awesome thursday

Talked to boy today and he referred to our night out on Thursday as “awesome”, offered me his own clothes if we ever go to another game so I’ll have actual Rangers gear, and remembered stupid, little plans I made for the weekend and asked about them.

thursday-night-madness  asked:

OH MY GOD! YOU WON'T BELIEVE FOR HOW LONG I'VE SEARCHED FOR YOU. I FOLLOWED YOU LIKE TWO YEARS AGO AND THEN TUMBLR UNFOLLOWED EVERYONE I FOLLOWED AND I COULD NOT FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE FIND YOU. God, I have missed seeing your content. I hope that life have been great for you and your art is as lovely as ever. Sorry for my weird ask I just needed you to know that I have really missed being on your blog and you're an awesome human being. Thursday out-

Aw how sweet!! Thank you so much, im glad youre back!

sunshine and good vibes

good morning, tumblr! my apologies for my last post, i wast just really dizzy from the treadmill and i felt like i was in a vacuum for the longest time once i stepped off of the contraption that i will now use forever

so yeah, wake up, everybody! it’s an amazing day as you can see, the sun is out and im happy about it! i already took a shower since i smell so bad and also i think me and my brother are off to do the laundry again

and also, i already asked our driver to deposit money to the bank for the slime i ordered off of instagram! so i’ll probably take photos of it and show you guys just how petty and shallow i am

anyways, again, good morning, everbody! and have an awesome thursday!

I love you more than my own skin and even though you don’t love me the same way, you love me anyways, don’t you? And if you don’t, I’ll always have the hope that you do, and i’m satisfied with that. Love me a little. I adore you.
—  Frida Kahlo
Thursday — Experience has a tumblr?!

Whew, this one was a long time coming.

Ok, so we talked A LOT. As always. I love Thursdays now.
First, I was totally ready to talk to him in the morning, only when I saw him he seemed to be very involved in inspecting the trees (more on this later; see: Friday) and he was walking away from me so I decided to leave him to it.
Later, I went to his revision session after school and sat on a table with three friends. I gave him the sheet he’d given us in Tuesday’s lesson with my answers/questions on it for him to mark/help me understand, so he took it to his desk whilst me and my friends worked on other things. After a few moments of him studying the sheet I hear a little giggle and someone from the other table asks what he’s laughing at and he’s like “Sorry, it’s just… “no thank you””, and I die a little inside because he giggled at one of the notes I made on the sheet; the question I wrote “no thank you” under was like, a statement, but it had a question mark at the end, so it was: “Complete the equation triangle for this?” — basically it was a lame joke but he found it funny and I appreciate that.
So once he’s looked over it he takes the sheet over to my table and sits down like diagonally across from me and starts to go through the questions with me. The thing is, I am completely out of it so he asks me really simple questions and I swear I fuck up like every single one and, like, I’m an A* student, he knows I know this stuff and I do too, but I simply can’t form the words in my brain and at a few points all I can do is hand gestures lol.
Also holy shit I’ve noticed one of his legs starts bouncing up and down when he’s sitting and explaining something and it’s the cutest thing.
There’s one question on there which he suggests a demonstration/experiment for, so he gets me a balloon, blows it up (😏 I try not to stare), and gives it to me so I can generate static electricity with my hair. Only, me and my friends get just a BIT distracted and one ends up drawing one of the other Science teachers (he’s a school meme) on the balloon which we all find pretty funny.
Anyway, I try to do the experiment but fuck it up a bit and I can IMAGINE him rolling his eyes saying “Oh god you got water on it didn’t you…” so I die a little of embarrassment and dry off the balloon and try again, and I do it right, but it doesn’t work, and he’s like “I swear it does work! …It works on your hair”, because from where I’ve rubbed the balloon against my hair it’s all sticking up and I’d forgotten to flatten it down lol. It must’ve looked pretty funny with my hair because my hair sticks up anyway so it must’ve been like… double floof.
There was also an awfully awkward moment when one of the girls on the other table was visibly trying to flirt with him, and actually asks if he has any social medias, to which he replies how he has a Facebook which he rarely uses (and me and my friends had to act like we didn’t know that) but no other social media accounts because he says he just doesn’t have the time. I protest it’s fun, and he could, like, join the amino app, or take selfies (which my friend wrongfully interprets as me specifically wanting to see Experience selfies, which I don’t realise at the time, and I’m so awkward) and then after a bit of probing, he admits he has a tumblr?! and we’re like whaaaat and he says he doesn’t post anything, just follows random science blogs. Me and my friend exchange a glance like, hah, yeah, “science blogs”, and then my other friend starts saying how that’s like the most pretentious thing, claiming you don’t have time for social media but ONLY having a tumblr, and how she’s surprised she’s for once not the most pretentious in the room. I’m like, well, no, that’s not true, but at least you’re AWARE of it, whereas Experience seems like he’s not. I explain what we’re talking about to him and end up seeming like I’m judging him too harshly but I’m not, I’m just teasing — idk if he believed me though lol.
After the other table had all left and one of my friends had too, leaving three of us and Experience, we had packed up but none of us were making any move to leave; just chatting inanely, so Experience comes over and he sort of questions whether we’re doing revision anymore and I’m like “We can be! What should we revise?” and one friend says she likes space so I suggest the life cycle of a star, and Experience decides to go through it with us, only we trip at the first hurdle because we none of us can remember what the first stage is, so Experience prompts us and waits for us, like, it’s a cloud of gas, guys… but we still don’t get the name so he’s like, “It’s the blue person in Guardians of the Galaxy… well, the main blue woman because there are a lot of blue people.” and it’s not unexpected that one friend doesn’t get that reference but me and the other friend are That Sort Of Nerd but we still can’t get it?! and I’m like, “It’s like we’ve failed as nerds…” and he agrees lol. Eventually either we get it or he gets bored and tells us, and then we continue without much more trouble.
After we’ve finished talking about that we get up to go (and Experience fails at putting one of the chairs on the tables and hurts himself, and we all laugh at him and I’m like “I love how we all laugh instead of checking you’re okay– are you okay?”) but someone’s like, what are we gonna do with this?? *gestures to table littered with the popped balloon (the drawing now in small scale but infinitely more pleasing to the eye) and a small picture of the aforementioned teacher* (as I say, school meme). And I’m like eh, we don’t need it, but Experience says it’ll just get thrown in the bin if we don’t take it, and then points out a bit of blue tack already on the ceiling and suggests we put the photo up there. For some reason, I decide it’s a good idea to take a chair down off the table and try and reach the ceiling myself, even though Experience is 6 foot 9 (sorry– 6 foot 8 + a half, but, giantism) and could easily reach it himself without using a chair. I’m 5'11 myself so even though the ceiling’s high I do manage to reach it on my tip-toes, and think I’ve managed to stick it on so claim a triumphant “yes!!” but when I step back down the photo falls on me. Experience gets some fresh blue tack and chucks it to me, but 1. I am awful at catching 2. my hair is in my face, so I completely miss it and use my hair as an excuse, which he gladly accepts. I pick it up and stand on the chair again, tip-toes, reliant on fingertips and all, and this time manage to stick it, and drop my arms down with a flourish. I realise then the nonsense of leaving it all to myself and am a bit bashful about it, but still pretty smug.
After that, one of my friends opens this cupboard at the back of the classroom out of curiosity, and I’ve never seen inside it before either, and when I ask Experience says it opens to something like, a generator that looks like a time machine with loads of lights or something similar, and me being me I’m like “Really?!”, all excited, and look and then find it’s just a white thing and bunch of wires. I say “I wish I hadn’t looked; reality is disappointing; it could have been anything” and my friend’s like “Whoa… that’s like a metaphor…”
Experience starts saying how that’s true to life in general, and says something about how university isn’t real anyway and we’re like …what, sir??? and he says “Well, it’s not like the real world” and I roll my eyes and mock him saying “the real world”, but then my friend joins in with the pessimistic joke (only I think she’s being serious; he’s not, not completely) and they get really nihilistic as we’re leaving but I throw my arms up like “Reality will never crush my dreams!!” and Experience asks if that’s from “that musical again” (Hamilton) and I’m like lol no sir, “it’s just me being theatrical”, and he says “Good!” and starts talking about how but it’s his job to crush my dreams but by this time I’m out the classroom and so I yell back “That’s not what a teacher’s for!!!” and I think he laughs and/or scoffs, who knows, but I’m leaving anyway so we don’t say anymore that day.

Fic Rec Thursday

I made this post before about making weekly rec posts and it got a positive response so here we are! ❤️

–> Never Look Less Than Your Best by try_reset

Hux in make-up, super cute, the bickering between Hux and Kylo is spot on and curious!Kylo is adorable

–> Transmission by theascetic

fluffy gore, secretly touching each other in caring ways, ADORABLE

–> A Thing for Fools, This by @obsessions-and-dreams

protective Kylo and protective Hux,THEYRE SO WORRIED ABOUT ONE ANOTHER ITS GREAT

–> I’ll even call you ‘General’ by alchemist17

♡ alpha Hux & omega Kylo, a super good twist on the usual ‘the omega goes into heat and the alpha unexpectedly finds him’

–> In a Name by @countofeight

♡ Kylo refusing to call Leia ‘General’, HEAPS of awesome defensive Kylo, a really amazing concept

–> I Can Help You (On One Conidtion) by @the-cookie-of-doom

touch-starved Hux, manipulative Kylo, someone just hug Hux oh my god, very heartbreaking, this is such a good fic, very underrated

–> Sweet Saltwater by @mixxtapej

alien!Hux, alien biology, oh fuck, this is so hot and well-written, there’s a severe lack of alien!Hux work but the quality of this one helps to make up for it

–> Just For You by @jakathine

♡ BDSM,  delicious dom!Hux with some cute aftercare

–> Flashburn by @permian-tropos

implied non-con, some super adorable hurt/comfort, very captivating, characterisation is spot-on

–> Child of the Moon Flowers by @ginger-and-knight (WIP)

modern witch AU, I’m in love with this fic, Hux’s character is super intriguing and the writing is just beautiful, if you haven’t read this yet then you absolutely should!

–> Disarray by @darksidelion

injured!Hux and concerned!Kylo, I have a weakness for injured!Hux and concerned!Kylo and this piece absolutely satisfies that

–> Destiny by @silversolitaire (WIP)

undecover Kylo at Hux’s academy, a really bright concept, young(ish) Kylo at the Academy is super fun but the sharpness of the writing means that the depth isn’t lost and Hux’s characterisation is spot on, this is a must read!

–> Spoiled Past Saving by narrativeimperative

♡ glorious PWP,  hooray for virgin!Kylo, very steamy scenes, very goooood

–> The Good, The Bad and The Dirty by @shinigamianateria

an exemplary slow-burn fic, super awesome, definitely worth the pay-off at the end

–> (don’t) treat me gently by @snaxo

stunning PWP, amazing BDSM, some fabulous submissive Kylo

–> Coming Home by @moonwalkingcrab

Kylo comes home from a mission and Hux is a tired mess, very cute, very fluffy, also very important forehead touches

–> On An Impulse by ShinigamiKnox

Hux dry humps his pillow thinking of Kylo and it’s the hottest thing. That’s all you need to know. READ IT.

–> What Did You Just Call Me by @otp-kylux

a humorous little piece that puts a fun spin on kinkshaming and really captures the banter between Kylo & Hux

–> Overflow by @h-uxed

reeeeeally high quality smut ft. bath sex

–> If It’s Dark by @stelladora (WIP)

Dream-sharing, super interesting set ups and twists, heaps of vulnerable!Kylo, super cute

–> The Monsters We Keep by @saltandlimes

dark!Ben, the writing is really incredible, the tension and the passion in this one is really amazing, definitely read this!

–> Found You Again by Captain_Kiri_Storm

implied non-con, mpreg, slave!Hux, redeemed!Kylo, lots of angst and it really makes you just want to hug Hux

–> The Guilty Bystander by @theeascetic (WIP)

fluffy gore, the dynamic of Hux and Kylo is really special in this and Snoke is properly creepy, its really really good, I’m in love with this one a lot

–> Ghost by NoirSongbird

a very sweet ‘Hux comforts Kylo’ fic, THE LAST LINE 😭

–> Hands that Held the Sun by @permian-tropos (WIP)

slow-burn, Kylo realising his feelings, amazing character development and the plot is eerily mysterious and suspenseful, definitely