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About jealous!Rick, picture this ... Rick and Michonne dining with some members of the Kingdom. Random Kingdom guy takes an interest in Michonne and says to Rick "I take it this one's yours?" whilst licking his lips at our Queen (creep!). Rick looks the guy up and down and drawls out "Yeah.." in that sexy ass southern accent, while placing his Colt Python on the table and tapping the barrel - starring the guy down as he says "The gun's mine too."


So here are the first pictures I took of my still unfinished Morticia cosplay >w<
I’ll be cosplaying her at my local convention with the most awesome Rick ( @itami-salami ) and the cutest Morty ( @minty-moretea ) ♡
Also I used these (awesome) filters on my pictures cuz my eyes are naturally blue but it’s kinda my headcanon that her eyes are brown >


“Okay, I’ve seen some seriously disturbing stuff recently but you…are adorable.” ~Kelly