awesome video game

HAPPY(late) BIRTHDAY @blogthegreatrouge \(*3*)/ ✨ ✨

I kinda in the weird mood to draw your VG stuff?? x’33 so i hope this is acceptableee! Dem spring is just so cool..


…the source of the fire aren’t so cool X”DDDDDDDD

Robin playing as worm “Anti” at 14:20: I guess I should go for Jack but that’s also my dude so I’m not going to do that. (laughs)

Jack (also laughs): Guess I should kill my own team.

Robin: Yeah, technically to keep with the lore.

Jack: Oh yeah, I getcha.

Me: *Knows they’re having harmless fun/ poking jokes, and it is ALWAYS awesome to see them play games together. Not EVERYTHING they say is canon or needs to be taken too seriously. :) *

Also me: … *squints*