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We’ve been a bit quiet on the tumbles this summer, but for good reason - we’re expanding! Thanks to a generous benefactor, we hired a full-time special collections librarian (hi, Rose!), and created a processing workroom space so we can start tackling the backlog.

Construction is nearly done, and we’ll be back to our regular posting schedule soon. We’ve missed you all!


Friday, ALA celebrated staff members’ anniversaries with ALA (ranging from 5 years of service to 35!). Please join us in congratulating them!

Pictured (left to right): [back row] Dan Kaplan, Tim Clifford, John McGovern, Michael Dowling, [middle row] Deb Robertson, Ron Bruzen, Denise Moritz, Donna Seaman, Kim Thornton, Kathy Rosa, Julianna Kloeppel, Beatrice Calvin, Lorelle Swader, [front row] Melissa Carr, Mary Jane Petrowski, Leighann Wood, Lian Drago and Rachel Chance

Not pictured: Pam Akins, Phil Morehart, Ron Jankowski, Alan Inouye, David Free, Kerri Price, Letitia Smith, Mary Hirsh, Mary Jo Bolduc, Stephanie Gregory, Steve Zalusky, Beth Nawalinski, Keith Michael Fiels, Sally Reed, Yolanda Washington, Ann-Christie Galloway, Barb Macikas, Mary Pullen, Marsha Burgess, Steven Hofmann, Kathleen Hughes, Karen Muller, Valeria Newman, Yvonne McLean

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I don’t want to be a god,” I said. “You don’t get that, do you? You couldn’t find anything about me you could relate to, which I take as a big compliment.

Percy Jackson, Crown of Ptolemy (Rick Riordan)

This part just gets to me every time I read it because I flash back to the time Percy was offered immortality, and I thought about the reasons he did so. 

Sure, Percy has been through hell and back, but he would never give his mortality away – even if it is for something like being a god. He would never give his shot at his life away. He would never give Annabeth away.

And I believe that in itself is just so freaking beautiful.

I was at my cousin’s bridal shower at a hotel that served tea when my younger cousin started panicking because her period had come and she didn’t have any products with her. I went to ask the male waiter for our room about where I could get a tampon for her. He left the room and came back with this basket which he put in the room’s private bathroom. He was very matter of fact and mature about it. He even asked if we needed any pain killers and offered to go and get them for us. This is how periods should be handled. Tampons and pads are not gross, not taboo, and nothing more than sanitary items like soap or paper towels. If all men could be this mature about it, that would be lovely.

thank you so much!! i’ve always kind of struggled with life drawing so i’m really glad to hear it haha;; honestly i think it really comes down to practice, but at sheridan we start off with very structural, anatomy-based drawings for the first two years (including learning the skeleton & musculature) which i think really helps before delving into costume. as with most things, learning the basics first makes it a lot easier! we also focus on poses from 30 secs -> 5 mins for the most part; practicing shorter poses and focussing on really getting the gesture down in such a short time of 30s is a really good skill to practice imo. as for costumed life drawing, we’re encouraged to inject as much character as we can, and i try to experiment with different body types & personalities while also conveying some sense of a story to get as much life into the ~~life~~ drawing as possible :)

thank you! i was accepted into sheridan on my first try, BUT i also did a whole degree (non-art related) before applying so i wasn’t fresh out of high school! plenty of people in the program didn’t get in on their first try, and they’re among the most successful of us (in terms of growth & resilience). i know some who got in on their 4th or 5th. don’t be discouraged!! if it’s what you want to do, keep working hard and also make the most of your year in illustration - learn as much as you can because knowledge & practice in any field of art will help in animation (and.. life in general, i guess haha). all the best!

as with all art programs, it has its ups and downs, but overall i’ve really enjoyed it. i definitely wouldn’t have grown as much as i have if i hadn’t come here, and i’ve had the privilege of meeting so many awesome, like-minded people (staff, students and visiting guests alike) who are really encouraging and supportive! again as with all programs, you get out of it what you put into it. third year in particular has been a really challenging but fun year with the group film projects - i think i’m gonna miss the school when i leave haha

Guys!” Sadie interrupted. “It’s terribly cute watching you two snipe at each other, but we have business.

Sadie Kane, Crown of Ptolemy, Rick Riordan

Don’t you just love how even Sadie finds Percabeth cute? I mean, I found it horribly adorable, like gosh. XD

adamcroasdell Some nights are fairytale nights. With these beauts at #CreationVan. Thank you to all the awesome fans and staff @creationent! #OUAT #onceuponatime #Grandma #PrinceEric #PapaHook #PrincessJasmine #JiminyCricket #Hook #Swan #Hookers (x)

I have this crazy idea (more like irrational, extremely desperate hope really) that Rick Riordan is working up to a grand finale.
1: introduce Greek demigods and the Olympian gods (check)

2: introduce Roman demigods (check)

3: introduce Egyptian gods (check)

4: make Romans and Greeks work together (check)

5: hint camp Half-Blood in the Kane Chronicles (check)

6: send demigods and magicians of the house of life on mini adventures, by that hinting the combination of Olympian and Egyptian gods and culture (The Staff of Serapis) (check)

7: introduce the gods of Asgard and let a COUSIN OF ANNABETH deal with them (check)

8: Bring them all together in a ginormous crossover, so they can save the world from something like ragnarök but worse

9: give us the goodbye we all deserved

Because that’s what I’d do….


I am :

You Got: Lawful Neutral You’re motivated by tradition and you strongly believe in law and order. You put a lot of faith in process, and you’ll often follow orders without questioning them, as long as it doesn’t cause you to act immorally.

Popular lawful neutral characters:
Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec
Lana Kane from Archer
Spock from Star Trek

Staff got :

Neutral Good You are guided by your conscience, rather than any formal laws or traditions. You may occasionally break the rules, but it’s generally in service of the greater good.

Popular neutral good characters:
Jake the Dog from Adventure Time
Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter
Glenn from The Walking Dead

You know what would be awesome @staff @support ? If I blocked someone who reblogged something from me if my post actually disappeared from their blog. Fuck this annoys me to no end as now it is lost forever. Even if I delete the post it remains on Tumblr. Thanks man, that is awesome support of spammers.

Finals Week Tip No.68

Are tables in the library and local coffee shops full and you can’t find a good place to study? @ihop and @dennys’s are the place to go. Big tables, free wifi, open 24 hours, and unlimited coffee is like three dollars. Plus the awesome wait staff will bring the coffee and the hashbrowns to you.  

wow.  okay, i’m gonna try to write this up without crying.

on saturday, we walked down the aisle to a piano version of metallica’s nothing else matters.  we said our vows, we said i do, and we were introduced as mrs. and mrs. for the first time.

we got photos with our wonderful wedding party, my grandma and my little niece, whose flower girl dress matched mine (<3), danced to beirut’s postcards from italy, and it was so exciting that i couldn’t even eat a donut from the donut bar (i heard it was awesome, lol).  the staff at our venue liked us so much they almost cried when we wrapped things up, and gave us three bottles of champagne to take home.

there were supposed to be thunderstorms the whole day, so i was kind of bummed that the photos might be a little hectic, or that we’d have to do them all inside.  however, it didn’t rain.  i mean, it did rain.  but … you guys.  it was sunny at the same time. so you know what that means, right?

that’s us!  and that’s our unexpected wedding guest, the rainbow!

everybody told me that something would go wrong, and we’d just have to shrug it off, but … nothing went wrong.  everything was perfect.  i wouldn’t change anything about the day.  everything unfolded like a story.  we are married now, like we’ve been planning for more than ten years.  every time i’m alone i get one of our songs stuck in my head and i just start crying, because it’s real, it happened, the words were said and everyone heard them, and no one can stop it or take it away!  our marriage is endorsed by a fucking rainbow!!!

okay, there it is.  we did it!  now for the honeymoon.  we’re gonna do whatever the fuck we want.  <3

Princess to the Rescue

Chat Noir gets into a bit of trouble when the akuma-ed magician Exodus the Spectacular overpowers him in a fight and Ladybug is nowhere to be seen. Thankfully, a baker’s daughter joins the fight.

aka Marinette totally has Bo staff fight training and kicks some villain butt.

(AO3) (

Chat swore as his baton clattered away from him as his wrists were pinned to the ground. A second later, handcuffs were locked into place around his wrists, holding his hands together tightly enough that he wouldn’t have been able to use Cataclysm, even if he still had the energy to do it. That meant that even if he managed to keep the villain of the week off of his ring, he’d be running out of energy soon and reverting back to his normal form.

“You’re mine now,” Exodus the Spectacular cackled, cracking his knuckles before reaching for Chat Noir’s ring. “Soon your Miraculous will be mine, and Ladybug will be easy pickings when you’re gone- and then everyone will have to enjoy my magic tricks!”

Chat snarled, twisting away and holding his hands close to himself. “Don’t talk about her like that! She’s stronger than me!” And smarter, he added to himself. He chanced a glance up at the sky, desperately hoping that Ladybug would show up and save him, like she had so many times before. She hadn’t shown up yet, no doubt delayed by something. She always had luck and timing on her side, so he was sure that  would lead her to him right about…. now.

And nothing.

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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: I am absolutely not interested in your politics

Didn’t know how to title this.

With various corporate goings on and work in the area, we are hosting workers from, Korea, Russia, Japan, China, Mexico. an aside, the Mexican guys have an awesome translator on staff who I asked to teach me greetings in those other languages. I also have Quebec French guys who are middle eastern of some sort, but who are okay with my bad french. So, I think I’ve got the world covered here, no?

Yup, some guy comes in, and hears United Nations going on and wants to know why all of these guys are here. “They are here for work sir”. A bit obvious because we have no tourism thing.

“No he says, why are they in this country”

I stare

He starts talking politics. Ugly stuff.

“Here are your keys sir, elevator is that way” And I pick up the non ringing phone and look away. I know I am going to get a shitty review but I don’t care.

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