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Yeah, I didn't see anything unusual about GA's behavior at the panel. She's always nervous, first of all. And there were 4 of them this time so it's a bit awkward because u don't know when you should answer or when you can be outgoing or say what you really want to say. I'm sure she was relieved and happy that David took the lead, as u said. Remember at the season 10 premiere when David joined her and their exchange was "You needed me to show up!" "I did. You saved my ass!" 😆 Teamwork for sure!

Time for the Lego movie song, anon!

Everything is awesomeeeeeeee everything is cool when you’re part of a teammmmmmm everything is awesomeeeeee……..

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I'm from sf and if you're willing to treck out to the outer sunset, there are some cool places at the end of the beach, especially on Judah like trouble coffee, Java beach. But also Devils teeth bakery on Noriega is a must!

Awesomeeeeee thank you