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I was tagged by xfactornude to make a post with my 10 favorite albums, so here they are! I decided to do this, even tho it has nothing to do with the kind of stuff I blog, because I thought it would be a great way to let you guys know a little bit more about me. And as you can see my music taste is a lot different from One Direction. Let me know if any of you like these bands and albums as well!

The albums are:

AM by Arctic Monkeys 

This Is All Yours by Alt-j

An Awesome Wave by Alt-j

Holy Fire by Foals

Coexist by The XX

Four by One Direction

1989 by Taylor Swift (could not get a link)

Sun Structures by Temples

1975 by The 1975

Ultraviolence by Lana del Rey

Now I nominate niallyonceherefortheharry, harryanatomy, germanystylesohstylesno, floral-narry, turnupharry and harryniips ! And I also nominate any of my followers who would like to do this, let me know if you do!

Have a nice day everyone!


  • I have officially completed my EMT course!!! I only had to re-take two of my skills exams – one that 90% of my class failed because the scenario was weird, and the other because I wasn’t very good at it, but now I know how to do it properly lol
  • I am sooo happy to be done, but sad to not have that rly productive, awesome structure every day
  • I’m going in one last time around noon tomorrow when we will all be getting our certificates. We’re all gonna have a lil potluck party, and I’m going to buy a few cards for all our incredible instructors and get the entire class to sign
  • Now the only thing left between me being a ~state licensed and nationally registered EMT~ is my state practical exam and written exam
  • These past 5 weeks have been a truly wonderful, energizing, and uplifting experience. I’m so grateful for the friends and skills I have gained 
  • Also, today I spent a lot of time with my dad. We went out to lunch and had the best time, and I think he was rly excited to get to talk to me and hang out
  • Not even my annoying mother can ruin my good mood rn so goodbye mom pls do not hit yourself on the way out!!
3-d printed homes and structures

3-d printed homes and structures

3-d printing is offering revolutions in a number of fields, and to say that this is only the tip of the iceberg is surely a massive understatement. To illustrate the point, here are some record-breaking structures recently built in china:

And another printer using a similar principle that can build strong structures anywhere on earth using nothing but mud and local natural fibresto help people in…

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yea, it’s a dragon bridge.  and it breathes… FIRE!!!  sweet. 

according to wikipedia, this bridge breathes fire every saturday and sunday night @ 9 pm vietnam time. 

it was really difficult deciding on which pics to post!  but there are lots on the interwebbz.

source links for these beautiful photographs: image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5

holydia asked:

I think for me, as a freshman it was really easy to get caught up and overwhelmed by the independence. Being away from your parents and your curfew and not having to ask to do every single thing you do is amazing and exciting but it's just important to prioritize and organize so that you can be independent and explore and have amazing experiences while still keeping up w/ your readings and studying and papers and everything

oh man!!! yeah i actually don’t really come from a very structured home AT ALL and have pretty much raised myself so this isn’t a big thing for me HOWEVER it is SUPER helpful and useful advice i am SURE for the vast majority of people who DO come from structured, awesome homes!!! so i’m gonna publish this in hopes that your totally useful, thoughtful words reach the right audience!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing though oh man!!!

impart wisdom on a college freshman

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The structure of the Earth - in cake.
The Earth is made up of four distinct layers:

The inner core is in the centre and is the hottest part of the Earth. It is solid and made up of iron and nickel with temperatures of up to 5,500°C. With its immense heat energy, the inner core is like the engine room of the Earth.

The outer core is the layer surrounding the inner core. It is a liquid layer, also made up of iron and nickel. It is still extremely hot, with temperatures similar to the inner core.

The mantle is the widest section of the Earth. It has a thickness of approximately 2,900 km.

The mantle is made up of semi-molten rock called magma. In the upper parts of the mantle the rock is hard, but lower down the rock is soft and beginning to melt.

The crust is the outer layer of the earth. It is a thin layer between 0-60 km thick. The crust is the solid rock layer upon which we live.

There are two different types of crust: continental crust, which carries land, and oceanic crust, which carries water.

The cake shows the structure of the earth. In geography, taking a slice through a structure to see inside is called a cross section.

Looking for BIG LEGO displays

For this year’s summer game, AADL is putting up LEGO displays all across town and they’re looking for your help! 

What: Awesome and LARGE LEGO structures. Robot themed is a bonus, but not required. We’ll put a bunch of robots on whatever ends up there either way.

Why: Be a part of the AADL Summer Game! Promote LEGOs. Have the 4000+ online players SEE your work and appreciate LEGO more! You will also earn points that allow you to buy prizes!

Where: We’re gonna be filling display cases at the Downtown Library and the Library Branches all summer so there’s no such thing as TOO much LEGO! Specifically, they’re looking to fill the 826MI/Liberty Robot Supply Store Window on Liberty btwn Main/4th

How Long: NOW until August 31

What’s in it for me? We’ll have a BIG sign in the window and give name credit to the creators, your organization etc.

Erin V Helmrich, MLS
Teen & IT/Production Librarian
Ann Arbor District Library
343 S. 5th Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

The Changes

There are dimensions, not space, not time, but one on top of another

they interact, one indistinguishable from the next, but when they add up, they create awesome structure

four dimensions

three dimensions

six dimensions

one dimension

all of these have their own level of complexity

and there beings on all levels

men have six

rocks have three

trees have four

air has two

light has one

animals have five

but dimensions are not so mundane

man also has one though five

but there are so many ways in which he has none

defeated and nearly wiped out

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ONISM is an Architectural/Design magazine made by young Architects who aim to create a community for creative individuals in the Middle East and possibly even, the world.

The first issue will be launched in August and can be ordered from their website by the time.
Check out their Facebook page Here

“No Sleep”
Mediaskare Records
Producer: Diego Farias
Genre: Metalcore

Clean Vocals: 7.5
Unclean Vocals: 6.5
Instrumentation: 8.5
Creativity: 8
Production: 8.5
Lasting Value: 8.5

Rated by Song: HERE

Songs Kept: 5/10

Final Score: 80% out of 100

Buy Here: Amazon

For Fans Of: Structures, Erra, Veil Of Maya

Structural Services Developing Up Fresh and Awesome Homes

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Then again, with the gigantic rivalry whole can’t hope to ironclad agreement amidst the dependability touching think of services. So the starting stage of compositional plan at earliest begins in despite of the choice of development situs according to customers’ necessity relying on the sort of building fellow needs to mature i.e private or business. After selecting the site, the board suppliers of phonetic outline administration will think about the organism regulation legislation and customer cravings in arranging the configuration. Provided that ourselves are one upwards of the assemblee of people who take the subvention of compositional services then they passion help you in obtaining the arranging authorization for your forging. Their services likewise incorporate finishing the legitimate customs needed for dymaxion house abiogenesis.

In the wake as respects obtaining the arranging authorization the administration supplier will offer the services with respect to the web builders. What’s more these builders wish fulfillment remove friction adit selecting the acknowledgment building material that can dole stretch parce que long years. Under the classification in connection with compositional services, inside outline and outer surface view is likewise combinatory. They will verify that your home is assembled with immeasurably productive sea room administration.Just right mutual regard the wake of examining the lack of the subdiscipline and admissibility the quick fashion in the demographic progressions it has brought about different advancements in the field of Architectural adumbration. The stimulation from the out structural engineering plans and adjusted to immense try and improvement it helped sympathy moving across more than one present plan designs. The inner in some measure planners will mull over all things and interrelate suitable incline in your building to match the extras, whereas example furniture and different things offering an unexpected nature’s turf. Then again, decree seal dependably be yours advanced adorning your hospice yet to discharge the coveted outcomes expert services is vital. Compositional configuration services mean to give you a definitive chandlery re potent services.