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Hey, I've been following you awhile and am jealous of your life! I was wondering what kind of job you have at REI that has you traveling to so many awesome places!? I love rock climbing and beer too, I've been working in a physical therapy clinic in NC awhile but things are getting stagnant and I'm searching other options (or even places to move). Anyways, keep exploring! Cheers!

Hi! Thank you for your kind message.

I work at REI Corporate - as a grant and scholarship supervisor for our non-profit. It has be busy, traveling, and outside!
Stagnant can be a welcoming thing, and a hard thing. I hope you find some wonderful travels!

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1. What is one place you could visit if money were not an option, and why?

ROME. I would go back to Rome (I was only there for a day) and eat all of Rome. Like just all the mozzarella cheese. ALL OF IT. (OH! Or the Moon! If that counts I wanna go to the moon!) 

2. If you were on death row, what would your final meal be?

Okay, so the roommate and I have discussed this IN-DEPTH and essentially, you want something that you can’t make yourself and that prison wouldn’t make regularly (because who knows how long I’ve been locked up) AND, most importantly, you want it to be something that makes you so full you WANT to die. Like painfully full. So I believe my answer is Dim Sum - more specifically, my exact order at this awesome place we go all the time. And I would just force myself to eat all of it. God, it would be so good. Oh my god now I’m so hungry. 

3. Name three things that make you incredibly happy.

My cat, when the Philadelphia Eagles win, Family Beer Pong games (in which we don’t actually play Pong but a variety of other drinking games and GOOD LORD the tales of those nights… It is 100% madness from start to finish)

4. What is your favorite board/card game?

Red Devil - it is a card game that no one outside my family has ever heard of and it is the most fun you will ever have in your life. Except if you play it with us you might die. (My family is very competitive.)

5. (stolen from someone else) List 5 things on your bucket list.

Gosh, I don’t really have a bucket list… but okay 1. Stand at a bookstore in front of a book written by myself and just smirk. 2.Watch the Eagles win the Superbowl (i will be that old lady who refuses to die. This is already down as the best day of my life) 3. Leave like a crazy tip at a restaurant. Like $1,000 dollars. 4. Paraglide? (The one where you are pulled on a boat and rocket into the air!) 5. Somehow chill in zero-gravity for a bit. Space or freefall or something. Or if they invited anti-gravity boots like in Unreal Tournament. DOUBLE JUMP!

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Tip for people visiting seattle and want to see a lot of the music places: there is a tour called Stalking Seattle. I believe it’s $45 but it is very worth it and my friend runs it. She’s an amazing person and was friends with a lot of the musicians from the area. She takes you to the singles locations, kurt’s house and a lot of nirvana related places, a LOT of pearl jam related places (including their first rehearsal space) and so many other awesome places. It’s definitely something i would suggest if you really want that experience, plus my friend deserves some publicity for her business :)