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5 Things To Do Every Morning
  1. Express gratitude
  2. Set your intentions for the day
  3. Take 5 deep breaths, in and out
  4. Smile for no reason just to flex the muscle 
  5. Forgive yourself for yesterday’s mistakes


Part 1 because I needed to do this one justice *shakes fist at weeks of slow progress* JUSTICE

Headcanon: “lance will drape himself dramatically across people’s laps. at first everyone pushed him off but now it’s just kinda. a Thing.”

One of @ironinkpen​‘s Lance headcanons~~

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BioShock Builds: How to build your own desk-sized Pneumo Tube

Last year, we created a real-world vigor bottle based off one awesome fan’s suggestion. That inspired our resident sculptor and DIY-er, Jason Babler, to kick off 2017 with a new series – “BioShock Builds.” Every month, we’re spotlighting fan art, DIY crafts, recipes and all sorts of crazy fan builds inspired by the BioShock series.

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Hi! So I wrote a fic loosely based on a post by omg-hawkeye. Check them out - they’re great!

Here’s the post - 

Warnings - very brief mentions of kidnapping but no actual kidnapping.

Clint stared at his wardrobe, a frown spreading over his features. Nothing. Well, nothing that he could wear anyway. Yesterday the team had found his old circus pictures and they would not stop teasing him about his purple costume. This was fine, as sooner or later someone else would goof up and they would forget about it - providing he didn’t remind them. This was where the problem lay – all his clothes were purple. Shirts, T-shirts, vests, dresses, cardigans, sweaters, hoodies and jackets. All in purple.

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What's your WORST experience as a Sugar Baby?

Let’s all share our worst experience ever since we entered the bowl. Why? Because people need to be aware that sugaring is NOT glamorous. It’s not what the photos and media depicts it as. It’s difficult, it’s draining, and perhaps even more challenging than a conventional 9-5 job.

I’ll start… I met this man off SA (March 2015), and I just turned 20 not too long ago. In other words, young and naive. He’s still on SA (I believe he’s 64/65 now, and resides in Guelph). He offered me $3000 to meet twice a month, I thought this was fucking awesome. I suggested we meet at Starbucks (Yorkdale) for our meet and greet, and he was late. This fucking man was late. He offered me $200 but upon meeting, he said he forgot it, and that he will just transfer it into my account. He legit transferred me $1 the next day, and said that’s all he could transfer. He brought me a cheque for $3000, no surprises, it got declined when I went to cash it! THE TELLER TOLD ME HIS ACCOUNT HAD INSUFFICIENT FUNDS!! He asked me to meet him at Red Lobster because he wanted biscuits… his fucking card got declined, and I had to pay for dinner! He also did not bring me cash, and said he forgot. He tried to contact me after, and said he wanted to meet for coffee, but that was it, I fucking had it. I should have dropped this man after the first meeting.

I am cringing while writing this. I was so young and stupid. This is both embarrassing and a waste of time.


“How about an elephant? That would be awesome”, Jack made another suggestion but failed to keep his poker face. 
“No elephants. And I mean it, Jack. I mean, horse carriage was actually good idea but an elephant”, you giggled, thinking how funny an elephant carriage would be. Jack smiled wider, making suggestions like human-sized chocolate statues of you and pool full of jell-o. He knew they were ridiculous but you were laughing and that’s what he wanted. There were so much stress from the wedding planning but you were his bride and shouldn’t stress about it. So Jack made his best keep that smile on your face and your spirit lifted.

anonymous asked:

I need to fight a sexist, possibly racist old man who thinks Science is Holy and Pure and the Truth and not a social construct. Do you have any good readings that I can use as a weapon? I'm trying to find some on Google Scholar but I'm not sure what to search :( (btw - you're awesome)

I would suggest Biology as Ideology by Richard Lewontin as a good starter, even if it’s a bit outdated by now and mostly focuses on DNA. Honestly anything by Lewontin is a good place to start specifically with respect to biology.

Are We All Scientific Experts Now? by Harry Collins is also a nice primer on the concept of scientific expertise and it a good place to start for thinking about scientific communication and public trust in science 

Those are both short books focused on a more general audience. If you’re interested in more academic reading the place to start is probably the philosophy and sociology of science literature, which admittedly I don’t know enough about to really recommend anything. There’s always Kuhn, but he’s more of a jumping off point than a be all end all I think. 

The pluralists are usually a good place to start, but be wary of the relativists, because while I don’t hate them, a lot of people will dismiss your arguments if they detect even a hint of scientific relativism. 

The other thing you can do, if you want to go a less dryly academic route is to focus on the history of science. There’s a lot of good and interesting books out there ranging from general overviews to more focused looks at specific periods/discoveries, which I think are useful because for me, it’s always been less about the strictly academic analysis and more about knowing the history and being able to read between the lines.

Pick and era/field you’re interested in and start reading. Eventually you learn enough about the history to realize that they way we use the history to talk about present day science is mostly wrong and doesn’t reflect the actual history. Also, if you’re interesting in being able to debate people, being able to point to specific historical events usually gets you pretty far. 

If anyone else has suggestions please add them!

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Warning: Angst

Summary: Chris and Sammie talk about the decision she has to make regarding her job. Chris pays a visit to her work.

Word Count:3503

Author’s Note: Thank you to @theycallmebecca for being such a great beta and to @heather-lynn for her awesome suggestions!

After Chris had walked out from their dinner a month ago, Sammie had tried to go about her normal routine. She went to work with a smile on her face. She went to yoga three times a week now, and even started attending therapy on a regular basis. Going back to therapy was really not her choice. Kellie had threatened to call her parents and tell them if she didn’t start getting some help.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a network where people with synpaths/fictionheart types could meet and become friends with people with kintypes/fictives of their synpath/heartype?

I mean, in the real world this would probably be a complete disaster and end in tears, abuse and manipulation, but in my personal fantasy it would be a wonderful happy system where synpaths and -hearted could draw strength and companionship from the object of their connection, and kin/fictives could feel validated and lionized by those with ties to them.