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HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY @someone-stole-my-shoes!!!!!!!

I sorry this is so very, very late but I wanted to make you something nice and special in hopes it will warm your heart and remind you you’re a wonderful person and deserve all things beautiful in the world. May your life be awesome and colourful, I hope you find lots of hapiness and lots of dorks to ship together and keep writing these amazing stories of yours  ♡ ♡


Komori’s Speech

We emptied our purses buying this house, but it looks small with this many people in it.

And with different thoughts and concerns on their minds, all of these guys go charging into one another in pursuit of a single ball. Of course, half-assing won’t unify them. That’s why we need so much preparation. Not just in mastering techniques, but also learning to comprehend each other. To understand each other.

They say Rugby games are decided before the game even starts. Upsets are rare in Rugby. The well-prepared team wins, and the unprepared team loses.

Accents and Anachronisms: What did people sound like in 18th century America?

If you’ve ever wondered about the language and accents used by the main characters of TURN, you’re definitely not alone. (It’s one of the topics we get the most questions about from TURN viewers!)

So what DID people sound like in Early America? Our latest blog post takes a closer look at 18th century accents, anachronisms, and speech patterns, complete with plenty of links for further reading. We’ve even got some pronunciation guides for you to download if you want to practice sounding like a turn-of-the-century New Englander! (No, really, you should try it! Hilarity is BOUND to ensue.)

(“Improprieties in Pronunciation common among the people of New-England”, circa 1808. Visit the blog to download the entire thing!)

Time for speeches!

Godric: Starr @sleepy-loopin

Cat: Ocean Cat (all hail)

Helga: Me


It was getting later and later. The party continued… People were laughing, there was cheering, plenty of food and drinks….

Everyone was entertained… Some by other things than the party…

*Cat meouws*

Godric: ‘Do you think they’ll want a job? As a school mascotte?’

Speeches were told by family and friends…

And by a very drunk Godric…

*someone in the back groans -  probably someone who knows Godric…*

Godric: ‘Anyway…’

Godric: ‘Anyway… As I was saying…’

Godric: ‘I’m really curious tough…’ 

Godric: ‘They don’t do very much’

Somebody to Helga: ‘I’m going to make him shut up…’

*everybody in the room, except for Helga, groans or sighs*

Helga: ‘Lovely speech!’

The end


because after learning that sawamura actually likes to read i just had to do a megane!sawamura (●♡∀♡)