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 if you buy cosmetics that have been tested on animals just know you’re directly supporting an industry that does this!!


It is 2015!! and it is easy as cake to find cosmetics that have NOT been tested on animals!

(what a time to be alive!!) 

Wet n Wild, Bonne Belle,  Pixi, E.l.f.  are just a few really awesome cruelty free makeup brands!!

KISS MY FACE makes  really good cruelty free  deodorant, body washes and sunscreens!!

Organix  and  Yes To make great great great hair products!! 

Yes To also makes awesome face washes/ scrubs, masks etc. 

Alba Botaica also make great body, hair and face products!! 

LUSH makes your favorite bath bombs which are cruelty free!! they also make a lot of awesome  makeup, soaps, perfumes, and lotion etc…

anyway the bottom line is its fairly easy to buy products which have not been tested on animasl!!

It only takes a small amount of effort!!

all you have to do is read the back before you buy!!! 

PRO TIP: If it doesn’t say anything on the back about animal testing…Put it back…It’s most likely been tested on animals!

here are some special things to look for!!

also watch out for companies who claim cruelty free but are owned by companies that aren’t cruelty free (YIKES….) 




so I need a random Days of Our Lives clip to describe in a destiel fic I’m working on, so I figured I’d go on youtube and find a random episode and click on a random time and

I’m actually crying 

out of all the clips I could’ve found I basically stumbled onto a Days of Our Lives destiel AU I think they’re actually a couple too judging by the scene 


A list of things MINTP Can Do

-Took flying lessons, can almost fly a plane.
-Took boating lessons, can actually drive/use/sail/ a boat.
-Took cooking lessons, can cook vegan food like a fucking champ, also can cook non vegan food like a fucking champ.
-Can do anything with carbon fiber.
-Can do anything with metal.
-Can machine anything.
-Can make oils and soaps. Like legit awesome oils and soaps for your skin.
-Studied human anatomy, mostly to give massages to look like he knows what he is doing.
-Can shift his truck pretty much without a clutch because he knows his stupid car that well.
-Watched tv episodes so many times he can quote with our without the episode.
-Attempted to hem his own junky jeans.
-Literally just came home and only said he did okay on a test that most people get a 20-40 on, and got a 98. 

I’ve seen so many fanfic authors who either apologize for their work and claim it’s not good enough or who apologize for thinking that they’re great, as if that makes them egocentric or something. It sort of kills me to see that. 

1) Your best is always good enough. There are no exceptions. Your writing is a gift to your readers. You don’t need to apologize for it.

2) Thinking your work is great needs no apology. You have every right to be proud of your creative endeavors. Being proud and satisfied with your work is not the same thing as being haughty and elitist. You don’t need to apologize for recognizing that you did a good job.

I’m posting this because it’s something I wish people had told me twenty years ago when I first started posting fic. It’s okay to be proud of yourself. It’s okay to reread your own work and think it’s awesome. There’s nothing wrong with this at all.