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theitalianscribe said: I like ocean eyes. The second one uses both ocean and sea, which might be redundant?
Anonymous said: I think breeze and seas sounds better to me. Super excited to read it t regard less!!
crystalstardragon said: Ocean breeze and lunar seas has a nicer ring to it!
Anonymous said: What about Ocean Gust and Lunar Trust?

OKAY SO from what I’ve gathered here there’s like. A good half and half mixture of opinions (and I like the last one too but it doesn’t fit the overall theme as well but THANK YOU for the awesome suggestion that is a good title!)

Tallying them up, we have
Ocean Breeze and Lunar Seas: 3
Ocean Eyes and Lunar Skies: 3

And that first one is sorta half and half lol so. We’re tied up atm but that’s okay since this story won’t be published for a little while (I want to actually finish writing the entire thing, it will be split up into chapters, maybe 15 or so but they’re drabbles so they’re short, which is nice), so yeah keep sending in those opinions! I’m fine with either one I just want to see which one has the majority vote here hehe but thanks for all your comments!! I’m excited for you guys to read it too it’s been really fun to write so far, especially since this is the first time I’m writing anything SM related, especially with my favorite emo kid :’D

5 Things To Do Every Morning
  1. Express gratitude
  2. Set your intentions for the day
  3. Take 5 deep breaths, in and out
  4. Smile for no reason just to flex the muscle 
  5. Forgive yourself for yesterday’s mistakes

Interviewer“Does anyone else think Normani was sort of robbed on Dancing With The Stars?”
Lauren“Fact! She absolutely was… When they said her name, I was just mad… Listen, I commend everyone, but Mani deserved that shit more than anyone. She worked her butt off.”

Here is a little something for all those nice supporters of art && artists out there :D You are the ones that keep us inspired and motivated! Anyway let’s go do a thing because you’re all so wonderful (well, most of you hehe) ♥

Reply to this post/reblog with an idea for a fanmade Mystic Messenger CG (funny, romantic, angsty, etc but nothing extremely explicit) in Cheritz style like the ones linked below:

CLOSED! Thanks for all the awesome suggestions ♥ I’ll work on them soon ^__^

I made this in honor of young justice season 3!

(also because I just really loved the little Robin faces that pop up when Robin is hacking in season 1)



Part 1 because I needed to do this one justice *shakes fist at weeks of slow progress* JUSTICE

Headcanon: “lance will drape himself dramatically across people’s laps. at first everyone pushed him off but now it’s just kinda. a Thing.”

One of @ironinkpen​‘s Lance headcanons~~

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You know Mark, what you can practice that I think would be literally awesome and advantageous?

Learn different accents.

Like. Seriously. Accents are amazing. You don’t need to learn new words or a language, but with accents, you can make new characters and give them an edge, a lilt, a lisp, New Yorker, English, Scottish, Korean, German, Russian- I mean, think of the possibilities!

Just sayin’ :D @markiplier

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Can all of Karasuno have shirts about Daichi like Hinata and Kags "If lost return to Daichi" or Tanaka's "One time Daichi punched me in the face" and on the back it says "it was awesome"


Yuuri, Victor, and the Importance of Good Communication

Victuuri Week 2017 – Day 4 – Free for All

So for today’s free for all I’d like to talk about something I haven’t heard too much about in the context I’m hoping to present it. My topic is specifically about how Victor and Yuuri are both very independent individuals and how that, combined with both of them having zero experience with serious emotional relationships, works to create miscommunications between the two of them.

To start off, I’d like to clarify what I mean when I say they’re independent. Obviously they’re both able to take care of themselves when it comes to stuff such as physical needs (like feeding themselves, etc). I’m talking more about how they’re emotionally independent. They’re both the kind of people who keep their problems to themselves and try to solve them all without relying on the help of others. They both actually tell us this directly.

We see this come up a bunch during the series even though both are aware that they do this. You can see it happen as early as episode 2 when Victor is hurt that Yuuri is rejecting him after the connection he felt they had at the banquet but never brings it up with him. Instead he sits on and stews in it. And likewise for Yuuri, he’s very confused as to why Victor is there at all and is being so forward with him but never asks him why. He just comes to his own conclusions and treats them as the truth until proven otherwise.

On top of them both being used to handling their problems on their own and internalizing their worries, they both also have no experience with deep emotional love relationships. I use the adjectives deep, emotional, and love to describe the relationship because you can have any other combination of those and have it not really touch the depth and type of relationship these two have with each other. They may have had other relationships but none that came close to this level.

(More under the cut, you’re not done yet!)

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BTS reaction to you crying during sex because it feels so good

thank you to whoever requested this, as soon as I read it I was like YES YES YES FINALLY SOMEONE MADE AN AWESOME SUGGESTION ehehe

the following content is for mature minds only ;)

requested by anon: BTS reaction to you start crying during sex because it feels so good

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SO. I had this idea back when I watched the Samurai Jack finale. How would a man who was forced to give up his childhood and lived on his own for 50+ years deal with moving back in with his parents? He might be a taaaad underdeveloped. He’ll probably be an angsty “teenager” of a prince. 

Big thanks to the awesome peeps for suggestions/support for this idea! @sallychanscraps, @lilboatbigocean, Sakurascout, @sachikothekitsune @orenashii and esmer :)


Thank you, for opening that door.

2.02 & 3.05 || The ‘ghosts’ of Thomas and Miranda encouraging James to find a partner and friend within Silver.