Because this man is just amazing. (I’m debating about trying to come up with something to call him, like I call the oh-so-adorable Freddie Freeman, the oh-so-adorable Freddie Freeman but I don’t know what yet). Craig Kimbrel! He’s been overshadowed by Dan Uggla’s impressive hitting streak. 

Here are a few lovely quotes from an article by David O'Brien:

Braves closer Craig Kimbrel has a 26-scoreless-appearance streak that has featured utter dominance.

It was his fourth appearance and save in the past five games, and 26th appearance (and 18th save) in the Braves’ past 50 games. In that period since June 14, Kimbrel allowed just seven hits (.085 opponents’ average) and eight walks with 41 strikeouts in 25-2/3 innings.

Kimbrel needs five saves to break the major league rookie record of 40 set last season by the Rangers’ Neftali Feliz, a former Braves prospect.

Kimbrel is an amazing pitcher! The Braves are so lucky to have him! I really hope he can get those 5 saves! 

I’m torn. I’m not sure if I want the oh-so-adorable Freddie Freeman to be Rookie of the Year or Craig Kimbrel. I love them both but I think I’m leaning more towards Kimbrel.

I added the first picture because he looks good! He is one attractive man! I mean, yeah… What can I say? I’m a girl. :P  OH! What about the oh-so-amazing Craig Kimbrel? Yes? No? Should I just leave it as Craig Kimbrel?