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A little question eheh, why do you call Nath "Tomato"? They call him like that in the serie? (I'm asking bc I'm from latinoamerica so I don't know if the english dub says that lol) sorry for the stupid question PD: YOUR ART IS FUCKING AWESOMEEEEEE *screams*

Just add a little tomato stem on him and WHOOP there it is! Personally, I call him that because I always forget how to spell his name for some reason…

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TFW when you’re sad and remember Ageswap AU for Mob Psycho 100 bless

I have read and seen lots of awesomeeeeee things for this AU, but recently I read On The Other Side by @tofuandnuts​ so I credit that awesome fic/author as my muse/push Go read it please. Check out the Ageswap AU tag. Support everyone~Bless 

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are you gonna be watching the premiere of hiorijome my hero tomorrow ? I'm buzzing haha.


I had my problems with the manga to be honest but they’re super cute, both couples, and the preview looked awesomeeeeee!!!! I’M SUPER HYPEDDDDDD

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Hi what's that fic where H leaves the wizarding world because she's in love with Harry. Later she meets D and they become friends. Both live in muggle London. Thanks! And thank you guys for the hard work you have put on this blog it is much appreciated! Admins are awesomeeeeee 💕



Thanks, ilinaresv!

The Rest of Their Lives by smuggled-muggle - M, 15 Chapters - [Complete] Voldemort’s defeated and now they’ve got the future to look forward to. Hermione’s happily ever after doesn’t happen as she had planned, and Draco refuses to live the life planned for him.

Lost and Found Part 5 (Carl Grimes Imagine)

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Love your blog deary, I was wondering if you could do a part 5 to lost and found

Next Part to lost and found!

Lost and found is awesomeeeeee part 5?


another part to that carl story?!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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“Y/N?!” Carl sat up quickly, leaning over my limp body. My eyes fluttered open and shut several times before I really let them focus on the boy sitting next to my bed. He looked pretty bad. He was wearing the same clothes I had seen him in a few days ago, and his hair was dirty and all over the place. His eye searched mine for any signs of pain as he placed a hand on my cheek.

“Hey Carl.” I smiled. He leaned down and kissed me softly before pulling away and yelling for Denise. She was like our nurse here. She took care of anyone who was sick or injured. She came running in with Michonne on her tail.

“Well hey there Y/N.” Denise smiled. She came over and adjusted my bed so I was sitting up. I winced when she looked over my bandaged arm. Carl was on my other side, holding my hand as I squeezed his in pain. “I’m sorry sweetie, I am going to have to change your bandage sooner than I thought. It is going to hurt, but I will give you some medication before I do it, okay?” I nodded not really ready for the pain I was about to feel. Denise left the room and Michonne followed her to give Carl and me some privacy. Carl let out a deep sigh when I released his hand.

“Sorry,” I chucked. He smiled lightly and kissed my palm. Something seemed off about him. I don’t think he has slept in the three days I have been here. My suspicions were confirmed when he let out a long yawn and I could clearly see the bag under his eye. “Carl, you need some sleep.” I said warningly. He chuckled at my condescending tone and kissed my forehead.

“Honestly, I don’t want to let you out of my sight ever again.” He leaned his forehead on mine and suddenly I felt something wet on my cheek. He was crying.

“Carl? Don’t cry, I’m okay, I promise.” I tangled my hand in the hair on the back of his head as he laid it down on my chest.

“I was so scared.” He let out softly between light sobs. I shushed him and told him that everything was going to be okay. I know what it is like to be scared to get close to someone in this world. He must have been terrified that another person he cared about could have died.

When he lifted his head slightly to look up at me, I wanted to tell him that I loved him, but I couldn’t put him through that. What if I did die? I couldn’t tell him I love him and then leave him like that. He couldn’t handle it. I wiped a tear from his cheek and took his shaking hand in mine.

“Y/N, I-” He was cut off by Denise walking back into the room with the pain medication and a bag of fresh bandages.

“Sorry to break this up guys, but Carl I am going to need you to wait outside.” She smiled half-heartedly as he passed her and went into the hallway.  

Denise took off my shirt so she could reach the entirety of the bandage. I had taken two really strong pain killers before she started, but every move hurt more than the last. I winced when she had to life my arm to get my shirt off.

“I’m sorry honey.” She said softly. She pulled off the current bandage and it finally hit me how bad it really was. Once the bandage was off, I could feel my skin and muscle practically fall off my bone. That wasn’t even the worst part. Once the bandage was off, Denise used alcohol to flush the wound. This had to be the worst pain I had ever felt. The burning sensation quickly spread throughout my entire body and I had to mute myself with a pillow. All the while, Denise was talking to me calmly, telling me that it was almost over. After what seemed like hours, the wound was clean and the new bandage was on. I had sweat on my brow and needed water desperately.

Carl’s POV:

I paced back and forth as I waited for Denise to be done with Y/N. How long does it take to change a bandage? My dad and Daryl just walked in. They wanted to check on her. I want to strangle Daryl. He shot her. Y/N wouldn’t be in pain if it wasn’t for him. My thoughts were interrupted by a loud scream coming from her room. I turned quickly and went to go in the door, but Michonne stopped me.

“Denise knows what she is doing.” She sighed as Y/N’s screams became louder. I couldn’t take listening to her in pain. Michonne grabbed my hand and led me back to the seats in the hall. After 10 agonizing minutes, the screaming stopped and Denise came out of the room.

“Is she okay, what the hell were you doing to her?!” I stood up quickly and bolted straight for the door. She looked more worn out than she did before. She had sweat on her forehead and her cheeks were red. Her eyes met mine and I couldn’t stand to see them in pain.

Y/N’s POV:

Carl was standing in the doorway. He looked more worried than before. He probably thought she was murdering me in here. That’s what it felt like anyway. He rushed to the side of my bed and took a seat.

“Are you alright babe?” He asked worriedly. I nodded weakly.

“Piece of cake.” I chuckled and I detected a hint of a smile on his face. When I looked past him at the door, I could see Michonne and Rick watching us. Rick was staring directly at me with a poker face that I couldn’t decode and Michonne was smiling like an idiot at Carl. Both of them definitely know that Carl and I have feelings for each other. I just don’t think Rick likes it.

Message for next part??


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