Kinda wasteful?

This is kinda good kinda bad. I work at tramlaW (reverse it) and idk how it is across the board, but at my location we cannot accept tips, monetary or otherwise.

Well I’m a Sales floor associate and I get called as a backup cashier a LOT (like at least once a day to the point where I don’t even remember if I did or didn’t ring register in a day and just assume that I did). So I joke with the customers about being “freed from register” when I get to whoever last before I get to go back to the floor, etc. When I get talkativw, nice customers I joke that I shouldn’t make my grocery list when I’m on register or “ohh that looks good, you’re making me hungry” or the occasional “ohhh you’re making me crave that”. Most people laugh it off or ask if that means I’m shutting down to go to break. I think twice now I’ve had someone that surprised the hell outta me and offered me some of whatever I was talking about. This story is about the second one, which happened today (6/2).

So I’m scanning stuff and it goes like this.
Customer: ok I have 3 of the cream sodas.
Me: ohh that sounds soooo good right now.
C : oh do you want one? I don’t mind.
Me: oh thanks but I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to accept that.
C : oh but I do it all the time at *insert another chain store* and besides, what if I insist, the customers always right after all.
Me: well we are supposed to take care of the customer but I’m still pretty sure I’m not allowed to accept.

I thought that was the end of it so I finished ringing her items told her the total, she pays and is opening one of the boxes (cuz it was 12pk cans) and I had her the receipt “thank you have a nice day” she puts the can down on my register and says “thanks, you too! And I hope you enjoy that!”

At that point I have like a shaky smile stuck somewhere between thanks and oh god I hope I don’t get fired as I say thank you I will. As soon as she’s out of site I call over a csm and start the next transaction. Csm comes over, I point out the soda and “a customer basically just forced me to accept this” and hand her the can and she laughs and says “ok ”

I found out later that yea I was right we are NOT allowed to accept stuff like that so I’m glad the camera shows that I just turned it over to a manager (well supervisor but still)

And here’s the part that’s kinda bad: if a customer “forces” us to take a monetary tip, it gets donated to a children’s hospital. Awesome, that’s great. My store is one of the top in our area for donating to them (not from forced tips either) we also do a food organization so you’d think that if someone gives us a tip in the form of food (even junk food like soda or candy or something) that it would be donated to that right? Wrong. I found out that the csm double checked with management about what to do with it since it WAS paid for and all. The manager had her throw it away. Perfectly good can of cream soda, payed for and everything. And instead of donating it to the food charity thing we do just…threw it in the trash.

Tldr: customer tried to give me a tip in the form of a can of soda, knew I couldn’t accept it but she literally set it on my register and walked away. Find out later, instead of donating to the food drive thing we do, manager had it thrown away.

only a month!!!

SHERLOLLIANS!!! The Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 is only a month away and will run May 14th through the 20th. I hope to see all the GIF sets, photo edits, meta, fan art, and fan fiction you can come up with!

My hubby and I will actually be away that week, celebrating our 5th anniversary and my graduation with my Masters. We actually were not planning on going any where this year…medical bills…but through an awesome tax return and an even more awesome program through the hospital we are able to get away. Anyways, I wont be around like normal, but I will have access to internet and will be hopping on every evening to see (and reblog) what awesome things you all have created!!!!

Here is the link to all the information:

So it’s taken about a year or so for me to compile all this, but I’ve been collecting together a bunch of episodes from all sorts of shows that contain whump and I’ve finally gotten round to making this post :D (I’ve got a list of whumpy movies too, so I’ll probably be doing a movie post as well sometime)

Under the cut I’ve just put the show, episode and a wee description of the whump (so spoilers, probably) and they might not be the best descriptions so I’ve bolded my personal faves and if you want any more info on the episode feel free to ask me :)


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Here’s where I stand on the latest Berena drama:

I’m gonna stay out of the tag on Tumblr.

I don’t mind reading people’s opinions on the show, we should have opinions. That’s grand and glorious and fun and all part of it. For me though I’m feeling a bit inundated with negativity. You are entitled to be negative - like that’s your show too man - you do you - but I’m personally opting out in order to save my own happiness over this fictional couple. Also let me add: wishing they hadn’t done something with a character is not being negative. I mean the posts that basically tear the show apart.

I guess I have always known drama was coming. Like, it didn’t take the winter trailer to tell me there’d be drama ahead because I’m used to shows that turn up the drama to the extreme. I’m watching Transparent right now and there doesn’t seem to be a single relationship that works out in that show; gay, straight or otherwise. Everyone is mostly miserable all the time with a few bits of happy that make the miserable crap bearable.

To me the joy of Berena is seeing two midlife ladies getting their love on with one another. I’d love to see more of them on screen but I think holby city’s the wrong show if you’re looking for lots of lovey dovey moments. I totally wish it wasn’t because I’d love to see Berena outside of the hospital being awesome badasses in their life and just being adorable together - but it’s not the show.

Sure we do get the odd scene outside the hospital or special on location episodes like this week’s with the wedding, but mostly it’s going to be at the hospital. That does significantly narrow what we get to see in terms of our dynamic duo being romantic. And also what their drama will be.

I don’t feel they’re picking on Serena. She has had a shit load of drama of course but she has also been on the show for ages and they’re giving C-Russ stuff to work with. Like that’s good! She’s not a supporting/background character. She’s a big part of it all and I love that.

I appreciate the precariousness of LGBT representation (hell I made a video about it) and our want for happiness for our LGBT characters to balance out the utter shit of so many other tv shows that have killed off or ruined the lives of our women loving women. That being said, this show can’t stop being what it is just because it offered up representation. It’s a medical soap drama. Sure some probably saw the same sex make out gifs and went “sign me up!” without giving thought to the show’s genre or what that might mean for the couple involved and are now disappointed. I get it.

Here’s what comes with soap drama medical territory:

*Dramatic moments of will they die or won’t they
*Lots of angsty screen time
*Little non-angsty screen time
*An enormous cast of characters that all will fight for screen time and they’ll get it when their storylines go dramatic and likely won’t when the drama’s dialed back.

I love Holby City. I mean I came for the lesbians obviously, but now I love the show. I love the precious moments we get, some surprising like the passionate kiss scene between Berena, the “confined to theatre” talking out loud “I kissed you because I wanted to” scene, the arm wrestling, and not Berena related but the beautiful flash mob scene for Arthur when he was dying.

This show gives great characters, interesting stories. It makes me angry, it makes me sad, it thrills me and it makes me ecstatic sometimes.

I love Catherine Russell, I’m surprised I hadn’t discovered her sooner and I literally feel like she’d be a bestie if I knew her in person because we have a similar sense of humor. I love Jemma Redgrave, she’s dynamic and subtle and gorgeous and intriguing.

I’m enjoying the ride I really am. I don’t see Berena being a forever thing (man would I love to be proven wrong) because I understand the nature of a show that has no ending like Holby. And one where one actor will likely leave eventually. But I love the story while it’s here. Of course I may feel betrayed down the line if they kill one of these women, because the producer and actresses have all said that’s not the direction they want to go with this and I trust them. But right now I’m just still here, still a fan. Still adoring Berena in whatever they must go through to make that angst meter tilt in favor of more screen time for them.

I’m sad that some of you have drawn the line and are putting down your Berena flags, but hey - I get it. I’ll likely be waving my flag, soaking wet in the rain until the bitter end and beyond. That’s the joy of television and us making our own choices about it.

While I may not be following the Berena tag anymore, I follow a lot of you individually. Keep being you, keep talking, keep doing what makes you happy. If your happiness is in another genre of show, go out there and find it! Life’s too short!

Okay, Storytime

So my family is familiar with medical and surgical brouhahas. Insurance shenanigans, medical bills, multiple surgeries, older kids and grandparents running the house while parents and younger sibling are at the hospital again, the works.

Well we lived in Florida at the time and went to this awesome children’s hospital called Arnold Palmer (after the golfer). My gosh, that place was cool. I don’t know what it looks like now, but in the 90s that place was absolutely designed to put kids at ease. The whole thing was Disney themed (because Florida), and there were designated places for patients’ siblings to play and interact with everyone without getting underfoot.

We were there often, and this one brilliant neurosurgeon (a very kind man from India) ended up being pretty close to our family. He used to take my twin and I on walks through the hospital while explaining in kid-friendly terms what the next surgery was and how it would work.

Well this one time, my younger sibling is there for…actually I don’t remember which surgery they were in for that time. I just remember that said sibling was probably 6 years old at the time.

Anyway, it’s either the middle of the night or some ungodly hour of the morning, and evidently she couldn’t sleep. She was a first grader, so that could have been anything from “what if they decide I need more surgeries” to “it’s really dark in here” to “one of the nurses let me have sugar”.

So what’s a six year old familiar with hospitals to do when utterly and inescapably bored? She can’t call the nurses and ask for them to turn on the tv, because Mom and Dad are sleeping in the chairs next to the bed. She can’t color because her crayons are out of reach and the lights are off. Then suddenly, she notices something:

She can control the heart monitors by controlling her breathing.

I hope you guys can guess where this is going.

Kiddo sits up in her hospital bed, and starts breathing really rapidly so that the heart monitor goes crazy. Then she holds her breath to watch it drop. Then breathes rapidly again, repeat ad nauseam.

Naturally, this sets off some alarms for the nurses and my parents, who wake up to hear the monitor beeping. The nurse comes running in, and my parents are turning on the light, and there’s Little Sis, sitting there and giggling over how she can make the monitors do things.

I don’t even remember how they reacted anymore, but I don’t think she got in trouble for it. Her neurosurgeon probably would’ve let her get away with anything, come to think of it.  

NEW SU EPISODE WAS AMAZING. Thursday’s just got more exciting again!

(And I never realized how much I wanted to see more of Dr. Mahaeswaran! I just love Connie and her family so much! I’m glad these three were almost literally the only other more reoccurring characters we saw this episode (aside from Lion)! So awesome!


Akira (1988) / Cel / 260mm x 350mm

Testsuo awakens in the hospital. A glass of water slides toward his outstretched hand in the first glimpse of his new powers.

When you see a lot of the art upclose, the slight stylistic variations between the artists and production companies working on the film becomes quite apparent. Whoever drew this cut really knew what they were doing. 

So, big shocker! Next week is not the Caryl bottle episode. Words cannot describe how I feel about this. I can’t say that I’m shocked. They’ve done a really good job of keeping us in the dark this season. I just want CARYL to be cannon. Come one AMC!

In other news, Beth was freaking legit! She’s about to save our Queen, and they’re gonna take the flipping city! No Daryl necessary. Let the ships unite for girl power!


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