me, crying: spencer smith has been through so much and we talk about ryden a lot and them missing each other but ryan and spencer were best friends and even if they still talk ryan didn’t go to spencers wedding and their relationship will probably never be the same and he’s struggled with addiction but he’s clean now and seems happy and married and i just feel like he’s awesome and deserves more positivity and attention

Cosplay Tip:

Push yourself to make some convention friends.

(I find a lot of people attend conventions now with big groups of friends and that is awesome, but by only hanging with your group you will miss out on some great experiences. Talk to other people and hang out, separate from your group to go to the events you’re interested in and don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation in line!)


Sweaty running gif! Hard lifting gif!

It is not always a pretty workout but a non pretty workout I will take before no workout! 😊💪 my back and arms are pretty sore which is fantastic! My form for the lift was getting rough but I am glad to have put in the work! 😂

Yesterday I got to meet up with my best friend and a guy I have great admiration for! Him, his wife, and girls were on there way to Grammies house for spring break and were passing through while we were visiting my fam! (They moved from NM a couple years ago)

After further review I like the way I look next to my buddy, I can see my progress! He has lost a lot of weight too and that is awesome!

We are enjoying time with my family, I have missed my Mammau (grandma) terribly! We grew up less that a mile away from each other most of my life and this 1000 mile business is for the birds!

Hope y'all are having a splendid day!

I am Yukako Yamagishi, and this is my blog~❤ (and koichi’s here sometimes too)

((Hello!! It’s a pleasure to meet you all! You can call me kiwi. I started this new blog because I love Jjba a lot and wanted to be apart of the community in some way so why not art? ^^ I’m going to try my best to draw something of yukako (and koichi’s too sometimes) everyday. I hope I meet lots of friends and awesome people on here! This isn’t my first askblog but please be aware I’m a senior in highschool so I might miss some days. Forgive me if that happens! I also not only do traditional but digital drawings too but my tablets not working right now so I’ll be traditional for a while. Thanks again for welcoming me into your community!!))

anonymous asked:

Aw, it's sad that you're leaving...well it was nice seeing your art, you're very talented. I hope you do well in the future and I'll miss you, even though we don't know each other I feel like my friend is being set off to do something awesome with their life, and I'm sure you will! I wish you happiness and good fortune

;o; thats so sweet, ill miss you too friend. aaa i didnt want to get mushy in my post but overall i really had an good experience here! i met a lot of kind & talented folks. its hard to leave but i dont want to get stuck in doing the same thing over and over. i probably will come back to it one day tho

anonymous asked:

from looking at your text posts it seems like youre in love or something but then when you answer questions about love it seems like youre not interested in love lol did a "shawty" as you would say break your heart ?

Nah no body broke my heart & naw I’m not “against” love. Im gonna come clean, the concept of love seems fire. Like somebody riding for you and a best friend you can grow with sounds awesome. Sign me up nigga. But I’ve peeped some things I didn’t like and had to create distance from certain people, but at the same time I’m human, I’ll see things or hear something and it reminds me of somebody and you miss em or whatever but at the same time I have a lot going on and am trynna accomplish a lot so there’s certain things that get put on the back burner, like relationships and shit. Love sounds cool but I’ll be solo dolo until things make sense…. or until shawty who played Manny on Degrassi decides to stop playing

anonymous asked:

What's the craziest thing you've ever done and would you do it again?

This really cool dude that was the opening act for my old band gave us all free acid, I had work the next day and it was like 11:00pm but I did it anyway. I sang half my show laying on stage (which was actually really awesome) and then dancing around. Afterwards, I stood on the roof of my car waving colorful batons around and screaming about how free I felt while my band and some friends hung out with me in the parking lot. We all just hung out, tripping balls and super happy. I miss that crew💕
The craziest/STUPIDEST part was that later on that night I drove to Libby’s place (like 20 minutes away) while still tripping out. I drove at like 15mph but it was still super fucking careless. I don’t feel bad about putting myself in danger, I feel bad that I coulda put someone else in danger. Like, you never fuckin know.
Would I do it again? The acid, hell yeah. The driving? Fuck no.

lithugraph  asked:

Now it's your turn, mwahaha! Lost Generation ask: Pablo Picasso: What "period" of your life do you miss the most or are most looking forward to? Cole Porter: if your life was a song, what would the title be? T.S. Elliot: what is your inner monologue generally saying?

Oh my, is this some kind of revenge ? :)

Well well, let’s do this!

Pablo Picasso: What period of your life do you miss the most or are most looking forward to?

I’m in this strange state of mind where I’m content with my current life and yet can’t get over a feeling of nostalgia… I think it’s because of university which, despite bringing me a lot of new and awesome things, force me to deal with things I never had to deal with before. Making new friends, dealing with an even bigger amount of stress… And most of all I miss my friends from high school. Or worse, I miss the times we spent together… I have incredible memories with them and I know I won’t live something like that before a long time… Ah but the question was about a period, oooops. Let’s say two years ago. The relationship between my closest friends was at its best and we had lots of activities that brought a lot of memories. On the other hand I’m looking forward for… Life, I guess. Adulthood? Uni is giving me some clues about living a responsible life on my own but I can’t wait for the real game anyway.

Cole Porter: if your life was a song, what would the title be?

Though one indeed… Maybe “Just a girl caught up in dreams and fantasies” (as in Lost Stars by Keira Knightley, I love the lyrics from Begin Again…) because I realise… With the imagination that I have and my head always stuck in stories, books, fanfics or whatever… It gives life to maybe too high expectations from life, ending up with me being disappointed or pleasantly surprised because nothing is ever as good or as bad as in stories in the end, right?

T.S Elliot: what is your inner monologue generally saying?

“You got this girl you’re awesome, chin up, you’re a bada- wait have you seen the way you walk? Do you really think this was the right thing to say? To do? Seriously girl wtf now think and stress forever about everything you ever did.” Basically… I have an ego but I destroy it myself a hundred times a day. And still manages to brag out of self-defence in the process. So weird.

tcc-babyboy  asked:

my day was a little sad since its the weekend &.. i miss my tcs haha. but i saw my friends & we just sat on a blanket in the sunshine with tea, and studied a little for our orals, and later went for walks around town and i took lots of pictures of the sunset :-)

Hey! I am sorry to hear that you are sad but your day sounds awesome!


Happy 10th Anniversary Pandora Hearts!

It’s been such a long time now.. PH started when I was 15 and now I’m 25. It doesn’t feel like it though ahahaha. I had a lot of fun all these years cosplaying with Yuzu and everyone else. Plus I met awesome people in this fandom and made some great friends QuQ

And of course I made many Cosplays. To be honest I’m working on at least 3 more atm. I just can’t stop with PH ahahaha ///7/// I hope it doesn’t bother any of you because I love it and will never stop

Well um… I hope I didn’t miss any of the cosplays I did so far because I love every single one and wanted to share them with you /////

Photographers are @yuzuberry @haruhanabi @sternenkind and Mopp!

And the cute Alyss is Gwen //7//

It’s my last day on Gravity Falls and I'm… feeling a lot of things?! 

Seriously though, I couldn’t have asked for a better first-gig experience. I’m not very eloquent with these things so I’ll keep it simple. I’ve learned a lot, both as an artist and a human, I’ve made a lot of irreplaceable friends, and I can only hope to work with another crew that’s a FRACTION as awesome as this one was!! 

THANK YOU EVERYONE. It’s been a joy and a privilege. 

Now I’m going to spend my night reflecting on the past year with a glass of beer AND A WIIU CONTROLLER AS I DESTROY EVERYONE IN SMASH. 


SO this weekend was really great!! I finally got to meet melodesu after a whole year of internet friendship!!! So sweet and amazing, she really made the con for me. Also meeting her sister clpherfile (who was playing the role of jealous illumi rly well tbh) was awesome too! I met a lot of great people actually and I’m so excited to go next year. My friends and I all had a blast and it’s thanks to this cool Killua right here. I wouldn’t have gone otherwise!

bb I’m gonna miss you but whenever there’s a break I’m gonna go visit you again <3 Until then, Kite said we’ll always be friends!

My little farewell to Gravity Falls. Honestly, this show has been great since I started watching it in 2012, and has defiantly inspired me, as well as bring me a lot of joy. I’m gonna miss these kids, I’m gonna miss the grunkles, Im gonna miss Wendy and Soos. I’m basically gonna miss everyone. 

And because of this show, I’ve talked to some really awesome people, who I’m glad to call my friends. It also helped me break out of my shell a bit more.

I honestly wish I could say more, but I suck at words as well as goodbyes. These characters will live in my heart until the end of my time.

Okay, tumblr. If this book is not already on your to-read shelf, get on with that.

It’s a series of short stories about real women, all of whom have some claim to fame but are actually pretty obscure unless you’re one of those people who knows things about unusual women of the early 20th century. (Spoiler alert: I am one of those people. I’d heard of a lot of these women.)

The women include Joe Carstairs (raced boats, friends with Marlene Dietrich, smoked cigars–there’s an episode of Stuff You Missed in History class about her that’s worth a listen), Norma Millay (Edna St. Vincent’s sister), Romaine Brooks, Dolly Wilde (Oscar’s niece), Beryl Markham (lady pilot), and the International Sweethearts of Rhythm, the first integrated all-girl swing band in the South. Plus more awesome ladies.

Most of the stories revolve around not-great moments in these women’s lives. They’re old or poor or injured or they have PTSD. I appreciated the fact that these stories are about women who are not okay, but who aren’t reduced to being labeled “crazy.” Also, lots of unreliable narrators and people lying to themselves.

Relevant to your interests, yes?

Survey 122

Long Bolding Survey
Reblog | Bold what applies;

I am over 18.
I have a cat.
I suffer from Asthma.
I’m lactose intolerant.
I have mild scoliosis.
I have a thyroid problem.
My name starts with the letter A.
I have two sisters.
My favorite color is green.
I drink a lot of tea.
I am in college.
I am the middle child.
I wish my friends and I were closer.
I love love love to read.
I have over 300 books.
I like a lot of music.
I wish I went to more shows.
I love going to the movies.
I adore Starbucks.
I’m in my Pajamas.
I’m having really bad back pain.
I miss someone.
I’m in my living/family room
I am sort of watching TV.
I am wearing slippers.
I am texting someone.
I am reading an awesome book.
I am drinking tea.
My phone is charging.
I am on a laptop.
I’m playing with my cat.
I am not listening to music.
I’m wearing a sweatshirt.
I’m sitting on the floor.
I can hear a bunch of random noises.
Someone in my house is asleep.
It’s the nighttime.
My parents are still married.
I read.
I always read before I go to sleep.
My pet is nuts.
I have cut myself before.
I drive my own car.
I occasionally drink.
I’ve never done drugs.
^And never will.
^Same with smoking.
I can’t wait to move out.
I like cats better than dogs.
I hate my dad.
I have a ton of purses.
My mom is awesome.
I am allergic to shellfish.
I am a vegetarian.
I watch too much TV.
Had an Asthma attack.
Had a panic/anxiety attack.
Had a few different jobs.
Been out of the country.
Got burned by an appliance.
Had surgery.
Met someone you met online in person.
Seen a natural wonder of the world in person.
Been stuck in a snowstorm.
Been made fun of throughout school.
Been in a boat.
Felt like dying.
Been to a sports game.
Had a pet.
Been out of state without my parents.
Felt something paranormal.
Seen a movie more than once in theaters.
Stayed up WAY late on a school night.
Lost a grandparent.
Nearly failed a class.
Cried myself to sleep.
Been in a ton of pain.
I have a bathrobe and I actually use it.
I had a snow day today.
I heart Victoria’s Secret.
I’m not single.
I have a very big family.
I’m white.
I actually like Uggs, a lot.
I have a pet/pets.
I love Twitter.
I know how to snowboard.
I hate when people brag just because they have something expensive.
I make grilled cheese with two slices of cheese.
My iTunes has thousands of songs.
I eat breakfast.
I have a formspring!
I don’t understand people who have to HATE everything mainstream.
I’m guilty of bolding half-statements on bolding surveys.
I’m hungry.
I love energy drinks!
I wear lots of makeup, I collect it.
Most people would probably say I’m spoiled…
I love driving around aimlessly with friends, blasting the radio.
I always have sunglasses on.
I like some country music.
I own a small dog (or more than one).

…Okay, so we’ve gotten quite a few asks about leaving Gravity Falls.

Honestly, leaving is gonna be really bittersweet! I mean, of course we both miss our mom and dad–they’re our parents, ppbbhhttt–But we’ve made so many terrifi-tastic memories here!

We’ve made tons of fantastic friends…

…Gone on epic adventures together…

…And learned how awesome we can be, no matter what this crazy town swings at us! Whomp!

Bottom line, I’m absolutely gonna miss it, and definitely want to come back again! Every summer! FOREVER!!!

But, uh…as for Dipper…I think he feels a little different.

Look, Mabel’s right about a lot, but she also has a tendency to sugar coat things.  And after a summer like this?

I–I can’t decide, man…I just don’t know.

Sure, there’d be a lot to come back to…

…But there’d also be…y’know…

…A lot to come back to.




Happy Birthday, Carmilla

I have a lot of reasons to be thankful for Carmilla, but though I am a fan, many of them are more around the bonds I’ve built because of it rather than the awesome show itself.

Thank you, Carmilla, for reintroducing me to fanfiction and fandom. Everyone I’ve met on Tumblr was because of this little show that could. How neat is that?? And also for inspiring me to do the Will Eisen Twitter account which I miss to this day, though santiagoseries keeps me on my toes plenty. Thanks for ALL the friends I’ve made on here - you guys have probably noticed that I’m a Tumblr addict now and I feel no shame over it.

Thank you, Carmilla, for introducing me to slay-this aka carmilla-feels-hq. Laura, who stayed with me when she was visiting from Scotland even when I could have been a serial killer, and with whom I had the BEST time. Who checks in with me on the regular and in all is one of my fav people. My life would be less without you in it.

Thank you, Carmilla, for bringing me together with kbearluna, for the ALLCAPS EMAILS and WHAT IF WE DID THIS and the passing of scripts back and forth like the best of impromptu gifts. This person is a delight. They are human Nutella. I know yall are shooting Coupleish season one right now but a part of me is already looking forward to figuring out season 2 with you. Please, gods, let that happen.

Thank you, Carmilla, for introing me to anamatics, who is hilarious and sly and who - when I get a new idea or write a new script, I have an immediate desire to send. Who indirectly functioned as my guide to fandom when, after almost a decade out of it, I decided to join tumblr and dip my toe back in. November - we are doing a bit of The Thing! It is happening! And before then, I hope we get another chance to clink beers in person.

And of course, Carmilla, thank you for introducing my friend hotladypants to the world. She is a genius, she knows her shit, and I am so happy to see that this awesome amazing young woman - who took a shot on one of my scripts basically upon graduation - has a fan base of her own now. It’s so nice to have more people who know that she’s the bees knees. You kick serious ass, Steak, and don’t you forget it.

Thank you for the episodes, the ships, the debates, the late night chats and all, Carmilla, but even more than that: thank you for the people. Looking forward to a lot more of this.