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“You’re a kaleidoscope, you change every time I look away.”
― Rainbow Rowell, My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories

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Why you need to read ACOTAR:

*Awesome kickass heroin 

*Unique fantasy world



*Sarah J. Maas has written it




*Very hot male characters



*Lucien- the High Fae sass master

*Beautiful writing

*Sexy High Fae

*Oh did i mention Rhysand?

*Because Rhysand! 

Imagine Zaheer and Korra regularly meeting in the spirit world to discuss politics and philosophy as they both grow older. While they don’t always agree on the matter, Korra learns to accept and appreciate a different point of view while Zaheer enjoys a little bit of company in his otherwise lonely existence. It would be an interesting friendship, wouldn’t it be?

‘Some humans used to believe the world was flat and rested on the backs of four elephants,’ said Silver.

'Yeah?’ said Kin.  'What did the elephants stand on?’

'A giant turtle, swimming endlessly through space.’

'Kin tasted the idea.  'Stupid,’ she said. 'What did the turtle breathe?’

'Search me.  It’s your race’s myth.’

—  Terry Pratchett, “Strata”
The Legend of Korra Ending - Why It Works

I haven’t posted much in the past month, but I felt this was something I needed to weigh in on. There’s been a lot of nasty vitriol on Tumblr since the ending aired. While I truly sympathize with all the people that feel left by the wayside, I’ve decided to write up my thoughts on the ending in an attempt to show the angry people of Tumblr a different point of view.

Before I begin, I’d like to summarize my mindset for this. The most important thing is that I don’t ship anyone in The Legend of Korra. That’s not to say I dislike shipping or romance, but I tend to focus much more on friendship. Having said that, I still liked the idea of Makorra at endgame; I just didn’t particularly care about it. Instead, my personal preference was to see Korra not ending up with anyone.

I didn’t even like Korrasami all that much, especially for the first two Books; it truly felt like people were shipping them just because Asami was the only other female protagonist near Korra’s age—a mindset I was determined to avoid—or because they hated Mako and his actions. To me, neither of these reasons were valid ones for envisioning Korrasami at endgame. 

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I don't think there was a scene in Divergent where I didn't want to make sweet love with Theo James.

anonymous asked:

hi it's question anon and im rereading the books and I've only finished 6 (I have 2 pace myself) and I don't remember all the details but that makes sense... it's just v confusing to me especially in book 6 w the deal w red n her story like there were so many different versions that everafters believed? and it's the same wolf and the same prince charming and don't even get me started on the aging. I'll need a whole new ask for that. I love these books but there are so many things I want 2 know!!

I think in book six the truth was purposefully obfuscated by the Woodsman guy. I haven’t reread that one quite as many times as the others because it frustrates me to no end how Sabrina is treated like the bad guy for doing something that Veronica was lauded as a hero for doing two books ago but that’s an entirely different meta.

So here’s our basic timeline for that:

1. Red has some mental disorder that causes her to have breaks with reality. Her family cannot cope with her quite possibly violent tendencies. Her grandmother is a witch.

2. Red’s grandma says she thinks she has a way to help her. Her family sends her into the woods to get help. While she’s going, the family packs up and disappears because they have a healthy kid and they are, generally, horrible parents.

3. Red gets to the house, and her grandma is testing the kazoo which will literally blow the insanity out of a person. She is testing it on a rabid wolf. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize that she has to have something to keep the craziness in. The madness of the wolf gets out and starts rampaging around the room right as Red gets there.

4. Mr. Canis, who is currently a perfectly normal woodsman named Tobias Clay, hears the commotion and runs in to help while his useless apprentice hides outside. The wolf-crazy posesses Mr. Canis, uses his body to tear apart and eat Red’s grandma, and nearly eats Red. Mr. Canis briefly regains control and runs off into the forest, with the kazoo that is his only salvation.

5. The woodsman concocts a story about how he is the savior and some nasty crazy wolf demon killed the witch in the woods and drove Red crazy. Red inputs some imagined nonsense about meeting the wolf in the forest. The tale is told and retold, as stories will be, especially as the wolf goes around eating sentient pigs and talking goats and things, becoming more and more feared and legendary as it takes on more human traits and intelligence from inhabiting a human body, but still with the desires of a rabid wolf.

6. All of them end up in FPL, somehow. Mr. Canis does not exist yet, only the Wolf, who is terrorizing FPL. Charming, in the 1970s or ‘80s, decides that he has had. Enough. Of this monster ravaging his town, so he goes off to fight him. He takes the 3 little pigs with him.

7. The wolf makes a gigantic fool of Charming in front of the whole town, creating the animosity that lies between them in-series.

8. In the process, he drops the kazoo. The pigs, who know what it can do since it blew their houses apart a century or two ago, pick it up and use it against him. It does not work as planned. Instead of blowing him straight into the barrier, it blows the wolf-crazy down. Not out, but it fights it back enough that Mr. Canis can get his control back. Kind of. He’s got no memory of who he was before, and only limited memory of when he was the wolf, but he’s back. He can’t tell the story that really happened. Red doesn’t know the truth from what she hallucinated. The woodsman is so caught up in his own ego that he refuses to tell anyone what happened.

9. Then book 6 happens and Red is finally able to sort of kind of say what happened, which is that Tobias “Canis” Clay tried to do the right thing and had his whole life destroyed for it. 

That make sense?