lot. Awesomenauts in particular, as they’ve announced a batch of new characters.

A problem that I’ve always had with Nauts is the design diversity of the female characters. The current female cast all fit into a cookie-cutter figure with only their details and colors really defining them. While they are distinct when you take those into account, their silhouette and body-shape should be distinct as well.

It’s especially depressing when practically all of the male characters are very unique with how they look. The details only refine the designs. They don’t completely define them like the girls.

And it’s not like making girls look different is impossible even when keeping to a human form. Used my own TV girls as an example of this.

So I tried my hand at making the designs a bit better. More unique shapes and a refinement to their designs. Coco gets THICCer. Rae gets buffer and colors more varied instead of just being a mass of red and tan. Penny gets a more vulpine shape and the claw and blaster get connected. Ksenia gets a hairstyle change (too many characters with backwards spiky heads) and sleeves, making her hold her scissors properly and giving a more unique form to her arms.

Don’t expect these to be taken seriously by Ronimo or anything, but it was a fun exercise.

“INDIE G ZINE”, an art zine on indie games.


Wanna join us? 

Who? We’re lookin’ for 20-25 talented artists

What? A zine about indie games. Each artist pick and portrays a different indie game

Send us an email to with your portfolio/tumblr/whatevs + a list with your fav 5 indie games

Because you love indie games + you get money (royalty or commission – we can discuss it)


> Seekin’ for artists until November 22nd
> Due date to deliver the art January 17th
> Zine delivery on Spring ‘16 

(poster by the amazing @Carwaro)

So I got into the Awesomenauts Fanart Showcase!

Ronimo wanted the “Playtime Clunk” picture I did a while back. Thankfully they let me fix some things on it before putting it in 2.4 (which is great because I forgot Gnaw’s mandibles and misplaced Clunk’s legs joints…).
Anyways, here’s the updated version that should be popping up on the loading screen! I haven’t seen it personally yet though since they added so many new things into the showcase…