Ugh. I took a break from working on two supermassive commissions to do this. I’ve missed about 4 days of the artist training grounds and I’m super upset that I did! So today’s challenge for day 9 was to draw a pony dressed as someone from your favorite movie or game. Of course I chose Toy Story.

And I ship DiscordxCelestia SO HARD.

So have them as Woody and Bo. Enjoy ;D


I never wanted to post any of these, but I’ve seen a few posts relating to te subject that got me to change my mind.

It’s been about four years since I’ve commissioned her, and not once have I ever received any updates or proof of her starting it, neither the digital piece or the sketch. She’s opened commissions a few times sense then, and I think she’s only finished two of those.

I’m pretty positive I’ll never get my commissions from her, but I hope by posting this, others will come to realize her ED page is pretty accurate. There are still people who believe she’s completed all of her commissions, and she herself keeps saying all her owed work is done, but there’s quite a long list of work she owes.

Personally, I would consider her a scam artist. She still advertises for commissions on her “website”, If there was a paper trail, I’d turn her in for fraud, but I sent her money in the mail because I commissioned her behind my mothers back and didn’t want her to know, and I had no other way to pay. Legally I don’t have a case, but the fact that she acknowledged my commission and refuses to complete it gives me something to hold against her.

I hope people read over this and take in to consideration what sort of person she clearly is.

Nikki, I’m sorry for making this public, but seriously…

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Due to the large amount of anons I’ve gotten on my other blog requesting that I post more art, I decided I’ll just go ahead and post these.

M form of a warmup, I see what I can sketch in 5 minutes. So these sort of brush tests, pressure tests, getting used to my program again. So I just slapped a watermark on these and….here ya go!


11 Q&A

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Liselotte-hoshi tagged me!!

1: What was the last thing you ate?

Pizza :3

2: What are you wearing?

A tshirt and pajama bottoms. Livin the good life.

3: What is your favorite color?


4.)If you had a car, what would it be?

Hmmm… A spacious car with cool gadgets in it


Homestuck, Portal, HP, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Homestuck, and Homestuck

6.)Beach or mountains?


7.)What did you play with when you were little?

N64, Gamecube, pretend and more vidya games

8.)Favorite subject?


9.)Any pets?

A dog

10.)How many wigs do you own?




Now my questions:

1: Favorite food?

2: Favorite video game?

3: Favorite candy?

4: Favorite fandom of all time?

5: If you could control any element, which one would you choose and why?

6: If you could be any animal, who would you be?

7: What’s your zodiac sign?

8: Which character from any book, movie, video game, etc. do you relate most with and why?

9: If you could live in the world of any book, movie, video game, etc. Which one would you live in and why?

10: What do you want people to call you the most?

11: How are you?