Fine Orlesian Crafts (Cullen x Lavellan, ~4500 words, FLUFF)

Namira Lavellan and Cullen Rutherford get to know each other, while discovering the joys of fine Orlesian crafts direct from Val Royeaux.  Early relationship fic, ridiculously fluffy.

Namira Lavellan was… distracted.  Yes.  That was the word for it.

It wasn’t her fault, she reasoned.  Anyone would be distracted after what had happened yesterday.  Yesterday she had screwed up her courage and said, “Do you mind if we speak in private?”  And the tall shem with the smile that sometimes snuck up on him had nodded yes, nearly too flustered to speak.

She still couldn’t believe it.  The weeks of watching him too closely, thrilling when their hands accidentally brushed at the war table, finding excuses to meet him in the garden and on the ramparts… she had hoped he looked too often her direction, that she wasn’t imaging the pinkness to his cheeks when she grinned at him.  She couldn’t explain it, but she had feelings for Cullen.  And it seemed he had feelings for her.

She smiled to herself in the middle of Leliana and Josephine’s debriefing, remembering the way he’d felt.  His mouth on hers, strong hands at her hips, how he had pressed into her.  Her pulse quickened.  It had been years since she had really attempted to flirt with anyone in her clan, and it had never gone very far.  She suddenly understood what, exactly, the big deal was, why the hunters always gossiped so about their partners.  It was exciting!

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