Jewish Comics Day Across the Web

Hey everyone, with Jewish Comics Day fast approaching, I wanted to make sure everyone knew all the ways they could get involved. Whether you want to protest the Hydra!Cap storyline or just appreciate that without Jewish creators we wouldn’t have superheroes, there are lots of ways you can participate:

Get to know what’s going on

  • Read this post about what Jewish Comics Day is.
  • Read these to get informed about the Captain America storyline, the Jewish heritage of comics and Marvel’s antisemitism

Participate in Jewish Comics Day by posting

  • Use the hashtag #JewishComicsDay
  • Post and follow that tag on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr
  • Join the event page on Facebook to boost our numbers, then share with your followers and post in all your groups:
  • Share, create and reblog posts about the day, about Jewish comics creators, about how much you hate Hydra!Cap, etc. 
  • Create and share fanworks (writing, art, playlists, anything) that celebrate the Jewish heritage of your favorite superheroes. If you don’t want to make your own fanworks, you can still share and comment on and spread love for the works on the tag.
  • Make sure you spread the love across all the social networks you’re comfortable using.
  • Use the Avatar and banner provided here wherever you’d like.

Come to the local event in DC

  • If you’re in the DC area or attending Awesome Con this weekend, join us Friday, June 3 at 6:30 PM outside the Awesome Con event space for a meetup/protest/party in honor of Jewish Comics Day.
  • Cosplay as your favorite superhero, bring signs, or just show up with your awesome self to show your support.
  • Join the Facebook event page here:
  • Let me know if you’re planning any other local events!

Non-Jewish Allies

  • This event is for everyone to participate in, but there are some things gentile allies should be sure to do.
  • Get your fanworks approved by one of the volunteer Jewish-sensitivity readers (search the #jewishcomicsday tag to find them) or a Jewish friend, if you’re at all worried about your portrayal.
  • Help moderate the tag on all social media by reporting, documenting or responding to antisemitism, hate or general skeptical questions. This is something we as allies can take on so the responsibility doesn’t fall completely on Jewish participants (like it usually does).

Donate, etc.

Thanks everyone, and be sure to reblog and share with your friends! #jewishcomicsday #saynotohydracap #awesomecon


Our Cartinelli shoot from Awesome Con (which basically turned into an adorable vintage lady date XP) We had a great time- got some outdoor shots in a little park area (it was so hot omg >.>) and then found this neat retro-style restaurant that made a nice location for the rest of the shoot. <3 I just realized you can see the signature on my hat in the last photo, but oh well XP Too awesome to cover~

Somebody tweet this to Hayley Atwell I don’t have Twitter >.>

Peggy- Me
Angie- bratkartoffel25
Photos- ambrorussa


Photoset for my Captain America cosplay from this past weekend at Awesome Con, with my best friend mermaidinamanhole as the awesome Lady Thor. Photos are by alliluvsgames!

Making the shield was kind of a long process, but pretty fun at the same time, and I was really happy with the result. Maybe I can do a video soon when I test if it flies like it should… :D

And Lady Thor’s starting photoset is here - I had so much fun doing this costume with you :)