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NCT Dream react to their GF getting them a big teddy

Request: NCT reacts to short (shorter than 152 cm/5 ft.) g/f giving them an 8-foot tall teddy bear that, when its nose is pressed, gives various clips of them laughing. Thank you! (I sent one in specifically for Chenle because hE’S MISSING IN YOUR POSTS, AND I NEED THAT BAB’S DOLPHIN LAUGH IN MY LIFE.)

This is possibly the best request I have ever seen it was so happy and it made me happy. Also, I agree about Chenle and because of that I made this an NCT Dream post just to make things different :) Hope you like this - Em x

Mark: “How did you find a teddy so big. Like bigger than even Johnny and by like 2ft.” He would laugh at how big and awesome the teddy was. “This is so cool!” He would give you a hug. “That’s the last hug you will ever get because I have this teddy now! Just kidding, I prefer to cuddle smaller people.”

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Renjun: You would wait till his practice had just finished and as he was about to go home you would surprise him. You jumped out from behind the door holding a massive stuffed panda bear. Renjun would immediately break out into a massive grin almost crying he was so happy. “This is so kind and cute. Ahhh how did I get such a cute girlfriend?” He would pull you and the teddy into a massive hug.

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Jeno: As he was walking home from school you would surprise him with the massive bear. “I thought you had extra study?” Jeno asked. You had planned your surprise by saying you couldn’t walk home together as you did every day. “Well it turns out I didn’t, I did have to meet a friend to collect this bear for you, though.” You replied holding it out to him. Jeno reached over to get it giving you a very quick peck on the cheek as he did.

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Haechan: You would knock at the dorm door and Haechan would open it a bit surprised because it must have taken someone so small a lot of effort to move something so big. “How did you even get this teddy to here y/n? It’s almost twice the size of you, it’s bigger than me. I love it though it’s so cute just like you.”

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Jaemin: You would be at the fair together and when Jaemin said he needed to go to the loo or something where you couldn’t go with him, you would run to the closet stall where you could win one of the giant stuffed snowmen. (It was a winter fair) You had been practising so you could win it quickly and sure enough, you did. When Jaemin came back you would give it to him and he would smile so bright like the sunshine he is. “I was sad because I couldn;t participate in the comeback but you make everything better y/n.”

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Chenle: It was Chenle’s birthday and you had been planning his present for a long time. It was perhaps the cutest present ever to be given. You snuck it into his room and hid behind it because it was so big and you were short at best. Chenle walked into the room to see an eight ft dolphin resting between his bed and the wall. It had a note by it saying press me.

He pressed the nose that seemed to stand out and a message played in Chinese from you. (If you don’t know chinses assume you did it specially). After the cute message had played every time he pressed the nose his cute dolphin laugh would play. He heard you laughing at how cute he was and pulled you out from under the dolphin.

“Y/n this is honestly the best present I have ever got it is so cute and I love it. Thank you so much you’re the best girlfriend ever and cuter than even my dolphin because you are small, unlike it.”

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Jisung: You popped out from behind the sofa when Jisung got back from practice. You had been waiting for ages since Jeno let you in. You threw a massive teddy at him which almost knocked him over. “Suprise!” You yelled. Jisung ran over to the teddy and over to you. “How did you even get this upstairs? Ahhh who cares its such a cool present. Now I won’t be lonely even when my best friend/ girlfriend isn’t around. This is the best. Just like you.”

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Thoughts on Teddy being at Hogwarts for the first year, and the other kids taking him under their wing and making sure that he has the absolute best time possible and that there's always someone he can talk to, there's always someone there to make sure he's okay, and that he knows that nearly the whole school is behind him?

Harry Potter is elusive. He is unseen by the media (if Hermione Granger has anything to do with it), he is practically a ghost within the Ministry of Magic outside of the Auror department, he is undoubtedly part of the Weasley brood, but no one can quite get close enough to see exactly how.

Somehow, this drives the frenzy harder - everyone wants a piece of Harry Potter, Savior of the Wizarding World and Hot Dad™, and no one can quite get it. 

But then - who would show up on the Hogwarts Express, among students whose parents speak occasionally of the mystery surrounding Harry James Potter, but his godson? Of course everyone wants to talk to Teddy, wants him in their House, wants to make sure he feels welcome. He is attached to the golden mystery that is his godfather, after all. 

This dies down pretty quickly, as these things are wont to do - but not before the entirety of the Hufflepuff House has seen how awesome Teddy Lupin The Metamorphagus Sass Master and Best Intermural Keeper In The School is, Harry Potter’s godson or no. 

Harry may have gotten him the place in their ranks, but it was alllll Teddy who kept it. 

Thank you for this question! Anything about my child being happy is sort of my jam, I hope you don’t mind that I took this in a weird direction <3

Teddy Long announced as an inductee for the WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2017
[February 13th, 2017]

This is awesome news. Teddy Long, the former SmackDown General Manager and a longtime manager and referee, will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Teddy began his career in 1985, working for Jim Crockett Promotions until moving on to NWA WCW, where he began working as a DJ before transitioning to becoming a manager. Long would serve as the manager for Norman The Lunatic before moving on to managing the team of Butch Reed and Ron Simmons, known together as Doom, who won the WCW World Tag Team Championships with Long in their corner. Over the next 12 years, Long would manage Johnny B. Badd, One Man Gang, The Skyscrapers (Dan Spivey and Sid Vicious), Marcus Bagwell, 2 Cold Scorpio, Bobby Eaton, and many more. 

In 1998, Long would begin working for the WWF as a referee, which he did for four years before returning to his role as a manager. Long wuld manage D'Lo Brown, Rodney Mack, Christopher Nowinski, Mark Henry, Jazz, and others before being drafted to SmackDown where he managed Mark Jindrak. Once Kurt Angle was fired as the General Manager of SmackDown, Long was hired for the job. Teddy continued working for the WWE until 2014, always on character as a beloved icon to sports entertainment fans worldwide.

Congratulations, Teddy Long. One more for the good guys!

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What are your Harry/Teddy headcanons? :)

After the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry went to tell Andromeda personally about Lupin and Tonks. It was maybe the first time he broke down after everything happened, and it was also the first time he met Teddy. He explained to her that Lupin had made him godfather, that he’d like to be as involved in Teddy’s life as possible.

He went to Andromeda’s often in Teddy’s early years. He split his time fairly evenly between the Weasleys’ and the Tonks’ house in the immediate aftermath of the war. She didn’t have much family left. She listened to him and he listened to her. They spent lots of nights talking…it was rather therapeutic for both of them. Andromeda would tell Harry stories about Sirius and James and Lupin as boys, when she’d see them at Hogwarts or when they came to visit. One night, she thanked Harry for straightening Remus out and sending him back home to pregnant Tonks.

Andromeda and baby Teddy were kind of assimilated into the Weasley’s house for that first set of Holidays. Eventually, she and Mrs. Weasley became good friends.

Harry, of course, got Teddy a toy racing broom for his first birthday.

Although he saw him often, it was a long time before Harry was comfortable being alone with Teddy because, you know, he was still a baby. That changed when he took Teddy to the World Cup for his second birthday. They went together every year after that, eventually with the full Potter/Weasley clans in tow.

Harry never missed a birthday or holiday. When Teddy turned five, he came dangerously close. His team of aurors were tracking down a well known death eater out of country. Still, he apparated “home” to be there.

Teddy was ring bearer for he and Ginny’s wedding.

Harry always, always talked about Lupin and Tonks to Teddy. It was the one thing Harry and Mrs. Tonks really disagreed on in how to raise Teddy. Not because she had a real objection to it, but because it hurt her to talk about them. Harry lost it a bit and said that he deserves to know what they look like, what their names are, how they behaved. When he calmed down, he explained about the Dursleys’ was like, how he didn’t know any of those things. Harry insisted that Teddy deserved to always know who his parents were—not to burden him with the knowledge, like Neville had been, but so that knew, always, that it was okay to talk about it.

Harry came over to Andromeda’s every Saturday for supper and would spend all day there. He taught Teddy how to play Quidditch, took him to the sea. He taught him his first spells when he was five.

Harry was the one to take Teddy to their graves. The year James Sirius was born was a hard one for Teddy. For one, Harry’s attention was for the first time divided between him and another child. For another, it really, truly hit him, seeing he and Ginny action, what he was missing by having dead parents. He was so damn angry about it and started acting out. He got into a huge row with Harry and told him he couldn’t understand, not at all, and to stop pretending liked he could. Harry took Teddy to his parents’ graves and said, yes, buddy, I really do. Tears and hugs and long conversations ok? It changed the dynamic of their relationship.

He kept his mirror sliver but gave the whole one to Teddy.

Harry exposed Teddy to all kinds of muggle culture-fairs, cinema, fairy stories, music, the zoo, etc.

Teddy would come to Harry and Ginny’s all the time for supper. He became their preferred babysitter when they went out to dinner, although they never really knew what state the house/kids would be in when they got home.

Harry got Teddy his first owl when it was time for him to gather his Hogwarts supplies. He wrote him all the time.

I always thought that Hagrid gave the motorbike to Harry, eventually, but Ginny would ride it before Harry did. They gave Teddy the motorbike, ok? Just go with it.

Harry absolutely gave Teddy dating advice which was, you know, a damn adorable moment.

Teddy didn’t make the Quidditch team the first year he tried out. He was fairly upset by it. Ginny and Harry took turns training with him over the summer, and he made the team fifth year. He was a fantastic keeper. Harry came to watch his matches.

Teddy got two boxes of sweets every month-one from Mrs. Weasley and one from his grandmum. He also got a “T” sweater every year. (bonus Weasley headcanon: Eventually Mrs. Weasley broke it to her children that she wasn’t at all able to keep knitting them sweaters because there were so many grandchildren. The only one upset was Harry.)

He spent his summers divided evenly between the Potters’, Weasleys’, and his grandmum’s houses.

When Teddy realized that his grandmum was dying, he nearly fell apart. It was a long illness and it was really Ginny and Harry that got him through all of that. They were at the house constantly because Andromeda didn’t want to leave her house and Teddy wouldn’t leave her.


I’ve never really thought about them before, so I made these up on the fly but they are from this point forward my headcanons

I know we talk a lot about punk Teddy, but what about Victoire ? What about Victoire Weasley who was raised by Bill ’long ponytail, earring with a fang dangling from it, clothes that would not be out of place at a rock concert, and dragon hide  boots’ Weasley and Fleur ‘as much of a fairy princess as i am’ Delacour?

Like I’m not saying adorably awesome punk couple Teddy and Victorie, but I’m totally saying adorably awesome punk couple Teddy and Victorie.

Hey Ahkmenrah!!! I hope you dont mind, but I drew you a lil picture! It’s of you and Scribbles! I hope you like it!!! Have a good day, you adorable munchkin!

- Stephanie <3 

Ahk: I’m gonna hang it up by my cubby!!!


Okay, first things first, this isn’t my art.

I just was having my friend over, and I was bored. I started to draw her, and eventually I finished. I had extra space, and I don’t really like keeping it mostly blank so I drew this monster rabbit thing. We started joking about it, and eventually it became her demon pet that only listens to her. We named it mabbit.( sorry, I can’t post it, I gave the picture to her before I took a picture) she got thinking, and started drawing. When she finished, she gave me this. This is me, and my pet monster bear. Isn’t he cute? We named him teddy.