who was the head designer for Tangled Depths I want to have a stern word with them

You know the old saying...

That someone “fell off the wagon”?

Well, I didn’t fall off of the wagon.

I intentionally got off of the damn thing, let the horses run free, and proceeded to chop the wagon into fucking fire wood.

Then I roasted marshmallows on the resulting bonfire and drank a lot of good beer.

Lets just say it’s been VERY quiet on the athletic-endeavor front since the Half-Ironman.

Shit happens. Sometimes you lose your focus. Sometimes beer and cookies sound better than running or riding. Sometimes you put on a bunch of weight because food is fucking delicious. Oh well.

But that’s over now.

I officially start training for Ironman Lake Placid 2016 tomorrow (albeit, it’s just a coach-instructed ten week swim program, it’s still a start!).

Mikey The Ram