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Ah no way, I'm still learning so mine isn't as good as yours but artist like you make me want to really try.

don’t really draw your arm off omg take care of urself

BUT DO DRAW YOUR VERY VERY BEST!! Learning is the best part of art!! You never know what direction you’ll go and you’ll have fun learning your limits and experimenting and omg  you’ll end up at an awesome place just to find yourself at another road to travel that will be even awesomer yes fUN  YOU GO FRIEND!!!! AND NEVER COMPARE! I BET YOURS IS AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT AND EQUAL TO ALL ART!!! TRY YOUR VERY BEST BEST FRIEND U CAN DO IT I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!! (i’m very passionate over people drawing I’m sorry)

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I feel like I'm one of the only ones who wouldn't mind a Frozen world. While it isn't my favorite movie I think it would still have awesome places to see, funny characters, and wicked looking heartless :)

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I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE A FROZEN WORLD. I really enjoyed the movie and I get pretty upset when people say that it sucked; I don’t understand the hate behind it at all. It seems like people hate it because it’s popular because visually, audibly, story-wise it’s a pretty good movie! And I think the opportunities are ENDLESS as a Kingdom Hearts world, as the wonderful artists in this fandom have shown us! People are already drawing up keyblades, enemies, parts of the landscape. It has so much potential to be a beautiful world! Plus I think Anna would be a HILARIOUS party member. Thank you for your opinion!

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10 facts I was tagged by le-tourbillion

1. your nickname
: I don’t really have one but that’s probably because I always really wanted a cool one lol and now I want people to call me Hawkins as a joke

2. your eye colour: 

3. your hair: medium-light brown

4. one fact about you
: I can’t remember things if I don’t write them down so I have a ton of notebooks with various scattered lists and ideas written down and one of them is a film log from 2005

5. favourite colour: lavender/sea foam/black

6. favourite place: arcades, thrift stores, beaches, patios, movie theaters, etc. So many awesome places. I really like going urban-exploring.

7. favourite celebrity - 
Crispin Glover

8. favourite animal
 - llamas

9. favourite song
 - “Crockett’s Theme” - Jan Hammer

10. favourite book
: The Crying of Lot 49 - Thomas Pynchon

I’m not gonna bother with tagging so, yeah.