FanFic Author Appreciation Day~

Auuuuugh. It’s Fanfic Author Day!

Okay, okay, but in all seriousness, I gotta tag some awesome people on here.

decadentmousse , patster223, cypress-tree, tsunderescientists , rorykurago , sailoreuterpe , missanthropicprinciple, 3fluffies and archerybushidokid!

The fabulous folks who pulled me into PacRim for forever are pickle-plum, shmoo92 n confabulatrix~

On the Marvel side…. So many of you awesome people.

fuck-me-barnes, inukagome15 wordsplat, polyamorouscaptainamerica, kurowrites, featheredschist and many. many others that I can’t remember but love the work of!

All of these amazing writers should be getting your attention!

If I forgot you, I am sorry because your writing is amazing and don’t ever quit.

But seriously, in regards to other fandoms n equal interest in PacRim, I credit slightly-oblivvyous , patrickwsawyer and robinflight-y for prompting me and making me crack the biggest smile over dumb stuff. (AKA the ripped shirt thing, Livvy~)

Shoot! Forgot to add transhermann and toxixpumpkin for thier awesome prompts! 

taromilkshake asked:

ahhhh! i'm in love with your gemsona and all the fusions you drew! the designs are sooo good, they look like they can be in-show. The color combos and designs you make for the fusions are really impressive, and really reflect each gem's personality, too. I love the simplicity and creativity in combining parts of each gem's design. ...just, good job. =v=


ryotachi asked:

hope you're doing well and remainder that you're a great artist, awesome as hell

I’m pretty nervous all this day. All I can repeat to myself is *breathe in, breathe out*
dhfjgkl almost 9pm here, time to eat something and watch some good movies, then go play life is strange so I’ll feel better.

I’m always grateful when you blog my art, it’s so charming, it makes me smile and I really appreciate it also you’re really nice person and I always like to joke with you

pspaddfoot asked:

Can I submit my vote for Reville for the Remus/Neville bromance? Which is full of awesomeness by the way. Really digging it.

We’re all shipping the hell out of the Reville bromance. ♥

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Hell yeah!

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anonymous asked:

don't you know your edits are awesome as hell? I love all of them tbh.. could you please make some icons?

aw tHANK YOU!!!! I usually just stick with making gifs because my edits are unoriginal haha. do you have an specific parts from the video you’d like me to use? :)

anonymous asked:

That's alright Udunie! Health and sleep come first! Make sure to get a good rest, and we'll see you in the morning :D (also, you're 5 hours ahead of me in timezones, I found that cool)

Hi, nonnie! Thank you! :D

God, I slept for like… 10 hours and it was awesome!

Time zones are also annoying as hell, I wish all you guys would be in the same zone so we would all be on tumblr at approximately the same times :D

anonymous asked:

Do you think Riven has one of the best skins sets in the game? I mean yeah most of them are "sexy_____" (fill the blank) but they are good. And who do you think has the best skin set ( Mine is hecarim , all of them are badass are awesome as hell)

//While I really love the Championship,the Redeemed and the incoming Arcade and like the look of the Dragonblade, even the Battle Bunny is good looking (unfitting for the character and I truly hate all the shit it brought on her and how it’s not rare to see all the champion in their classic skin except for only one: Riven with the bunny suit, but the skin does look good). They are well done, well textured. But I have a problem with the CE. The blade looks good, but that’s all. But overall, I think she has a nice set of skins yeah. I can’t really pick a favorite though since I really like Ahri’s (especially the Midnight and the Dynasty), Draven’s (pls they are all perfect) and Talon’s skin set as well. Oh wait, there is Quinn too.

tearsforqueer said: Not at all, SOTU was awesome. Fragile Tension was a favorite!

hell yeah! i see lots of people hating on that album though. i honestly can’t understand it.

(fragile tension, and spacewalker, and come back, and in sympathy… <3)

junglemean asked:

Hey! I've been reading Nor Need We Power Or Splendor and I am deeply, deeply, in love. Are there any other Clint/Nat/Laura fics that you would recommended while I patiently await your updates?

Aw, I’m so glad you like it! I promise I’m working as hard as I can on an update.

The wonderful fyeahclintnatlaura tumblr has a ton of great post-fics and headcanon roundups, which are all awesome and adorable. On AO3, I really enjoyed A Little Hell by enigma731, and the just-posted the growing season by sweetwatersong

Followers, any other suggestions? 


Aaaaaa Im gonna start saying thousands of thank yous again lol

Okay. I am completely confused about this, and I am also really happy hehehe. I would'bve never imagined EVER that I would look on this blog and see 100 followers I feel like this little blog isn’t worthy of your time.

It makes me feel happy to know that in some way to you it is.

Holy crap I don’t know what to say. You at www all awesome as hell and I would hug all of you. (And high-five my mutual buddies u gais are awesome tooooooo~)

I have reached the goal that I had set before and now we are 10x’s that

Thats a frickle fracking Ind blow to me

Thank you, thank you, thank you, you sweet marshmallows!



For some odd reason I dreamt about there being a movie about Fleetway on the loose, and all in awesome effects, and stuff, and it looked awesome as hell, and I even had a cute little sister for some reason who wanted to see the movie, and there was a trailer with Nicole and Sally and Fleetway in it.

Aaaaa even though it was just a dream (and the movie title was Fleetway something something) it was wonderful and even you were said to have watched it in your state eeee

yuhiurameshi replied to your post “Fave yyh arc?”

What’s your favorite team in Dark Tournament arc? ( not including team Urameshi doh)

I would have to go with team  Toguro, I’m sorrrrrry, gotta’ be basic now lol. Idk, I love how intimidating they were if that sounds right? No one could boss them round and people respected them, out of fear of course but still! They were all awesome and evil as hell and I loved every minute of it! Toguro literally had abs on top of abs! How could anyone not love that team even though the whole team was full of shitheads! I liked other characters from other teams like my Irish Prince, Jin, and Chu; many others, too ^^!