Last batch of my Undertale photoshoot at Nadeshicon with @terrible-icecube.
The first one is by far our favourite. You just look at it and you can feel the imposing stare, it’s awesome.

Me as G!Sans from the comic EchoTale that belongs to @yoralim
@terrible-icecube as Gaster Blaster

Mask, Gaster Blaster & paint job on arms made by me
Sewing and embroideries made by @terrible-icecube

Photo by @droophotographer

Thing1 (aka @shadowwolfvtale) : My friend A thinks you’re cool.

Me: …Why?

Thing1: Just in general. I told him about [snarky thing I said earlier] and he said you were awesome. All my friends think you’re pretty cool.

Me: I suspect that has something to do with me aiding and abetting the rainbow hair.

Thing1: Maybe a little. Also I told them that you write fanfic, and they think that’s awesome.

Me: …Really? It’s not embarrassing?

Thing1: No! They want to know what your AO3 account is so they can read it!

Me: Oh god. You must never tell me if your friends are reading my fic. Like three quarters of it is smut. I cannot know about that. Ever. At least not until you’re all over 20 and I can pretend that they waited until they were adults to read it.

k2aj  asked:

Hello, I was just curious because I have been reading a lot of fics lately and I am beginning to be interested in reading the comics rather than just following the movie. But when I tried to read through the comics, there was so much serial, compilations and other stuff and I am honestly drowning in it. Can you recommend a good place to start or any order should I read them in? And if you know any good sites to read them for free (poor college student budget, hehe)? Thank you so much in advance!

!!! Ok so I am a Comics Person™, I”m gonna give you a few recs based on what got me into the comics and hopefully you like some of them.

Hawkeye 2012 by Matt Fraction is a really great place to start for newbies. They’re easy to get into you don’t need to know a ton about the comics to get whats going on and they give you a good intro to how the comics stories usually work. Plus it’s freaking awesome.

Ms Marvel by Willow G. Wilson is another awesome place to start off. Kamala is such a darling and the art and story is just so fun, sweet and heartfelt. Seriously I have cried multiple times while reading Ms Marvel.

Captain America vol. 5 by Ed Brubaker is another good thing to read to get you started. I mean it’s the original stevebucky shippers comic like. 

I’d also rec for cap comics, Captain America: Man out of Time, Captain America and Bucky, and the last two volumes of Cap which feature Falcon Cap and are pretty awesome. 

Young Avengers is so wonderful, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Seriously both volumes are awesome and the children’s crusade is also A+ is crazy sad. 

I also really like the current and the last volume of Black Widow. Both of them are wonderful, Phil Noto and Chris Samnee have such different art styles but both of them make such beautiful art. They’re also both pretty easy to get into without having to know a ton of the background info.

I’d also reccomend once you get a little more into is reading 1602: Angela which is only 6 issues long but has gorgeous art, vol. 2 of Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier, which again has beautiful art, She-Hulk 2014 which is amazing, Moon Girl which is fantastic AND adorable, and Thor vol. 3 which takes place after Civil War. I just really like that volume idk. 

marvel unlimited and comixology are good places online to read comics. It’s usually between 15 and 20 bucks for a trade paperback, 2 and 4 for one issue, it’s not too much money, if you can spare it please buy them.

For less legal websites I usually like comicmasterposts on livejournal for older comics (earlier than 2012) and a combination of comix4free and occasionally googling for other sites if i just can’t find something elsewhere. I really do recommend buying trade paperbacks or collections whenever you can especially if you really love the comic. It’s a great way to support the artist and writer and it costs a little less per comic that buying it one issue at a time. Checking out a comic book store is a great idea cause you support the creators, support a really cool place and also a lot of the time the staff will give you a ton of other recs based on what you’re buying and interested in. 

We also just got a rec from @rebel-sun for Readcomiconline as the least dodgy (i will certainly be checking it out)


ALRIGHT SO I went to Chris Colfer’s book signing and met him for the first time in my life and it’s been quite a day.

Firstly, me and my older sister left at 6:30 in the morning, for the drive was a whopping 3 hours. During so we hit a deer and busted up the hood of the car. Then a cop had to come and make sure we were safe to keep going to Skokie. THEN we couldn’t find the bookstore. All this before noon.

Anywho, the actual process was quite intense. The Barnes N Noble was two stories, with a balcony to overlook the lower floor (where Chris was signing). Basically, you buy the book, get a ticket with a number, then wait for your number to be called so your group can go to the lower level and get your book signed. Super intense with a crazy ton of people.

I originally got ticket 344 I believe, but then a nice woman gave us a higher ticket of 279, which bumped us up WAY further. Thank you, kind woman.

The line moved super quickly, but I remember at one point just leaning against the balcony, then the mother next to me said, “Oh look there he is!” and pointed to the lower level where Chris was walking below us with his security, heading to the bathrooms. He waved up at the screaming girls ahead of me. It was nuts.

Fast forward to where it’s my turn, in line, and I finally approach him at his table and this is how our conversation went:

Him: Hi!

Me: I drew you a picture *takes drawing out of folder*

Him: OH MY GOSH this is perfect! This is exactly how I pictured her!

Me: Really?!

Him: Yes, oh my gosh! Yeah, right down to her bangs! *points at her hair*

Me: Thank you!

Him: Did you know she’s getting her own book?

Me: *rather excitedly* I DID!

Him: On the cover this is what she looks like! Oh, this is awesome.

Me: Thank you…I want to be an illustrator, so it’s really fun drawing your characters.

Him: Aw, thank you! Oh, you definitely should. You’re really good.

Me: Thank you! *grabs my book and starts to leave*

BUT THEN, Alla Plotkin: Can we keep your folder? Just so it doesn’t get wrinkled?

(Side note, this was my sister’s language arts folder from like sixth grade that I just brought so I wouldn’t get the drawing ruined. She is very pleased with this next event) Me: Oh, sure! But on it is my sister’s name. Not mine. Just don’t get it confused.

Then they laughed AND THEN I LEFT.

And afterwards I shook and cried and smiled so big and man today was so fun.

Wake up call

I dropped Rafael off at Parkour and returned mid-way through class after finishing some work. I snuck in and noticed about 10 new boys and a room full of parents. Rafael remains the only girl.

I saw her, chatting in line with another boy, while her instructor was telling them how to approach a trick. That shit enrages me. She knows it enrages me.

At a break, I called her over.

Me: If I see you talking while your coach is talking again, I’m taking you home.

R: Yes, ma’am.

Class continued and she, quite honestly, did wonderfully: she was first in her parkour relays, she encouraged other teammates, etc. Nothing like the fear of mom to wake you up.

After class, I held the door open for her and her friend to walk through, a family then followed. The mother of the family was beaming at me.

Mom: So you’re the mom of the girl in class. Great job! She’s awesome.

Me: Uh, thank you. (awkward smile)

After we dropped her friend off, Rafael asked me what the exchange was about.

Me: Well, that mom was impressed with you and I think the fact that you are a girl in a sport that is typically a “boy thing”.

R: Oh.

Me: So, getting back to that moment we had. Do you want to be known as the girl who is always talking to boys and not paying attention to the coach? Or do you want to be known as the bad ass girl in class who shows the boys how it’s done.

R: The bad ass.

Me: Remember that.

Introduction to Star Wars

So, the kiddo decided she wanted to watch Star Wars. Not the new one mind you. No, our girl is a purist. She wants to watch them from the beginning and then see the new one in the theater. I swear I thought Nick was going to burst from happiness. However, I know my kid. So, I thought a little preparation was necessary.

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The highlight of pre-season

Oh yeah, Thibaut Courtois’ match-winning penalty kick:

Me: They should put out a pre-season DVD that’s just that moment.


Brother: Apparently, that’s the first PK he’s taken since he was twelve. I’ve seen the replay 5-10 times now; it’s basically unstoppable. If he told the other keeper where he was going to put it and if the keeper had to start from his center point, there’s no way he could have reached it.

Even later:

Courtois walks off and is all, Damn, it feels good to be a gangster.

Me: Just rewatched the Courtois PK and I love 1. that his strike is so strong, it practically gets lodged in the side netting 2. his pimp walk off after he hugs the other keeper.
Brother: Yeah, that’s pretty much the only way to act after you save a PK and then convert one awesomely.

Translation: Personal Book, “Special Talk” with Yuzuki Reon

Translation of the Special top-star interview with former top-star, Yuzuki Reon from Suzuho’s personal book, released in August (2015). 

A special note before reading… translating this was extremely difficult. So please take what you read with a grain of salt, I’m not confident I actually captured everything correctly. (Also special thanks to my beta readers who gave me a ton of help <3) I mean… it actually got to the point half way through that I almost gave up. It didn’t help that a certain someone would not. stop. talking. in excessive amounts of Kansai-ben while dropping every other subject from their sentences……..

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy reading the ‘crying series’…

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