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Okay so imagine: Keith and Lance asleep on the floor together after a rough training session. Lance then wakes up (at 2am or smthn) and gets his jacket, puts in on Keith, kisses his mullet and then falls back asleep on top of him. Then Pidge and Hunk see them asleep in the morning and take pictures. The end

hey hi sorry it took me so long to respond! 


-so like what if they had a fight after training because they’re so worked up and they’re not really speaking to each other at dinner, too exhausted to start any more shit
-keith immediately goes to their lounge room to rest for a bit and decides the floor is the best place because he’s keith
-lance wants to go get his skincare routine started and fall the fuck asleep on his own bed but he’s gonna go ask pidge something first
-can’t find pidge anywhere so he makes it to the lounge as a last resort and sees keith chilling on the ground
-he finds this funny bc there’s space on the couches literally everywhere; it’s empty except for the 2 of them
-lance decides it wouldn’t kill him to be civil so he sits down next to keith
-but keith is hella snoozing and lance is too lazy to get back up and haul ass all the way back to his room (skincare be damned …just this once…)
-lance falls asleep next to keith and wakes up around 2am and notices keith is kinda shivering in his sleep
-immediately lance goes into Protective Big Brother Mode™ and puts his jacket around keith
-except oh no that’s not a brother feeling that’s a “you’re really fucking bi, lance” feeling oh no oh no

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How would MSB or KBTBB react to Mc being in a Coma and they don't know how long she would be in it or how about another man held her and when they try to hit him they hit her on accident could you please do one of these your a awesome writer

a/n: Thank you! I decided to do the first one when MC is in a coma :) And since I did something similar about MC dying for MSB, I’m going to do the KBTBB. LOL… how many ways can I kill/hurt her? xD I want to know it myself.

Baba: Baba would only work when it’s necessary. Otherwise, he spent most of his time waiting for you to wake up from your long slumber. “Hey, princess… did you have a good dream last night?” he would ask while holding your hand. He would kiss you on the forehead and whispered lovingly “Good night. Have a nice rest but please don’t make me wait too long.” He would open the door but turn to see you one more time in case you wake up, in case he would not be able to see you again tomorrow.

Eisuke: Eisuke would move you to the penthouse where he could see you everyday. He would bring his work inside your bedroom. Once in a while, his eyes fell on you. He would put his documents/laptop and sighed loudly. How can you look like you’re only sleeping instead of in a coma? After that, he would go back to his laptop and searched for the best doctor or care to cure you. “There must be something that I haven’t looked at.”

Ota: Ota would visit you occasionally and channeled his pain through his arts. Ironically, during your period of comatose was actually his most productive years. He paints, sculpts, creates amazing arts. They were all had a very dark theme but regarded as his golden era. All the raving reviews didn’t make him happy. He just drowned himself in his arts as a way of coping.

Soryu: Soryu would be devastated but no one seems to notice except the other bidders. He would go through the motions, living life like nothing had happened. Sometimes, at night, he turned to the right side of his huge bed and touched the bedsheet with pain in his face. His eyes turned glassy for a moment before he returned back into reading. “_____, the bed turned cold already and I miss you,” he thought as he let his mind drifted away from the book. He shook his head, trying to shake off the feeling of her warmth in his arms.

Mamoru: Mamoru suddenly changed 180 degrees. He did things that she said he should do. He shaved everyday, cleaned his room, took his work seriously, promising that he would work hard to her if she promised to do the same. He would spend his days off with her. At first, he talked to her about everything but as days turned to months, he stopped doing it. He would just appreciate seeing her. Sometimes, he sneaked under the blanket and felt her skin was warm like she was just sleeping. “I will wait for you no matter how long.”

More headcanons [x]

Private - Mark

(A/N: Ayyyy I’m writing something (well I have been writing slash fics on AFF *cough* chenchenxingmachine *cough* hahaha what I didn’t say anything)! Seriously though, I’m sorry its’s been so long! Random inspiration strikes me sometimes though so tah-dah! I give you this fic about the lil’ nugget in the gif above I’ve been obsessing over recently. I am GOT7 trash. Oh, I’m also gonna start putting gifs at the start of each long imagine/scenario, y’know, give you something nice to look at before reading something even nicer haha what … Okay let’s get on with this! Oh, also check out this post and follow my new blog tomoonjongupandbaek? Thanks)

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Oh my flipping GAWD . I'm soooooo excited for Sucide Squad I pre ordered the book, printed pictures of the Joker, and bought Harley and Joker keychains. I just. I'm so HAPPY. Love your blog by the way, got any more head canons?💋💋💋💋

Awesome! I’m glad you’re excited and thank you for liking my blog ^.^ 

Hmm, I might have some more headcanons somewhere lol :)

- Harley tends to be really hungry when she wakes up so she’ll often go make giant bowls of cereal and then wonders why she ends up with crumbs all over the bed

- They stay inside when it’s raining (which is pretty often in Gotham) because Joker doesn’t want to mess up his hair 

- When Harley paints her nails she frequently paints Joker’s as well if he’s not paying attention or is too tired to stop her 

- Joker doesn’t have the best memory so Harley is constantly having to remind him what he told her they were supposed to do that day

- Shopping trips are dreaded by Gotham’s mall because it takes them days to clean up all of the messes that Joker and Harley have left behind (including shattered storefront glass, clothes everywhere, and probably a few dead security guards)

A tribute to Stitches.

Yeah I am pretty obsessed with him so shush.

Here is the back story on why I loved him so much: 

I remember back in Wild World, he was one of my starting villagers. The first time I saw him, I was like “A BEAR” and he was instantly my friend, LOL. Okay it didnt happen like that, but his little bear-ness caught my attention. I didn’t talk to him much because I also had Marina and I liked her a lot more because SHE WAS AN OCTOPUS ON LAND. I remember I learned that you could get your villagers’ pictures and I tried getting Marina’s. I would TT every day so I could talk to Marina and send her a letter until she gave me her picture.

BUT THEN… Marina unexpectedly moved and I was crushed ): Stitches was there to comfort me and my god, I was so happy he was there. I felt like a jerk for ignoring him since forever so I talked to him and everything. I loved him so damn much and I would give him everything, LOL. I sent him mail with nice furniture and I always did him favors *sigh* the good ol’ days. Then I started doing the same thing I did to Marina. I TT’d everyday and sent him letters everyday to try to get his picture! And I remember one time in particular that I was talking to another villager and Stitches PINGED ME. I was so frantic because the villagers had to ping you to give you their photos! I was so pissed because by the time I was done talking to the other villager, Stitches didn’t wanna talk to me anymore ): I was crushed because I could have gotten his picture.

LONG STORY SHORT: I NEVER GOT HIS PICTURE. Because shortly after, i lost Wild World. I think my niece stole the game from me though because it is nowhere to be seen and she had just got a DS around that time too. Oh well.


When I first got New Leaf, I was super excited! I looked into it and saw that there were so many new villagers and new personalities! I was stoked. But then I remembered my good old friend, Stitches, was in this one too! I was REALLY excited. 

I didn’t really try to get him because he seemed really impossible to get due to the fact that he was really popular. I basically cried because I didn’t think I would get him, LOL. But then I was determined to get him! Once all 9 of my villager slots were filled, I reserved the 10th spot for Stitches. I ACTUALLY GOT HIM QUITE FAST, HAHA. I got him in a raffle kind of thing. I WAS SO HAPPY, OMG. 

Move in day

I was sooo excited <3

We’ve had tons of memories together:

Stitches will always be my little baby and will always be my favorite. I know I always say so and so is my new favorite BUT THAT IS SUCH A LIE. Stitches is my fav and will always be! Literally the day that he was leaving (because I was TTing, so the day in my real life) he gave me his picture! I was so happy. And when he left, he gave me another selfie. They are both in my house now <3

Dear Stitches, you are adorbs. You will be back in Avaha soon enough. Have fun, ok!? Don’t be to alarmed when you wake up to new villagers and a new Mayor! The Mayor in your new town is awesome, trust me (: I will miss you.

And even though you’re not in my town anymore, you’re just a little ways away…

I’ll still be able to visit you (’:

- Love, me