awesome sona


Every now and then, I like to show my followers some affection~

{{ In order of received:

ask-opalescent-pearl: OMG SO CUTE!! She looks like she has a little bounce to her step and cute a little nervous ear folds aww, I love it lol. Kissu~ >w< Thank you!!

hasana-chan:  You drew your Poni-sona? Thats Awesome! She’s soo cute! I love those puckered lips >3< and lol, she has a shackle around her neck and nightmares in her eyes~ Already a lovely slave to sombra? Lol, Thank you!

asksebonangel: Aww, you A Capella pone is so sweet looking! That blush is simply ADORABLE! I hope too see her again in your blog. I’m honored you used your new OC for this. Thank you!

Again, thank you guys so so much! I am in love with these!