awesome book though

Why you need to read ACOTAR:

*Awesome kickass heroin 

*Unique fantasy world



*Sarah J. Maas has written it




*Very hot male characters



*Lucien- the High Fae sass master

*Beautiful writing

*Sexy High Fae

*Oh did i mention Rhysand?

*Because Rhysand! 

thessalian replied to your post:Parasitology by Mira Grant

I have read the two published books in that series. Erm. No comment?

I’m gonna be really angry with this book by the time it’s through, right? >.> *sigh* Maybe I should try her fantasy stuff. Maybe she doesn’t telegraph her plot twists there…

Just finished watching The Babadook. Not as good as people made it out to be, but still pretty solid. The artwork in the book is awesome though 👌🏻