Damn the momment you realized that all of your friends are pulling their shit together, some having their first kid, moving in with their bf/gf and I'm here single and having problems deciding what I want from McDonalds, still going to party houses!!! 😢😂😅 shit my life rocks, these are tears of joy!

The Perks of Being A Geek Blogger

Some fresh Star Wars swag from Brisk was just delivered to Albotas H.Q. today. I scored a Galactic Empire tote, Darth Maul Mimibot USB drive, Yoda and Darth Maul t-shirt, Stormtrooper headphones by Coloud, and a freaking Darth Maul Force FX Lightsaber! Thanks, Brisk!

Speaking of Brisk, their animated Darth Maul vs Yoda spot makes its TV debut this Sunday during Fox’s Animation Domination block which starts at 8/7c. Keep those eyeballs peeled. In the meantime, I’ll be wandering my neighborhood pantsless, wearing the above t-shirt and headphones while swinging my new lightsaber at strangers.

New Found Friend

What has happened to me?
You know, I am just shocked, because I am so happy after such, such a long time that it almost seems unreal.
What is it ? My newly found friend ?
Yes, probably.
Maybe I just needed a new person in my life to get myself back and that is what happened.
And now that I have finally found this friend I’ll probably hold on to him.
So thankyou, new friend, I found you and I got myself back.

Best bro ever

this dude’s awesome. just awesome. can’t wait to let her know the essence of menthols. hahaha Halos almost every other day ata kausap ko to. Ang ganda nya, yun ang reason kaya pogi ako. HAHAHAHA! makakarelate yan. xD

Anyways. Yea. May feel goos drag sya sa usapan namen. So yea. It’s nice to have a good friend like her. :)

Wag sanang magselos sina Lee Ann & Joy. ilyguys.