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On James I of England:

“To his courtiers, James’s passion for Buckingham was obvious. Simon d’Ewes wrote in his diary that James was often wont to exclaim, “Becote [by God] George, I love thee dearly,” and “Begott, man, never one loved another moore than I doe thee.”    This affection was corroborated by George Gerrard, who wrote in 1617 that “the king was never more careful, or did more tenderly love any that he hath raised than this Lord of Buckingham.”    The contemporary writer Théophile de Viau, who also happened to be gay, immortalized the relationship in his poem “Au marquis de Boukinquan”:        Apollo with his songs
       debauched young Hyacinthus,
       And it is well known that the king of England
       fucks the Duke of Buckingham.”

“And in 1617, the Spanish ambassador reported to his sovereign that James had summoned his Privy Council and reiterated before them his preference for Buckingham above all others. This was not a “defect,” James insisted, because, “just as ‘Christ had his John; so have I my George.’ ”    

The king’s remark was not biblical heresy; it was gay code. James, and other cultured men of the day, would have been familiar with the plays of the popular (and probably gay) Elizabethan-era dramatist Christopher Marlowe (1564-1593), who had said that not only were Christ and John “bedfellows,” but more specifically, that “he used him as the sinners of Sodoma.”

“Over the years, Buckingham became a force to be reckoned with, and in the waning years of James’s life, the duke solidified his power with the Prince of Wales, the future Charles I. In 1623, the two young men embarked on a diplomatic mission to Spain. James sent his lover passionate letters, lamenting,        Alas, I now repent me sore that ever I suffered you to go away. I care for match nor nothing, so I may once have you in my arms again. God grant it! God grant it! Amen, amen, amen.    The duke flirtatiously replied,        … my thoughts are only bent on having my dear Dad and Master’s legs soon in my arms.    He also expressed the passionate desire to get “hold of your bed-post again.” Of the myriad images conjured by this phrase, none are chaste.”

Oh, dear Lord.

if you guys haven’t already, i urge you to read “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel

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It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! My bookdragon t-shirt has arrived, a lot faster than I thought it would. It is so pretty, but huuuuge (my own fault - should’ve remembered that US sizes are different from EU). I will wear it anyway, of course, because it is really awesome.

Thanks to dystopianbookworm for making the design and offering it for sale!