★ Happy Birthday to my sweet imouto Aria-chan! ★ °˖ ✧◝(◕ ヮ ◕)◜✧˖ °  ♬ 

It’s my last day on Gravity Falls and I'm… feeling a lot of things?! 

Seriously though, I couldn’t have asked for a better first-gig experience. I’m not very eloquent with these things so I’ll keep it simple. I’ve learned a lot, both as an artist and a human, I’ve made a lot of irreplaceable friends, and I can only hope to work with another crew that’s a FRACTION as awesome as this one was!! 

THANK YOU EVERYONE. It’s been a joy and a privilege. 

Now I’m going to spend my night reflecting on the past year with a glass of beer AND A WIIU CONTROLLER AS I DESTROY EVERYONE IN SMASH. 

Fandom inspired teas. It’s a thing. Maybe you’re already a fan of a lot of the blends, maybe you’ve been hesitant to try them, or maybe you have no idea what I’m even talking about. But tea, man. And nerdy fandom stuff. Teas inspired by characters like Sherlock Holmes, Dean Winchester, and Hannibal. It’s a party waiting to happen, right? So we’re giving you a chance to sample a BUNCH of fandom teas blended by Cara McGee at DashCon this year, as well as eat some fancy tea snacks and meet lots of other really awesome fandom and tea loving friends. 
Here’s what your ticket will get you:
-Entry to the party! Space is very limited, so don’t miss out! (You will be allowed to come and go during the event as you’d like)
-All the tea you could possibly drink! We’ll make sure there are some caffeine free options available as well. Tea will be served by some favorite faces, including Castiel and Sherlock, because, hello, fandom tea party.
-Cookies, Scones, Tea Sandwiches and Fruit to nibble on. The party is later in the evening, so we’re not serving a full dinner or anything, but we can’t give you tea without some nibbles!
-A gift bag filled with goodies including tea samples, buttons, and prints from various fandoms and artists!
-A free raffle ticket for a very special door prize during the event
-Cara will be sitting and doing free sketches for everyone she possibly can during the party
-Other raffle prizes will be available at the party for just $1 a ticket, with proceeds covering the cost of the event, as well as a charity of DashCon’s choosing.


Please signal boost!

…Okay, so we’ve gotten quite a few asks about leaving Gravity Falls.

Honestly, leaving is gonna be really bittersweet! I mean, of course we both miss our mom and dad–they’re our parents, ppbbhhttt–But we’ve made so many terrifi-tastic memories here!

We’ve made tons of fantastic friends…

…Gone on epic adventures together…

…And learned how awesome we can be, no matter what this crazy town swings at us! Whomp!

Bottom line, I’m absolutely gonna miss it, and definitely want to come back again! Every summer! FOREVER!!!

But, uh…as for Dipper…I think he feels a little different.

Look, Mabel’s right about a lot, but she also has a tendency to sugar coat things.  And after a summer like this?

I–I can’t decide, man…I just don’t know.

Sure, there’d be a lot to come back to…

…But there’d also be…y’know…

…A lot to come back to.





It’s so unbelievable awesome and… yeah.. unbelievable how FAR we got!! ;U; Mikas blog became 1 year old on the 18.12.2013! It seems like I created it yesterday and now we crossed the 600 followers border!
WOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH, PEOPLE!! I never expected this would happen!

Thank you for your support, your help, your friendliness, for giving me motivation and simply for EVERYTHING!! You gave me such a great time! Without YOU guys we would never have come so far! THANK YOU!

I met so many awesome people and new friends who grew on me a lot and I don’t ever want to miss you in my life again, guys!! ;U; 
This fandom made me laugh and happy and I am just so glad Paws pulled me on the choo choo train to the minecraftia dreamland!!!  <3 <3 <3

You deserve more than just a simple ‘thank you’ because I owe you a lot! ;U; So I thought of some raffle? :D And Imma gonna give 100 %! <3

How to participate: 
+ You must be following this blog
I will pull random numbers to chose the winners! :3
Either counts: Fav and Reblog :3 You may reblog as often as you like! But to keep it fair: Maximun once per day okay? X'3

Deadline: 31.01.2014

The Prices: 

1. Place
: 1 fullcolored drawing + a 2 kg Package with german sweets and little somethings I’m gonna send to your home! :D

2. Place: 1 fullcolored drawing + a 1 kg Package with german sweets and little somethings I’m gonna send to your home! uwu

3. Place: 1 fullcolored drawing

4. Place: 1 Colored sketch

5. Place: 1 Sketch 

So yeah. Have fun and good luck, guys! WE LOVE YOU ALL <3

Happy Birthday, Carmilla

I have a lot of reasons to be thankful for Carmilla, but though I am a fan, many of them are more around the bonds I’ve built because of it rather than the awesome show itself.

Thank you, Carmilla, for reintroducing me to fanfiction and fandom. Everyone I’ve met on Tumblr was because of this little show that could. How neat is that?? And also for inspiring me to do the Will Eisen Twitter account which I miss to this day, though santiagoseries keeps me on my toes plenty. Thanks for ALL the friends I’ve made on here - you guys have probably noticed that I’m a Tumblr addict now and I feel no shame over it.

Thank you, Carmilla, for introducing me to slay-this aka carmilla-feels-hq. Laura, who stayed with me when she was visiting from Scotland even when I could have been a serial killer, and with whom I had the BEST time. Who checks in with me on the regular and in all is one of my fav people. My life would be less without you in it.

Thank you, Carmilla, for bringing me together with kbearluna, for the ALLCAPS EMAILS and WHAT IF WE DID THIS and the passing of scripts back and forth like the best of impromptu gifts. This person is a delight. They are human Nutella. I know yall are shooting Coupleish season one right now but a part of me is already looking forward to figuring out season 2 with you. Please, gods, let that happen.

Thank you, Carmilla, for introing me to anamatics, who is hilarious and sly and who - when I get a new idea or write a new script, I have an immediate desire to send. Who indirectly functioned as my guide to fandom when, after almost a decade out of it, I decided to join tumblr and dip my toe back in. November - we are doing a bit of The Thing! It is happening! And before then, I hope we get another chance to clink beers in person.

And of course, Carmilla, thank you for introducing my friend hotladypants to the world. She is a genius, she knows her shit, and I am so happy to see that this awesome amazing young woman - who took a shot on one of my scripts basically upon graduation - has a fan base of her own now. It’s so nice to have more people who know that she’s the bees knees. You kick serious ass, Steak, and don’t you forget it.

Thank you for the episodes, the ships, the debates, the late night chats and all, Carmilla, but even more than that: thank you for the people. Looking forward to a lot more of this.


Leaving New Mexico tomorrow. I have a few pictures that I haven’t put up yet, so I’ll probably upload them from various airports. I’m sad to be leaving the people I’ve met (and the awesome food!!) but I honestly miss Oregon a lot. I feel okay about leaving. Oh and uh, this bush was full of bees and my friends had to deal with me taking like 20 pictures of it // 9/15

I’ve been meaning to do this for such a long time, so here it is. My follow the heck out of these people because they’re all amazing forever post. This community is honestly one of the best influences in my life right now, and I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s followed me or talked to me or sent me book suggestions. You’re all amazing, and I’m sorry if I miss you out, but I follow a lot of awesome people and I don’t want this to get too long. Because, trust me, it’s going to get long.


seducedbybooks → Soul mate coming through. I cannot put into words how much I love Danielle. Nothing seems good or strong enough. I’m so grateful to have you in my life, and without you I would be empty, bereft. Because I need you. You are perfect and everything. You are my inspiration. You challenge me, and make me want to be better. I just.. you are everything, okay?

mironss → Ani is my bae. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her. She reminds me to breathe and that it’s okay to be an idiot sometimes. I would punch someone out for you. I’m just saying. She’s tough and so, so smart, and she’s one of the most hardworking people I know. I get really excited when she does well, and I’m proud of her for not letting crap get in her way even though it gets insistent sometimes. I love you, bae.

crystalreeds → I can’t quite remember how long I’ve known Katelyn, but it’s long enough for me to still have a Christmas present I was meant to send her a year or so ago (it’ll get there at some point, I promise). She’s the Ashton to my Calum, the Lorelai to my Luke, my bff4lyfe on Snapchat. We might not talk as much as we did, but I know she’s there. You’re strong and perfect and I will always be there for you no matter what. You will kick the shit out of life, trust me.

scottmmccall → Nada always puts a smile on my face. Always. We’ve been geeking out over books a lot lately, and it’s really nice. Stephen King, man. Stephen King. I treasure her advice, and I’m so glad she still talks to me despite the fact that I am the worst texter-backer/conversation starter in the world. Thanks for putting up with me, and making me laugh. You’re a gem.

BOOK BLOGS (not in alphabetical order or in order of preference)

lady-adventurer (brilliant author of Tides and Mechanica)

(I was going to put a little blurb for everyone, but realised how insanely long that would get…)


booksforlatte, missdarcy87, armquad, the-angels-have-the-bookshelves, books-secretgetaway, leafylace, @biblioqueen, po-flo, amberthebooklion, @readerxpro, @goldenlilyreads, emilymariaus, @yummibooks


Pastel Day (◕‿◕✿)

Since my last outfit post was just very dark I tried to do the direct opposite this time and wear as many colours as I’m comfortable with. Well, I’ve managed two ( ̄ー ̄). Went with some pastel pink and green and also took care of my outgrowth -‿◦. Well today was super chillin. Just went out to eat a lot of awesome chinese food. I’ll miss it so much when I’m back in Germany … and that’s already in three weeks ⊙︿⊙). Ok, food is quite important to me though there are so many things I’m looking forward to returning to Germany (MY FAMILY, FRIENDS… clubs with “good” music 。♥‿♥。!!!) that it’s not a big deal… at all ʘ‿ʘ!



Check out all of Russer’s awesome art through the following links…

illuminati-mod [x] [x] [xrusser-busser [x] [x] royalrusser [x] [x]

illuminati-triangle ask-downer-dust DeviantArt Instagram

A lot of links, yes, but I don’t want you all to miss out on anything! Just be sure to make note of the dates, too (some of that stuff is a bit old).

Russ, you really gotta get yourself a consistent art tag jfc…


Happy 10th Anniversary Pandora Hearts!

It’s been such a long time now.. PH started when I was 15 and now I’m 25. It doesn’t feel like it though ahahaha. I had a lot of fun all these years cosplaying with Yuzu and everyone else. Plus I met awesome people in this fandom and made some great friends QuQ

And of course I made many Cosplays. To be honest I’m working on at least 3 more atm. I just can’t stop with PH ahahaha ///7/// I hope it doesn’t bother any of you because I love it and will never stop

Well um… I hope I didn’t miss any of the cosplays I did so far because I love every single one and wanted to share them with you /////

Photographers are @yuzuberry @haruhanabi @sternenkind and Mopp!

And the cute Alyss is Gwen //7//

She’s done. Sat down today and cranked through it while chillin at @foolishcoffee
Pulled a lot of inspiration from @eversomething in Tulsa and my good friend @jeremyluther who is also on a floral kick. I think we both secretly miss spring and the prospect of frolicking together.
Also, having a blast with this golden multicolor pen I got from the awesome people at @makergoods
#tylerthrasher #tulsa #pen #ink #floral #mushrooms

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I know it’s like SUPER late… but I was sick, and couldn’t post this earlier… I had the edits already and I really liked them, so… I’m sorry omg

 It’s been like more than a year since I did my last Follow Forever and more than 4 years since I got into Tumblr, so it was time  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I wanted to thank you all for having such awesome blogs, and being such beauiful people, and making my Tumblr amazing so nice. I’ve met a lot of people here and made some amazing friends and saddly I’ve lost contact with most of them bc I’m a piece of shit and I didn’t have time to be here so much and I’m sorry, I miss y’all and I love y’all. Anyway, I hope you had a merry christmas and I wish you the best in this new year! I hope you have a happy 2016!  (✿◠‿◠)

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Mirax Terrik-Horn, by Tony Foti

I was actually looking for a different image from Tony’s galleries for this weekend’s writeup when I stumbled across this smart image of one of my favorite heroines from the Star Wars Extended Universe. Admittedly, I have what amounts to a love/hate relationship with the Star Wars EU and won’t miss a lot of what got de-canonized, but to me Mirax Terrik remains one of the more interesting and worthwhile characters from the EU novels. Tony’s awesome portrait is another for the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire role-playing game from Fantasy Flight Games.

Any friend of Wedge Antilles is a friend of mine, and sassy smuggler captain Mirax Terrik remains one of my favorite characters introduced in Michael Stackpole’s X-Wing novels. Her piloting skills and blaster marksmanship aside, what impressed me most about Captain Mirax was her business drive. When her father, notorious Corellian smuggler Booster Terrik, went to prison, the teenaged Mirax essentially took over and legitimatized his shipping business. She inherited her ship of choice, the Pulsar Skate, with her father’s business, using it for both legitimate shipping and smuggling. If that wasn’t impressive enough, she later aided the Rebel Alliance war effort by smuggling goods past Imperial blockades and customs.

I applaud Tony for his attention to character detail, particularly in how everything about Mirax’s smug grin, laid-back posture, and roguish flight outfit carry a smartly-rendered Corellian swagger.

(Click for full discussion)

Brett Dalton is amazing.

So my friend and I are at Wizard World Portland. She’s Mystique and I’m Agent Coulson.

Obviously one of the big draws are the other Agents here - Brett Dalton (Grant Ward) and Ming Na Wen (Melinda May).

First off Mystique is amazing. We get stopped for her to be photographed a lot which is awesome. (Only a couple of peeps have recognized me but that’s fine because each one is extra awesome. ) so that’s been a blast.

I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss Ming Na and Brett so I went over for the lines. It wasn’t too bad people wise but I was getting a little shaky before I got up to Ming Na. She liked my cosplay but she thought my badge said"melinda coulson" at first. (It says Phillipa which she found amusing) she was amazingly sweet and funny. I loved meeting her. Lol. My autograph from her says “Girls rule! ” And she spelt my name right the first time without prompting or correcting!

I was shaky enough that the nice lady corralling the line let my friend stand with me. Between my inhaler and her distracting me with talk about her face prosthetics the impending panic attack was inverted yay!

I was still shaky when I got up to Brett but nothing like I had been. Someone who’d gone to elementary school with him was in front of us so it gave me plenty of time while they caught up with each other.

The thing about Agents of SHIELD is that Grant Ward has always been one of my favorites even if the wtf factor went crazy once the HYDRA reveal happened. But.

Huge but.

I almost quit watching entirely after the episode with Sif and Lorelei.

They make such a big deal about the manipulation and mental coercion factor and then completely ignore the male rape going on. I mean… for May’s reaction to be to punch him? That bothered me. A lot.

I’ve wanted to ask about it ever since but me and getting up at panels has definitely gotten mixed results. So I figured if he was amenable asking at the table that would solve at least some of my issues. And he was yay!

First of all he listened and took the question seriously. Not like some who make fun of your serious questions or just give you some kind of stock answer.

He admitted that it did seem like ‘people’ (the way he said it seemed people in general and the powers that be in particular) didn’t even seem to consider it rape. He agreed with me and was very apologetic that there was something like that in the show that almost ruined it for me and that it was never acknowledged or addressed. He said that the general opinion seemed to be that he was too strong for her power and that was just the real him being revealed. (Which still ignores the other men she raped) He acknowledged that it would definitely have been addressed if it had been a woman in that position. He also agreed that it was wrong and that male rape was an issue that shouldn’t be completely ignored. He sort of shrugged and said that sometimes as an actor you don’t always agree with the script or the messages that get sent.

There was more. We chatted for a lot longer than most cons would have let us. But the general gist was that he agrees that it should have been handled better than just “he’s a guy so it isn’t rape” or “"he’s evil so who cares?”.

He was a sweetheart and I love him even more now than I did before.

Lol. He did not spell my name correct the first time but since he looked at me almost the entire time (and complimented both our cosplay. He liked my badge which is a huge thing since I literally spent like5+ hours on that single piece. It was the hardest part bar none so I really appreciate the fact that he noticed.) He was visibly… I don’t think upset is the right word but…. its the closest I can think of. And he corrected it immediately and apologized.

Seriously love the man.

It looks like Ima miss the panel though cuz I’m stuck in a different line and its starting now.

So yeah just gonna do this here-

Let’s see…

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I probably missed a lot of people, but like- if I follow I want to roleplay with you. No doubt about it.

You know, even though many people say it a lot, I really do miss On and On era. It’s the era I joined Starlights and got into VIXX.

The song, dance, and look is just awesome, and it’s a really important part of VIXX’s growth as group. There’s a lot of reasons why so many Starlights haven’t, and probably never will, get over the era.

Hey everyone! I have reached 1k followers and … wow! I am just so happy that you find my blog worth following tbh. I just want to say thank you to all my followers and friends who have continuously supported and enjoyed my blog, it really means a lot to me. I have made dear friends through this blog and I do hope to meet more amazing people here. (So although I may be an awkward potato feel free to come say hi!) I thought it was time to show support for all of the blogs that I love and thank you guys for always filling my dash with lovely stuff and for making my experience here an awesome one! 

(I am so sorry in advance if I accidentally missed anyone out! I really tried my best and I love you no matter what! )

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