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i kinda wanna read a fic (tony-centric because i love tony so much) where tony and hope are like friends with each other and everyone thinks theyre the modern day romeo and juliet (howard and hank are both horrified, maria peggy and jan are just happy tony and hope arent continuing the legacy fuck i only watched antman once i cant remember why they dont like each i havent thought that deeply about this okay)

but they’re not theyre just super best friends with tony acting kind of like a big brother to hope at times, and then rhodey comes along and he joins their crew and sharon is younger than all of them but she still gets to hang with them because tony loves his younger cousin

and then one day at some formal party tony and hope run into t’challa and becomes friends with him and t’challa is happy to find people his age to chill with in this unknown country so then HE joins the group as well, and whenever he is in the united states and has time to seperate from the other wakandans he hangs out with Team Awesome (name pending still lol)

and then one day bucky shows up (of course), probably creeping on the stark family due to a mission and someway or another, the programming starts to break and he starts hovering around tony because he saw howard be horrible to tony during his winter soldier moments and so bucky is all ༼ง=ಠ益ಠ=༽ง and tony is all snarky like “dude you dont need to kill anymore why is your first thing with free will to start trying to kill people” but hes secretly touched inside idk i havent really thought of details here okay i just wanted bucky to join this 10/10 group i feel like peggy should show up too and she helps bucky with his memory stuff too

the car crash still happens btw, because hydra and obadiah would still be after the starks so maria and howard theyre still dead

and then they all help each other out, like sharon comes along with natasha during iron man 2 and tony is like ??? whats happening and sharon is like did you know howard had half discovered a new element and that element might save you while natasha is like agent 13 wtf (and t’challa is like youre a black widow ive got my eyes on you) fury is all god damn it carter

also hope totally got use of the wasp outfit before antman okay her and hank had a Talk with Proper Communication and everything so when the avengers happens Wasp is considered an Avenger along with the rest of them (sharon and bucky are fighting too)

tldr: tony, hope, rhodey, sharon, t’challa and bucky should all be friends together


DIVISION WARS (A SHIELD Academy AU) | Team Brawn Edition

Does anyone know how hard it is being the best?  Of course they don’t.  Only the best know what that’s like, and that’s because they worked their damn asses off to get there. Sure, the team of Bobbi Morse, Grant Ward, Antoine Triplett and Kara Palamas can be a little cutthroat at times, but come on.  They’re super spies in training.  You don’t get to level 8 by majoring in hand-holding!

So cue Division Wars, the one time of the year where they finally get to let loose.  And cue the sudden but inevitable rise of Team Underdog (Skye, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Alphonso Mackenzie,) aiming to completely ruin the Division Wars and everything it stands for.  And listen.  Alpha Team Awesome (working name) may not be the nicest people, but they’re not monsters.  They might be giving the underdogs a hard time, but they totally started it!  And besides, a little friendly competition’s never killed anyone.  Probably.

This is totally in the bag, so long as they stick to the plan: lie, run like hell, and always carry spare change.  Don’t ask why that’s the plan.  It’s always worked so far.  Is sabotaging other teams right?  No!  Is killing people as part of a black-ops government strike force right, either? Of course not! They’re not being trained to be nice.  So if the other team could stop inspiring feelings of sympathy and affection and fondness within the cold, dark hearts of Alpha Team Awesome, that would be great.  Because for real, they’ve got a competition to win.

(Crown on the Ground plays in the distance)

Randomly throwing potato chips into the multiverse

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Long ago, the three Pokemon teams lived together in harmony.

Then, everything changed when Team Valor attacked.

Only Blanche, leader of Team Mystic, could stop them. But when the world needed her most, she vanished.

A couple days passed, and my teammates and I discovered a new awesome team leader, an Instinct named Spark.

And although his breeding skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he’s ready to save anybody.

But I believe, Spark can save the world