Debuted my King George III cosplay this past weekend at Awesome Con in DC. This costume is the largest sewing project for cosplay that I’ve undertaken and also the one I stressed the most about for the small details (and it kills me that my sparkling garter isn’t in these photos bc the breeches decided to hide it). 

Regardless, I had such a great time as this ridiculous monarch and I hope to bring this costume downtown at some point and snap some pics of George going on the town in the nation’s capital

@linmanuel i gave it my all to do Tazewell and Groff justice I hope it worked


Our Cartinelli shoot from Awesome Con (which basically turned into an adorable vintage lady date XP) We had a great time- got some outdoor shots in a little park area (it was so hot omg >.>) and then found this neat retro-style restaurant that made a nice location for the rest of the shoot. <3 I just realized you can see the signature on my hat in the last photo, but oh well XP Too awesome to cover~

Somebody tweet this to Hayley Atwell I don’t have Twitter >.>

Peggy- Me
Angie- bratkartoffel25
Photos- ambrorussa

I’m going to Awesome Con again this year, so if you’re familiar with my work (HTTYD or Undertale or whatever) and want to meet up, I am totally game. Or even if you’re not familiar with it and want to meet up. I like fellow nerds!

Also Em is seriously considering going too so I might get to see her again after 2 and a half years!!

I’m going to cosplay as Alphys this year. :)


My heart for my Vivi cosplay is finally done! Took a while but I finally found a light that works perfectly, is small enough and remote-controlled. Can’t wait for shuto con this year. Going to try my hand at making a Lewis heart as well. Pretty much the same process! Can’t wait for the mystery skulls concert!! See ya there!
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