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Bravo, casting directors of Good Omens


Bktd Week Day 5: Hiking

A compilation of comics for a bakutodo hiking trip to Echo Mountain, an awesome hiking spot in California with a demolished (burnt down) hotel at the top

I just realized something.

Yang’s robotic arm is weaponized, yes? While the gun probably doesn’t pack the same punch (pun very much intended) as Ember Celica, it’s still a built-in weapon. As we saw in the most recent chapter, with Yang’s fighting style meaning that the arm is perhaps her greatest advantage in terms of raw strength, it’s easily just as effective as her gauntlet would’ve been.

You know what that means?

James Ironwood was the one who had an arm - specifically, a weaponized one - designed for her.

He assumed that this seventeen/eighteen year old girl - a Huntress-in-training and a student of Beacon, no less; something he voiced his doubts over numerous times - would want to get back into the fight as soon as possible, and readily gave her what she would need to do so.

And that’s not even taking into account how much of his own body he’s lost and had replaced. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that he probably went through something similar to what Yang has. In all likelihood he figured that, while she had been beaten down, she wouldn’t stay that way for long. That she would bounce back, and need to be ready for whatever came her way in the aftermath of the Battle of Beacon when she did.

I don’t know about you. But I think that’s incredible.

I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire from outside the bunker
The Ink Spots

I don’t want to set the world on fire
I just want to start a flame in your heartIn my heart I have but one desire
And that one is you, no other will doI’ve lost all ambition for worldly acclaim
I just want to be the one you love
And with your admission that you’d feel the same
I’ll have reached the goal I’m dreaming of, believe meI don’t want to set the world on fire
I just want to start a flame in your heart

spot coming into power at fourteen but it happens so gradually that everyone wakes up one day and goes what the fuck before moving on with their lives

spot stole his cane from some rich asshole and keeps it because not only is it classy as fuck but it’s easier to beat someone’s head in with

spot’s key means nothing, he just thought it looked cool so he kept it

spot using a sling shot because it’s easier to hit someone in the face that way

spot choosing the highest point on the docks because he’s hella insecure about how short he is but no way is anyone going to say that out loud

spot being able to achieve hulk levels of rage so it takes like six guys to hold him back but most people just try to stay out of his way

spot being the secret big brother to all the younger newsies in brooklyn and teaching them how to read and use a slingshot and stuff

spot out drinking everyone ever by cleverly making it look like he’s drinking a lot but he never actually has more than one or two but no one’s figured it out yet


That’s a wrap! Thank you so much @astrothecary​ for being the chillest table partner and @fujoshikoala​ for always helping my sorry ass. I’m incredibly thankful I was able to do cons this year despite my new full time job. I’m always overwhelmed by the love and support. \(;´□`)/

Will reopen my online store soon with leftover stock and preorders. Thanks for your patience!!

In other news, on the second day I was outside the convention when I spotted this awesome JL group and immediately dashed over, dropped everyone’s lunch orders I was collecting and took a pic. They looked so good ;_: So pumped for the movie this week.

Flash CN: that_spider_guy_27
Superman CN: the_man_of_silva (he was Nightwing last time!!)
Aquaman CN: aquamancosplay
Wonder Woman CN: melbourne_wonderwoman
Batman CN: sentinel_cosplay

For IT

For @sewer-daddy

I apologize ahead of time, it’s been a while since I’ve done original prose… let alone poetry.

Water dripping drip
Cold gray stone beneath
Head heavy with fog

Smells of rotten flesh
Finishes with faint
Sweet pink candyfloss

Matches my pointe shoes
Missing and scattered
Now ashen, tattered

Blurry eyes focus
Tongue thick as taffy
Shadows flicker flick

Looking up, eyes wide
Friends trapped, friends… enwrapped?
Lifeless… cold… hard… husks

Fear drains all color
Ripped ribboned new tights
Prevent frantic flight

Tight breath in my chest
Heart pounds double time
Senseless, all the rest

Hands on my shoulders
Weight seeps through
Controls the shiver

I see IT’s face
All I taste… is copper

Terror is allayed
Cold repelled away

Feeling a reaching
Warm incandescence

Looking down to light
Soft orange, safe white

Floating in the air

Bare toes feel the breeze

Gentle as a dream

“Pennywise,” I smile

“Oh… can’t you,” I breathe

“Have This One

“Last Dance


… Me?


July 21st, 2012 - Grand Tetons Inspiration Point

   Spent the whole day hiking around Jenny Lake and up to Inspiration Point. We took our time as we hiked around the lake for about 3 miles then we arrived to the Hidden Falls trail. The hike to the falls was fairly easy we stopped and enjoyed the falls for a bit and then continued up to Inspiration Point. The hike was pretty strenuous but short and totally worth the view. Alycia and I rested and took it all in before hiking down and catching the ferry back a crossed the lake. We met back up with Jared and Ciara at an awesome spot near camp next to the lake where we swam and watched the sun set. 

anonymous asked:

Hello dear! Your blog brings me lotsa happiness just so you know! :) also, can I ask for scenarios of how the chocobros would react to their s/o dawning their respective outfits (nsfw if you're up to it!)? Thank you so much!

Hi Sweetie! I’m so happy you like coming here! I love when couples exchange/ take over the others wardrobe.



Noctis muttered,  he had missed three of his  daily naps and it was beyond midnight, he needed sleep! But he couldn’t!

He was even in a comfy hotel bed, away from the others! He made Ignis buy you two a single room, and tossed them down the hallway, not to be seen until the late check out tomorrow. AND the reason the Prince couldn’t sleep was because you decided you wanted to take the longest shower in the world tonight of all nights!

He’d go to sleep, than would wake up to you not being in the bed! Only to doze again for about 4 minutes before waking up again, and you still weren’t there! So when he finally heard the water shut off, the Prince was ready! He was gonna cuddle you so hard, and then just sleep, he didn’t care if you prodded him or stated that he was making your arm go to sleep, this was your punishment!

So when you stepped into the dim room, in one of his clean shirts, that reached your hips and thighs. Those beautiful thighs, those pillow thighs, the shirt raising high at the chest, not use to the extra there he found himself awake.

“Mm, that was worth it. Camping really makes you appreciate a nice shower.” You pur, sitting on your edge of the bed, as Noctis took a good amount of the other side of the Queen. Shrieking as you were pulled back to the bed, to rest against Noctis’s chest. “Noct.”

Noctis muttered softly, as he nuzzled against you, the scent of him from his clothes that you had on, but the scent of you underneath was amazing! He loved it! You two mingled together perfectly, and it turns out he had a little more energy to give.

“Hey, so uhh, what’s under the shirt?”  He asked hands wandering.

“Why don’t you figure it out.” You purred, only to be thrown to your back, as your once sleepy time Prince was now fully awake, and reaching underneath the shirt on your body, which currently had nothing underneath it.

And if that boner rutting against your leg meant anything, it was that Noctis had figured that out.



Prompto sat within your apartment, you had invited him over stating you had a rather interesting photo opportunity for him, so to bring his camera. He sat on your couch, where he had set up a small little studio for the two of you.

“You ready, Prompto?” You called from your bedroom, where you had been getting ready for the last 20 minutes.

Prompto turned, as he quickly jumped to his feet. You stood in his “digital” shirt, his vest, and a pair of cheetah printed shorts with knee high black boots.

“How do I look?”

“You look…you look, OMG bae you look fucking hot.”

You giggled stepping forward pressing a kiss to the tip of his nose, “I take that as you’re ready to start?”

Prompto automatically rose his camera, the item typically glued to his hand, as he put the viewfinder to his eye. Snapping again and again, as you posed for him. The both of you seeming on the same wavelength as you often modeled for the man when he got a new filter or lens.

You smiled, noticing that Prompto had begun to go into photographer mode, just like you expected, he was so busy trying to get the perfect angle. So time to turn up the heat, first just lowering the vest down to your shoulders, than losing it all together. Next you gripped at the bottom of the shirt, flashing your stomach and even a few peek-a-boo of the ribs, before ripping it off your body, to show the matching printed bra underneath.

You sacrificed a $30 bra for this, it had better work!

Yet judging by the tent in those light blue cargo pants it was working, just one more thing.

“You know, sweetie, I’m not wearing any underwear.”

That always got Prompto’s attention, and the blonde lowered his camera, you quickly reached out taking the camera, placing it on the side table. Taking his hand, as you pulled at the slight elastic band of the shorts, before placing his hand down the front.

The second his fingers touched you, and only you, Prompto’s mouth was on your own, and that photoshoot was over.



“You gonna be any longer?” Gladiolus groaned tapping his knee, waiting for you to exit the bedroom.

It was suppose to be movie night, which was suppose to have started 10 minutes ago, but you still hadn’t come out the back. After stating you had been confined to a bra and pants long enough you rushed to the back to change. The popcorn was ready and so was the beer, but you were taking your sweet time.

“Sorry to make you wait, baby.”

“About damn tim…Fuck babe.” Gladiolus chuckled, his words falling on his lips, as you stood there, wearing his button down and underwear alone. The top open, yet due his barrel chest, it didn’t hang open to wide, covering just your nipples, but gave him plenty of cleavage, and view of your cute bellybutton. “Isn’t this a nice treat.”

“Glad you like it.” You giggled, moving to sit beside the man on the couch, gasping as he grabbed your arm, pulling you into his lap.

“Excuse me Miss, but I believe this is your seat this evening.” He chuckled, arms wrapping around you, as you grew settled into his lap, as he placed kisses against your neck.

You didn’t even get beyond the previews before you found yourself, between the beers and popcorn on the coffee table. Shrieking above the repeating main menu repeating it’s title music, you large boyfriend pounding away at you from behind.

Maybe you could try for the movie again tomorrow, since tonight, you already knew that the man wasn’t going to let you free anytime soon.



“There she is.” Prompto called waving you over.

You made your way over to the table at the restaurant inside of the hotel that you all were currently resting out. Having unfortunately got into town, during the end of rainy season. So you were stuck here for another couple of days, when the weather let up, and you could continue on.

“Sorry, I’m late, unfortunately the front desk seems to have misplaced all of my blouses.” You apologize, always one on time, just like your boyfriend, who had stood to pull your chair out for you. “Thank you, Ignis.”

“My pleasure.” Ignis stated, a familiar song and dance for the two of you. Yet it made Ignis falter, you were wearing his purple button down, tucked with a mauve tulip skirt, with your black kitten heels. The buttons of the shirt were undone to the fourth button, showing off quite a bit of cleavage as the shirt wasn’t tailored to a woman’s figure.

You smiled to your companions as Ignis pushed your chair in, before moving to sit down next to you. Almost immediately his hand was placed on your thigh, which was rather bold for the man, yet as it was covered by the tablecloth you thought nothing of it. Even Ignis could get starved for attention from time to time.

“We have already order, My Dear. I hope you do not mind that I placed an order for you.”

You giggled softly leaning into him, “You know me better than I know myself, Ignis.”

You found it rather strange that all throughout dinner, Ignis hand remained firmly on your thigh, even while you ate. You knew that Ignis was a man of many talents but to eat with his least dominant hand was a feat you had just learned that he could do.

After dinner, both Prompto and Noctis had scurried off to see the awesome arcade they had spotted coming in, while Gladiolus stated he was going to go check out the sauna and gym. While you had mentioned that you wanted to check in on the room, to see if your items had return to the room, or else you’d be spending money on a few blouses, or wearing your Citadel uniform for the rest of the trip.

“They are luckily giving us a discount for the little confusion.” You explained to Ignis as you opened the hotel room door, yet no sooner had you both stepped through the threshold, did you feel a large hand cup your ass. “Ignis!”

“I do apologize, my love, yet you look rather ravishing. Had I know that you looked so wonderful within my shirt, I would have done away with your blouses long ago.”  Ignis purred against your ear, as he spun you around.

You didn’t have time to retort as Ignis pressed his lips against, your own, leading you to the bed. You hadn’t even noticed that all of your blouses were returned, and pressed free of charge.