awesome book though
Ai Weiwei at the Royal Academy

Honestly, though, I came here just for Jemma Redgrave, and whilst I could listen to her talk all day, every day (and laugh, Christ, laugh at me, Jemma Redgrave!) this poetry, though. Dandan Liu reading it really makes me wanna learn the language, however great and breathtaking the translation.
So, so many beautiful things in this video, I’ve been listening on and off all day, the poetry is honestly just… Yeah.

“You’re a kaleidoscope, you change every time I look away.”
― Rainbow Rowell, My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories

(Happy birthday, bethanyactually!)

Why you need to read ACOTAR:

*Awesome kickass heroin 

*Unique fantasy world



*Sarah J. Maas has written it




*Very hot male characters



*Lucien- the High Fae sass master

*Beautiful writing

*Sexy High Fae

*Oh did i mention Rhysand?

*Because Rhysand! 

‘Some humans used to believe the world was flat and rested on the backs of four elephants,’ said Silver.

'Yeah?’ said Kin.  'What did the elephants stand on?’

'A giant turtle, swimming endlessly through space.’

'Kin tasted the idea.  'Stupid,’ she said. 'What did the turtle breathe?’

'Search me.  It’s your race’s myth.’

—  Terry Pratchett, “Strata”