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I’m having a giveaway for my shop! Woo!

I’m feeling a bit blah lately, so I’m doing this because making someone else happy is a surefire way to make myself happy. :)

There will be ONE prize: $30 off anything in my shop! This includes made to order items as well. Awesome right?

To enter you are allowed ONE REBLOG and ONE LIKE per day. Each note gets you one entry and I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner. (I’m not responsible for any tumblr fuckary i.e. lost reblog’s or likes.) You do not need to be following me to win.

The giveaway will close on Thursday May 15th at 9PM PST. The winner will be tagged in a post and I’ll also send an ask, so be sure yours is open. The winner will have 24 hours to respond to the message. If I don’t receive a response within 24 hours, I will select another recipient.

Good luck, and check out my shop To Boldly Hold to see what you could win.


300 Follower-Gift!

First I have to say thank you so much for all your support! That means a lot to me! I started to make/recolor CC just a few month ago. And I`m so happy that you Guys like my stuff. You`re awesome!

Now what you get:

I saw, that a lot of people like my black&white Pictures I posted few Days ago. Thats the reason why I thought to create a black and white Set.

In this Set are: 12 Wallpapers, 10 Floors, 4 Loveseats, 10 Rugs and 10 Curtains. The only Mesh you need is the Curtain Mesh - get here

My Set - Download

I hope you like it! And sorry for the crappy pics. I have not so much time today to make nice pictures.

For my TOU please look at my Header. Thanks :)



FUNKIEH’S FUNKY FAVES (aka the fff’s!)


  • must be following moi!
  • reblog this post (likes does not count except for bookmarking!)
  • have a gorgeous blog! (which y'all probably already have!)


  • I’ll make a faves page displaying all your awesome urls!
  • a new friend!! (hint: me)
  • you can self promote on my blog twice a day!
  • you can also ask for promos whenever you want! (not too much though eheheh)


  • tag a post with #funkieh saying why should you be chosen as one of my faves!
  • follow my other blog here hehe :)


  • I will be choosing about 10 radical blogs!
  • choosing when i’m happy with the notes

well I guess that’s all! get reblogging peeps!


Konichiwa, it’s Kei here! I decided to do another follow forever because I JUST passed my first ever milestone! 500 followers! So I thank all of you so much! Thanks to all the awesome blogs with the awesome reblogs and text posts and anime music and anime news and everything! Thanks to all of those blogs who rate other’s well! Thanks to all my senpais who I’ve talked to and rattled on about random shit and I THANK YOU SO MUCH for BEARING WITH IT ;-; i know i talk a lot. Thank you to my kouhai for endlessly talking to me about anything lol. A HUGE THANKS TO MY FOLLOWERS, LIKE WITHOUT YOU GUYS, I DON’T EVEN okay. *cries tears of rainbows* JUST BEAR WITH MY HORRIBLE PHOTOSHOPPING EDITS LOL.

All of you guys make my day whenever I come onto Tumblr (: Just talking with you guys and reblogging pictures and stuff make me smile and laugh and just be myself! THANK YOU FOR NOT JUDGING MEH ;-; lol. I hope you have a wonderful day, week, month, year, life ahead :D

(Bolded are my senpais, kouhais and favourites) :


a-kiyama | a-une | ab———-normal | agapi-san | ahomin-e | akahito | akarui-hoshiko | akiseru | alibabapls | almightyone | altairis | amachu | angrywaifu | arcchi | b-ake | baka-ka | barasaki | bentous | bishotas | bokusatsu–tenshi | bowl-0f-rice | brutal-wonderland | burningdaydreamer | cait-shelter | calcifer-s | celeskun | colourtheo-ry | contracttodevil | crookedexpectations | cuhhmillee | cyhe | d-a-r-k-symphony | d-delusions | d-reamt | daughterofsatan | dayo-nee | derikisu | divorced-lama | e-x-e | fanalis | frac-t-ures | furumii | fushimii | fuutai


giradtina | haikyu | hajiotsu | hakurens | haruuka | heicchous | heliohapt | hittin-rock-bottom | hopelessbaka | ichiiraku-ramen | innocent-lilies | isntoolate | isupercell | it-ends-with-you | japanlove | jpnese | k-okoros | kagari-kisechi | kamikukisama | kanariiya | karnevaal | keieru | keifuu | keiko-chan | keikoku-jailed | kichi-gay | kiisaki | kinkeu | kinryuu | kiramekii | ko-do-ku | konayukii | konoerogaki | kouhas | kuraino | kuzeki | kuzuun


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Hi guys!! I hit 2K followers a while back and I recently followed a bunch of awesome blogs. So I finally decided it was time for me to do a follow forever. I honestly can’t believe it and I’m thankful to all the people who take their time to enjoy my blog. I love when I read encouraging tags and get sweet messages from all of you. It genuinely makes my day. You guys are seriously awesome!!! I want to show my appreciation to all the amazing and talented people that I follow. I admire you guys and thank you for filling my dash with your creative graphics and your posts! I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone and sorry if I misspelled any names. 


akahshii | akashis | akatsukii | alabastas | alexbenedetto | animebigworld | anime-diary | annalovesfictionanna-hiwatari | baltigo | bertholdts | cabendish | cattiepon | corazson | dns07 | edwardelrrics | escarletes | fairytailwitch | feridh | fuyus | grovylle | garekiz | gurenichinnose | gurensex |


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Blogs of Fall

Rather than doing BOTM / GEM in October, I am going to feature 31 awesome personal blogs during the month of October, One Per Day.  If you would like to be included in this, here are the details. 

  • Reblog this to tell me you are interested
  • MBF me
  • Fitness blogs of all kinds are welcome
  • Must have an about me or my story section or something similar that tells us who you are and what you are working on
  • Must make lots of personal posts / pictures (4 or more days a week at a minimum.) 
  • Must not have been featured in my Blogs of Summer, BOTM or GEM - if you would like to reblog for your followers, just note “Reblogging for my followers.”
  • I hope to feature both large and smaller blogs. If you are under 500 followers, when you reblog this, add GEM to let me know you are under 500
  • Optional: During the month, tag me on posts that show me who you are and about your journey


hello guys! i am approaching 10,000 followers and wanted to do a tumblr awards to celebrate. thanks for following my blog! you guys are awesome xo :)

info ~

  • mbf me
  • reblog this post to enter
  • ends aug 28
  • 1 winner, # of runner ups depends on notes

categories ~

  • url // theme // posts // original content // overall favorite
  • i’ll browse all blogs for original content, but submit me a link if you wanna make sure i see it!

prizes ~

  • winners: a follow, a gifset request, promos whenever, spot on my updates tabs, and friendship
  • runner ups: a follow, promos, spot of my updates tabs, and friendship

that’s all for now. i hope you have a lovely day ♥ ily

Giftart for radiosity-33, I’ve been a follower of hers since KH fanart days, and we recently became buddies, so I felt ‘thank you for being awesome art’ was in order. Sketched this for her in a quick stream this morning.

Also, yay me I hit 400 followers today! And my first post was April 21st, so that makes this also my four month anniversary at tumblr. Woo!


Hello everyone!  (*^▽^)/
I hope all my precious followers are doing fine and survived their hard month full of exams! So, a few days ago I reached 1k which is still unbelievable for me!! I actually never thought that so many people would follow me. I wanna thank these beautiful blogs for making my dash beautiful every day with their posts/graphics etc. Please stay awesome and continue making my dash so great . ◡‿◡ 
I also wanna thank YOU for following me and showing interest to my blog hehehe. And don’t worry, just because you’re not here doesn’t mean I don’t care about you. I care about every single amazing follower! >w<
I couldn’t help it but made a Levi edit, so much Levi everywhere already I know.. that stupid shortie took over my life. ;-; (and sorry if I forgot you, it’s probably because you changed your url or I was just pretty dumb xD) Omg I already wrote too much!
So, stay awesome and amazing everyone and have a nice day!! Love you all 

Bold -  favorite blogs 
Italics - precious friends (I love you all so much omg ≧∀≦)

# - H

-jenjam | 0kamii | aho-mine | akashis | akiterutsukki | asahiis | bakamiya | bakasunaa | bassamsenpai | bertholdht | bertholdts | cactuseatingmonster | d-cocovet | ebiswu | ephraiims | erencantgethard | erendragneel |
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I - L
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M - R
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m-i-k-a-s-a-a | mikkotto | miitobes | mitzukis | murasakibaraatsushi | murasockibara | nagizukun | natsusdragneels | nishiinoyas | nezumura |oginos | ohayocelestia | ohnaisu | ohmikasaa | oizuumi | oureki | petraralls | portgadace | riivaiille | rivaille-raviolli | red-hana | revaille

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Good morning, dear followers!

It’s Friday! And you know what that means– it’s the time for the weekly artsy & selfie reminder (feat. my silly face).



As always, if you do make some some awesome art, or post selfies (because you’re all too cute, yes you are shutup) make sure to tag me (maxkirin)! I’m trying to start up a weekly segment where I share some of the awesome stuff made by my followers (along with their cute faces c;)! I don’t get nearly enough, though, so don’t be shy! I would love to make that feature a reality :D

Now, go! Charge forth, dear friends, and fill the world with art~ ♥︎

My dear mutuals and followers, I just hit 300 followers! So I decided to make a follow forever. I honestly have so many amazing blogs I could tag here, a lot of you are extremely talented and cool people and you deserve to hear this every day. I honestly don’t know why you all follow me because I’m just a reblogger and I don’t exactly post anything special. Anyway, here’s the peeps with quality content and amazing personalities! Please keep on filling my dashboard with awesome posts!

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So I reached 7k followers this week and I’m just… whoa. This is such a huge number, I can’t even believe it. Honestly. I’m from a small town that literally has less inhabitants than that, so this is just mind-blowing. I did my last follow forever at 3.5k, so I thought this’d be the perfect opportunity to update and post a new one.

I just wanted to say that I love each and every one of you and I’m happy that you all make my dashboard such a nice place. Of course there are many more blogs that I follow, but couldn’t include in this, so just for the record: I really do love all of you, that’s why I followed you in the first place. You’re all awesome and beautiful, never forget that!

I also wanted to thank every single one of my followers! You manage to make me smile every day with every like or reblog or nice message. Watching that little number grow makes me incredibly happy and sometimes I can’t believe that you all chose to follow me and actually like the stuff that I make or my writing or whatever. Thank you so much for that! :) I love you all so much! ♥

!!! Note: I follow you as clotpolesandswans-mainacc !!!

The bold ones are mutuals. I’m very sorry if I forgot anyone!


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**don’t make me cry**

i’ve decided to update my faves page (aka laerah’s sparkling babes)!!

how to become a sparkling babe:

- mbf me

- reblog this post

- have an awesome blog :)


- a follow from me yahy

- you’ll get a link on my blog

- you can ask me to promote you once a day (any promo you want)

- i’ll give you help with anything you want

- you’ll get a kewl badge for your blog


- talk to me :)

- reblog 9365398626 times (the more you reblog, the more likely I’ll notice you)

i’ll choose about 10-15 people (maybe more) when this gets enough notes xx

I guess that’s it, so start rebloggin’ !!


Hello!!! this is a follow forever because i haven’t made one of these in ages and i wanna remind you guys of how awesome and amazing you are basically if you’re here it means that i’m really glad i’m following you, and i wanna thank you for making my dash pretty everyday and keeping me updated and replying to my annoying text posts or my messages!! :-))))))

if you’re not on here and i’m following you i wanna apologize because its really hard to get everyone and i’m following a lot of people feel free to message me because ily don’t take it personally :(

ps: if your url is bolded you might want to mouse over it :-)

#: 5hfans, 5horbust, 16yearsoldcamila, 420normani

A-D: adorejauregui, allysbrookes, allyscamila, aristyles, artpopist, ashtonscamila, breathecabello, cabelllos, cabelloing, camelacabello, camilacabello97, camilancabello, camilasbow, camilascabello, caminahz, camkordei, camliacabello, cupcamila, dinahjaen, dinahjane97, dinahqueenjane, dinahs

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Hello, guys! Since it’s finally summer holidays, I decided to make my first follow forever. This year was hard, I’m happy I survived and I wanted to say thank you, guys. I never expected blogging would be so much fun and that’s all because of you. Thank you, my followers, I’m always so happy when you like and reblog my posts! Seriously, thank you so much for your support! :3 And thank you, all the awesome people I follow! Thank you for being amazing, for making my dash beautiful and for inspiring me! Hope you all have a great day!

Sorry if I misspelled someone’s url

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Happy Monday!!! And I know Monday can sometimes be a drag especially when the weather is awesome and your stuck in the office! But fret not my faithful following for I bring to you the gorgeous, heavenly goddess and undisputed queen of curves @_biancababyy 🙌🙌🙌🙌 if seeing her beautiful face and perfect curves don’t make your day better I don’t know what else to tell you! As of this post my day is great!!!! #curvywomen #fitandthick #thebooty #thickness #beautiful #goddess #honormycurves #prettyface #fitness #squats #bootyfordays #bootygainz #followher #merica #greeneyes #murica #bootynation #prettysmile #happymonday #followme

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