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Splitting the Party

Context: Our group is doing the Rise of the Runelords Pathfinder campaign and we’re currently in the middle of a dungeon. Our group consists of a Teifling Paladin, a Human Sorcerer, a Half-orc Oracle, a Dampir Cleric and a Human Zen-Archer Monk (me). We come to a crossroads in the dungeon and decide to send 2 people down one hall and 3 down the other. The Oracle is currently equipment-less and has amnesia, and the Cleric is notorious for rolling really badly… all the time.
I’m currently sitting at the table doing homework due the next morning and only half paying attention to what’s going on.

Paladin: “Okay, so Hummingbird (sorcerer) and I are going right down this hall, Dorian (cleric) and Ka'runk (Oracle) are going left down that hall. Zanzi (me), which way do you wanna go?”
Me (not paying attention): “Uhh… right I guess”
Paladin: “Great, awesome, so the 2 tanks and the sorcerer are all together and we’re leaving Dorian with… Ka'runk… ”

The GM doesn’t give me a chance to change my mind, I’m laughing my ass off, and the Cleric keeps rolling single digits to convince Ka'runk that they’re on the same side. Ka'runk proceeds to beat him down to 2 HP before my group meets back up with them.


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Corals are Awesome !

It is difficult to imagine corals as animals. They are colorful and immobile. They grows like fungus and sometimes looks like a strange alien plant.

The corals are cnidarians just like jellyfishes. Yes, they are closely related with the jellies !

We know that a jellyfish can sting. Like them some corals can also have mild stings. These species of corals can catch small fishes and sea invertebrates to eat by using their tiny poison spears.

Actually, a coral is a colony of thousands of small polyps. These polyps are joined with each other by exoskeletons.

There are many types of corals. All of these can be grouped into two main categories - hard and soft coral. The hard corals have a hard, rock like exoskeleton made of calcium carbonate. They are less colorful than their soft cousins. Brain coral is a type of hard coral.

The soft coral has a soft exoskeleton. They can move and is quiet flexible.

Feel free to give your opinions or ask anything regarding corals.