I just pre ordered EXO new album and now I can breathe ~
I’ll just finish one or two story then start working on the next pose pack (I’ll start height difference pp series because of my children) after that I’ll start recoloring cloth meshes (using the new patterns I created (promoting kokobop because I’m awesomelol)
After that ……. mmmJHmmmhhM oh wait I’m August baby so yay to me my birthday is near~~~~
N I’m done

anonymous asked:

what is god and gabe? I'm on mobile so I can't check to see if its in your faq. I'm sorry if it is

g'n'g is a self-published fanbook that i worked on throughout december!

it features art i’ve never posted, all of my comics about god and gabe’s adventures, etc! it’s my baby ♥♥♥

Anonymous said:

For preorders you can try something like GoFundMe. People can back it by choosing levels say like for the book, or a book plus a charm and that way you have the money up front to get a big print done and then add extra copies to the shop once they come in. :)

if it wasn’t just me doing this, i totally would! but i can’t even imagine the world of problems i’d run into. so i’m just gonna stick with this process for now. thank for the suggestion! (i gotta kinda work with my own jumbled schedule to get things done which is why everything is so far-spread!)

Anonymous said:

Okay, so my middle name is Scout and every time you use your name in a post I get confused because I can never recall doing such beautiful art things, and then I realize that I didn’t, in fact, do that :P Also, you’re awesome

LOL ok so first of all, you have a great middle name

AND SECOND, thank you very much, i’m honored you think so!