Happy birthday to amazing, funny, awesome husband. Can’t believe you old as hell all them grey hairs tho 😬 kidding love you so much and can’t wait to celebrate with you and bro. ❤️😍 my old man 👴🏽👵🏾❤️ @jimmy—usoooo

You guys would NOT believe how much Hamilton and squad I’m throwing into my project. It’s not even on purpose either. Like. Because of the songs I know there are primary source documents floating around of letters and whatnot so I just keep coming back to the Revolutionary squad. So far I’ve dragged Gwash, found out some interesting things regarding slavery and Tjeffs, dragged ham and his affair, and Laurens’ essays against slavery are going in next. So shoutout to Lin for making it all possible. You the real MVP. 

Happy Fanfiction Writers appreciation day!!

Both writing and reading fanfiction for a while now, I’m so glad that there’s a day to celebrate the awesome people that let us carry on reading about our faves even when the canon is over/badly written/just not gay enough I’d like to recommend some writers to you guys- these are my inspiration- they rock!

@fanciful-follies @ask-aaron-burr @justsmilingmoreandtalkingless @transaaronburr @alexanburrsir Aaand most importantly- @hubris-but-no-writing Thanks for dragging me into rarepair hell and generally being awesome!! :D love u all!

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Completely random but I love how humble Finn is but I also love how much of an asshole Seth is

I do to. Finn just seems like an all around awesome guy. And Seth sure as hell can rock the heel thing!

My Progression So Far

For those who don’t know, have never known, or would like to know, this is my progression of my being a trans man.

This picture was at about 10 years old. That’s, like, fucking AGES ago, and I had just gotten a DSi. So, technically, Nintendo invented selfies for me.

This was when I first dyed my hair. Still feminine, but bro, check out that SWEET colour. I loved having pink hair. I want to get some more pure pink dye. Probably 14 years of age.

This is a full body of me with that fading hair. That skirt was awesome, though. Kept me warm as all hell. But that shirt, though, nice low cut and a sweet necklace. I had to be about 14 still.

I really just want to show off the outfit I had on this day. I had to be at least 14 or so, maybe a bit older. But, I mean, DAMN, I looked fucking good.

This was from a wedding or something, maybe a dance? That was the shortest I had ever had my hair, and I dyed it ‘cherry black.’ I was probably still 14. I went through THAT kind of phase.

This was at an amusement park when all I wanted to wear was light blue, I guess? Still 14, I suppose.

This was when I started to become a bit more masculine. I think I was about 15 here, and I was genderfluid. On my right is my brother accordingly.

This was in our car, probably after getting In N Out and my dad was talking to me. Genderfluidity is obvious, and I was obsessed with wearing necklaces. Again, my brother to the right. Still 15, I assume.

This one’s a little weird, because I had become a full on trans man at this point, but I was still a little not out, so I just let my mom put makeup on me? My dad had just cut my hair and fohawked it. 16 years, at the most.

I’m pretty positive this was me at 16, when my mom made a set of rainbow stuff. Still a trans man.

And this is my most recent picture, me sky high at 16-almost-17 on my first train ride about a month or so ago. My mom on the left, brother behind me. I got my good binder on, short purple hair, beanie, and my always constant pink duffel bag that I can assure you all and myself that I will never get rid of.

This has been my progression so far. And when I say progression, I mean this has been my life up to this point that I can remember in my head. I ain’t gonna change, I ain’t gonna take no shit from no one. But I’m happy with the way I am now, and sooner or later, I’m gonna be even happier, right? xoxo

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Is it bad that I'm really getting tired of stories on AO3 all being about Sansa? Sansa, Sansa, Sansa. Don't get me wrong, Sansa's great, but she's become overly overrated. Is it bad that I want more Arya stories? *hint hint lol* I would write my own, but I'm shit. I need more arya/crackpairings. Hell, just arya being awesome is all I need. Just airing my feelings (and needs and wishes).

I’m the right person to come to whenever you want to complain about Sansa XD. I don’t like her in the slightest and yes, it’s being a nightmare. It’s not only AO3. Our tags, all of them, have been flooded for no other reason than J*nsas trying to undermine our OTP, or rewrite Jon and Sansa’s relationship as if it was all rainbows and butterflies. Plainly speaking, they are so sure that GRRM gave Sansa what was supposed to be Arya’s orginal outline that now they are literally taking all of Arya’s elements and giving it to Sansa.

This whole thing stinks of “we know she isn’t that cool and awesome, but she deserves to be because…Look! She is pretty! Obviously she is the main character because of her face!” Bla bla bla…you hate her because she is feminine. Bla bla bla rape…Bla bla bla…Abuse…Bla bla bla…she had it harder so she deserves the world…Bla bla bla…You are mean and support rape, abuse and misogyny because you don’t like pretty perfect Sansa…Arg! One day I’ll lose it XD. If I get any other message from a Knight of Sansa in my inbox I’ll lose it.

We all want more Arya stories XD. The world deserves more Arya. I swear I’m trying to write as much as I can, but I’ve been terribly busy on the last weeks and I’m likely to remain so for a while since I’m taking classes at morning and night every day.

You should give writing a try. You know…nobody is born a writer, you become one. It’s a learning process and with practice it gets easier. ;)

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Slipknot- Snuff, Andy Black- They Don't Need To UnderStand, Let Me Fucking Die- Mantis, Ugly- Nicole Dollanganger, Wires- The Neighbourhood, Being In Love With You (extended) i have like 5000 more but i dont wanna add too much

Hell yeah all of those sound awesome!!

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Camera was awesome boo. I'm loving all the in the heights references lately 😂

HELL YEAH i love being able to make references to something other than the source material because this is fun