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So I don't know if Lyrebirds or Hawks or whatever Gavin is are migratory, but I can just imagine a young Gavin in Oxfordshire yearning to go South and eventually, after moving down to Texas and living there for a while, suddenly gets that itch in his feathers to go somewhere else. The need to migrate could be both good and bad for the company, because it means Gavin's always willing to go anywhere, but if he's in one place too long his need for move gets him even more chaotic than usual.

I never really made a legit post of this but I kind of see Gavin as being a Lark of some sort 

like he’s that spunky little songbird with his hair tufted in all directions >w< plus I believe there are some native to southern Europe which kind of lends to Gav’s Italian heritage *shrug* just to add a bit of depth to it lol

BUT ANYWAYS YES. About Migrating and just bird hybrids in general!

(read more because i’m getting into tangent zone over here)

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