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patetic. It's an acronym for: Pretty Awesome Tumblr Blogger And definitely dererves some more In Character asks!

Aww!! XD

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YAY for functioning even when fleeting. Unfuckyourhabitat tumblr is awesome for manageable tips to clean with depression! Even if the mood only lasts 20 minutes. And they have an app. It's been amazing for me.

yup! love that blog :)


Minimal Math Concepts +

These are the work of Marlon Tenório, who runs a blog called minimalmathconcepts. What he does is take concepts and illustrate them in a exquisite fashion. Check him out! His work is remarkable.

And if you really like his work, you can also buy his goodies on-line here.

Kudos MMC+ on such a good work and all the very best to you mate :)

** When FYP surfaced on Tumblr, we were just another blog. And big giants like space-exploration and mind-blowing-science, were so generous to uplift us. And we are just following the Tumblr tradition :) Cheers!

Io non mi pento di quello che ho fatto ma di quello che non sono riuscito a fare.
—  Ayaz - Cherry Season

One of the most beautiful views in the world if you ask me. And it´s interesting that the black “stumps” sticking up from the ocean in the upper-left are actually trees from the so-called Ghost forest of Neskowin, which are only visible when the tide is low enough.