Here’s that four-page guest comic that I did for my buds at Awesome Hospital a little earlier this year. I was pretty psyched when they asked me to do a little comic about any character I wanted, and I immediately decided on Nurse Punk Rock.

This was co-written by myself and Chad Bowers. We figured out the story together, he wrote a rough version of the script, and I added all the punk puns in a final version of the script and did all the art. Rather proud of how it turned out. :)

ink & Photoshop CS3; J. E. Seames, 2011
Anarchy in the O.R.
by *radical-jojo

Today I am very pleased to provide guest art for Awesome Hospital. It’s Dr. Time Machine! Yay! I drew this back on the 13th, when the AH guys weren’t sure if they’d have a new page ready for the 15th. (I believe this is known in the business as “calling in a specialist”.) It was a quick request, so I went with a simple art approach…but I think it turned out nice. I like the way it looks on the webpage. :)

J. E. Seames 2011

Aw, dudes! Be excited! Today I’m over at Awesome Hospital—Chad Bowers’ other great webcomic—with the first installment of a four-page guest story! You’ll recall that at the end of “Malignant”, nurse Cindy Punk Rock was one of those who walked away from Awesome Hospital, and today in a little thing we’re calling “Anarchy in the O.R.”, we’re picking up with what she’s been up to during all this time.

This has been so fun to work on. Chad and I figured out the story together over the phone, he did the rough draft of the script, and then I took that and polished it into the final result with all the art and letters. And it’s been so fun.

Also, go run and get yourself one of those fine Nurse Punk Rock t-shirts, featuring the fantastic art of Matt Digges. They are made of comfy cotton, you’ll be supporting the noble cause of free independent comics, and they’re your awesome doctor recommended prescription for style. </schill>

So go! Read!

Awesome Hospital, “Anarchy in the O.R.”, Page 1