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Mikey The Ram

On the island of Malta is a prehistoric underground megalithic structure known awesomely as the Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni, which sounds like the title of Terry Gilliam’s next movie. It was discovered by accident in 1902 when some workers were digging a hole and broke through the ceiling. Oh, and they also found about 7,000 skeletons all clustered near the entrance. So, that’s creepy.

Since most humans inherently lack common sense, the workers decided to take a look around, instead of fleeing from whatever it was that 7,000 people clearly died trying to escape. Luckily, rather than having their faces melted off by some Indiana Jones MacGuffin, they found something truly astonishing.

The three-level underground structure is made entirely out of megalithic stones, and was built who knows when. What surprised people even more was when they found out that male voices could reverberate throughout the entire complex if the person was standing in a certain spot. But here’s the kicker – the effect only worked if the speaking voice was in the 95 to 120 Hz range, so women’s voices don’t usually generate the same effect. Whoever built the Hypogeum actually invented sexist architecture.

It gets weirder: If you’re a man chanting at roughly the 110 Hz frequency, the entire temple complex turns into this bizarre trance-inducing room that seems able to stimulate the creative center of the human brain.

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You know the old saying...

That someone “fell off the wagon”?

Well, I didn’t fall off of the wagon.

I intentionally got off of the damn thing, let the horses run free, and proceeded to chop the wagon into fucking fire wood.

Then I roasted marshmallows on the resulting bonfire and drank a lot of good beer.

Lets just say it’s been VERY quiet on the athletic-endeavor front since the Half-Ironman.

Shit happens. Sometimes you lose your focus. Sometimes beer and cookies sound better than running or riding. Sometimes you put on a bunch of weight because food is fucking delicious. Oh well.

But that’s over now.

I officially start training for Ironman Lake Placid 2016 tomorrow (albeit, it’s just a coach-instructed ten week swim program, it’s still a start!).