awesome time at the con

Con Luck
  • May your costume be completed on time.
  • May your face stay clear and free of acne and other blemishes.
  • May you not forget to bring anything to the con.
  • May your costume/wig/prop you ordered come in on time.
  • May your costume not fall apart at any time during the con.
  • May you have enough cash to last the weekend.
  • May you get that item in the dealers room you’ve been searching for at a reasonable price.
  • May you get all the signatures that you want.
  • May you take hella great pictures!
  • May you make lots of new and wonderful friends!

May you have a Awesome and Wonderful time at Con!!!


My cosplay adventures as Kuzco and Eren Yeager at Midwest Media Expo in Detroit ^_^ I got to meet my internet hero Doug Walker aka the Nostalgia Critic and many amazing members of Channel Awesome!!!! Great people, awesome cosplays, stupendous time! I <3 cons

If anyone needs buttons made I super recommend sixcentpress amazing quality and service.

I got all my button designs made for the con this weekend and received one without pins in the back by mistake. I emailed about a refund and they call me a minute later offering me free pins by express post! Which means they will make it here in time for comic con! Awesome I’ll be back again for sure.

I swear one of the rules for even attending Destielcon is that you have to be an open minded and decent person. Because I’ve been to this con two years in a row now and literally everyone I met was so nice. And we have such a wide array of shippers that attend! Wincest, destiel, sastiel, sabriel, megstiel, wincestiel, etc. This has been the only con I have ever been to where there has not been any shit go down. Thank you so much destielcon for making such an open and friendly environment for Supernatural fans. I am so happy that this con was my introduction into the Supernatural fandom! Definitely 100% recommend it!


New York Comic Con was so awesome!! Last time I went was 5 years ago, and I chose the best time to go; the voices of Goku and Vegeta were there for two of the days I was there so I got to meet them TWICE and got their autographs and spoke to them for a bit! They are such awesome guys ☺️ Then I got a BUNCH of cool shit, goodbye money, I won’t miss you because it was all worth it! Now I just need to save up for the DBZ action figures @A@❤️

“Three-Eyed Raven”. Photoshop. 8″x 10″

Created this piece after I started binge watching Game of Thrones. I told myself that I would probably never get into the show, but here I am, finally watching it. And thus far, Bran’s development and storyline has interested me. So here’s a bust I finished in time to sell at Awesome-con.

I’ve got some left over prints from the convention, so message me if you’re interested in getting one!

- CA


I went to see Mad Max again last night with daniellesylvan except this time in 3D and in the D-BOX (which is a chair that tilts and rumbles like those amusement park rides just a bit less extreme)! It was totally worth it and gave me better inspiration for a print than the first time :D

Catch it THIS WEEKEND at Awesome Con and then A-kon / AX / etc. this year :D

And for those of you wondering, Merrin was just as sweet as Victoria!

She held my hand while she talked to me and just about died omg.

At one point, she made a joke about how filming with Colin was hard because he was always joking around, so we brought up the “all about that bass” story. Merrin said he was singing it all day, and that she would like hide from him but he would still find her and pop up out of nowhere and sing the song! She then said just when she thought he was done, Colin got the whole crew to sing it to Merrin while they were filming!

Perfect cast is perfect.

EDIT: oh, and when Merrin was telling the story, she was pronouncing it like bASS (like the fish) which of course leads me to believe that Colin was indeed singing it as a pun :)