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So from what I understand, the normal role of a community manager is to maintain a social media presence, be a liaison between players and developers, and so on. But Magic R&D is already very active in the community. So what do you do? Is Maro stealing your job?



Hi West Coasters! 

Starting at the end of the month, I will be embarking on a 6 week road trip around the West Coast of the USA with my pet poodle to see some towns, sights, and to meet people. I will be spending the next 6 weeks living in the back of my Subaru Outback accompanied by my standard poodle Indie, and I’m hoping to utilize the awesomeness of so many tumblr folk to help me out a little.

I’m happy to take public restroom showers, however, it would be really nice to shower in a real bathroom every now and then. I’ll also be constantly having to find a place to park overnight and sleep where the police or neighbors won’t bug me to leave. Last but not least, I am enrolled in online classes that I’ll need to work on several days a week, so if I could hang around on my laptop, that’d also be cool. If anybody has a spot in front of their house where I can park for a night, or has a shower they might let me use, please message me! I’m friendly, my dog is friendly and doesn’t shed, and I’m full of travel stories I could share with you in return.

If you’re uncomfortable with a stranger being in your house (a nice stranger, but a stranger indeed), then maybe you’d be more comfortable showing me around where you live. I like all sorts of stuff: concerts (any kind of music!), art shows, museums, hikes, cafes, and bike rides to name a few. This trip really relies on the friendliness of strangers, and I’m very excited to get to know people across the states.

I am an Oregonian by birth and spirit, and while I have traveled to more countries than years I’ve been alive, I have yet to see more than 4 or 5 US states. This trip is aimed at changing that, at giving me a better image of the country where I live.

If you look like you live near the path I’ll be taking, please message me! I’ll tell you a little bit more about myself if you want, and I’m happy to stray from this general trip itinerary. Also, destination suggestions are totally welcome.
I look forward to meeting some of you! Reblogs would be super helpful to get my request to as many people as possible.

Also, for those who are interested in seeing how my trip goes (or if you want to stalk me before inviting me to your house) you can check out my travel blog at 

I look forwards to meeting some of you!

Happy Canon Day

Last year, 2014, on November 5th, I was an emotional wreck, as was everyone else who shipped NH and SS and saw their long loved ships becoming canon. But I think what’s more important were all the glorious things that came after that gave life to the new generation of Naruto. Seriously, Boruto, Himawari, Sarada, and all the other new gen kids have come a long way, and just a year ago, before Nov 5th, we did not have the faintest idea of these children who were going to be born into the graceful arms of these two ships and change our hearts forever. 

I will admit that ever since last year, I have grown as an artist, a singer/songwriter, a voice actress, and just as a general tumblr blogger. I have more friends here now than I did before and I am grateful for getting to know a whole lot of you, whether online or in person. I got to see The Last and Boruto the Movie with awesome tumblr folks in New York, cosplayed as Himawari for a day, and came close to seeing Kishimoto at comic con (although he took my art, which I’m grateful for). My perspective has changed and I realized the fandom is not all hunky dory fun here, but it’s worth sticking around, at least for me. All of these and more have fueled my experience in this fandom, and I think November 5th really became a day where we felt like we came out of a long war. But of course, some battles still remain, but I will only continue to spread love in this fandom because there isn’t a day when I don’t sigh deeply at the thought of my ships coming together. 

With that said, Happy 1st Anniversary for NH and SS becoming canon! ^___^ Let the Force to contain your feels  be with you!