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Fic Rec Thursday

I made this post before about making weekly rec posts and it got a positive response so here we are! ❤️

–> Never Look Less Than Your Best by try_reset

Hux in make-up, super cute, the bickering between Hux and Kylo is spot on and curious!Kylo is adorable

–> Transmission by theascetic

fluffy gore, secretly touching each other in caring ways, ADORABLE

–> A Thing for Fools, This by @obsessions-and-dreams

protective Kylo and protective Hux,THEYRE SO WORRIED ABOUT ONE ANOTHER ITS GREAT

–> I’ll even call you ‘General’ by alchemist17

♡ alpha Hux & omega Kylo, a super good twist on the usual ‘the omega goes into heat and the alpha unexpectedly finds him’

–> In a Name by @countofeight

♡ Kylo refusing to call Leia ‘General’, HEAPS of awesome defensive Kylo, a really amazing concept

–> I Can Help You (On One Conidtion) by @the-cookie-of-doom

touch-starved Hux, manipulative Kylo, someone just hug Hux oh my god, very heartbreaking, this is such a good fic, very underrated

–> Sweet Saltwater by @mixxtapej

alien!Hux, alien biology, oh fuck, this is so hot and well-written, there’s a severe lack of alien!Hux work but the quality of this one helps to make up for it

–> Just For You by @jakathine

♡ BDSM,  delicious dom!Hux with some cute aftercare

–> Flashburn by @permian-tropos

implied non-con, some super adorable hurt/comfort, very captivating, characterisation is spot-on

–> Child of the Moon Flowers by @ginger-and-knight (WIP)

modern witch AU, I’m in love with this fic, Hux’s character is super intriguing and the writing is just beautiful, if you haven’t read this yet then you absolutely should!

–> Disarray by @darksidelion

injured!Hux and concerned!Kylo, I have a weakness for injured!Hux and concerned!Kylo and this piece absolutely satisfies that

–> Destiny by @silversolitaire (WIP)

undecover Kylo at Hux’s academy, a really bright concept, young(ish) Kylo at the Academy is super fun but the sharpness of the writing means that the depth isn’t lost and Hux’s characterisation is spot on, this is a must read!

–> Spoiled Past Saving by narrativeimperative

♡ glorious PWP,  hooray for virgin!Kylo, very steamy scenes, very goooood

–> The Good, The Bad and The Dirty by @shinigamianateria

an exemplary slow-burn fic, super awesome, definitely worth the pay-off at the end

–> (don’t) treat me gently by @snaxo

stunning PWP, amazing BDSM, some fabulous submissive Kylo

–> Coming Home by @moonwalkingcrab

Kylo comes home from a mission and Hux is a tired mess, very cute, very fluffy, also very important forehead touches

–> On An Impulse by ShinigamiKnox

Hux dry humps his pillow thinking of Kylo and it’s the hottest thing. That’s all you need to know. READ IT.

–> What Did You Just Call Me by @otp-kylux

a humorous little piece that puts a fun spin on kinkshaming and really captures the banter between Kylo & Hux

–> Overflow by @h-uxed

reeeeeally high quality smut ft. bath sex

–> If It’s Dark by @stelladora (WIP)

Dream-sharing, super interesting set ups and twists, heaps of vulnerable!Kylo, super cute

–> The Monsters We Keep by @saltandlimes

dark!Ben, the writing is really incredible, the tension and the passion in this one is really amazing, definitely read this!

–> Found You Again by Captain_Kiri_Storm

implied non-con, mpreg, slave!Hux, redeemed!Kylo, lots of angst and it really makes you just want to hug Hux

–> The Guilty Bystander by @theeascetic (WIP)

fluffy gore, the dynamic of Hux and Kylo is really special in this and Snoke is properly creepy, its really really good, I’m in love with this one a lot

–> Ghost by NoirSongbird

a very sweet ‘Hux comforts Kylo’ fic, THE LAST LINE 😭

–> Hands that Held the Sun by @permian-tropos (WIP)

slow-burn, Kylo realising his feelings, amazing character development and the plot is eerily mysterious and suspenseful, definitely 



Chicago, when was the last time you went to a show that you could describe as “ridiculously awesome?” The answer: THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 2016.

Twin Peaks (@twinpeaksdudes​) and their good friend, Bae Cutler (@baecutler), are planning one hell of a celebration for you, with new music, and a room setup that only they could think of. We’d say more, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise(s). 

Click here to RSVP.

Entry will be limited to capacity so get there early and stay in line.

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Legends Never Die | Bill Cipher

(Info under the cut vuv)

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I love you more than my own skin and even though you don’t love me the same way, you love me anyways, don’t you? And if you don’t, I’ll always have the hope that you do, and i’m satisfied with that. Love me a little. I adore you.
—  Frida Kahlo

today i got up at 8, cleaned my room, exercised, went out for a v pleasant breakfast by myself, went for a walk, washed my hair, booked flights to sydney w my mum, and got my paints out for the first time in ages to make gifts for friends. it was just super nice. 


Awesome Thursday #10


Had an awesome Thursday Think mentoring lunch with philrynda, one of the VPs in our Animation Development dept. today!  

We heard all about how he went from being an artist and character designer at many different studios to a development exec for us. The event was live tweeted so check out our Twitter page for more insight into his story!