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These are super fun to make and they smell friggggin awesome and look super cute. awesome for rituals and for decoration and for smelling awesome, could be a cool gift, could sell em’ or just whack this tutorial straight in your grimoire for later use, you name it kiddie winks. IMA TEACH U 

1) PICK YO SELF SOME LAVENDER! if you don’t have lavender in your garden, you need to get some. but in the mean time, head over to your local botanical gardens or a park area or a shop or your friends place, anywhere where you can get yourself some freshly picked lavender. Begin with an uneven number of stalks, the bigger the bundle the bigger your wand.

2) GETCHO SELF SOME CUTE ASS PURPLE RIBBBON, and tie it just below the flowers. 

3) THEN UR GONNA WANNA fold the stalks down evenly over the flower head bundle.

4) WEAVE YO’ RIBBON over and under each stalk, around and around, until you have enclosed the entire flower head.

5) TIE OFF YO RIBBON at the bottom.

6) GIVE YO FINISHED WAND a roll between your palms to release that wonderful lavender fragrance1111111!!!!



- @indigo-amethyst

Turn Ons:

1: Extremely passionate conversation on a specific topic that is both intellectual and also shows a window into what she’s all about and what she cares about, and what upsets her about the world.

2: Smiling while kissing.

3: Good smells.

4: Lip biting.

5: Eye contact that not only communicates something more than just “I see you”, but really shows emotion and makes you feel like you are the only thing being seen in that moment, special, whatever you want to call it.

6: Hip grabbing.

7: Face touching.

8: Moaning.

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Like this isn't a request or anything, I'm just curious what you think the RFA members would smell like? xD Okay... sounds weirder than I intended

Ahaha this is awesome, okay!

Yoosung: probably smells like curve cologne haha 😂 and his hairspray or gel that he uses.

Jumin: some super expensive high-end Italian cologne or something. Something that it’s super strong smelling but it’s pleasant.

Zen: you know when you walk by Abercrombie&Fitch in the mall and like, not only is there music blasting but it smells so strongly-that’s what he smells like lolol

Jaehee: like coffee or spring flowers depending on if she has been at the cafe all day

Saeyoung: soap or just his natural smell

V: lavender, just a really soothing scent

Saeran: sweet tea probably. Like it’s just this natural sweetness when you get up close to him and it smells very familiar

First time playing in snow! She thought the horses were awesome smelling huge dogs, and kept play bowing at them. They just looked at her like she was stupid.
Beauceron “Dezzy” - Anonymous

I present you NCT kink...


Tips for when you're on your period and everything is awful

If you have periods, you know the struggle. You feel gross. You feel dirty. You feel crabby and sad and like the whole world is awful. Here are a few ways that I combat my PMS-induced blues.

• take a shower. I know it’s a lot of work, but honestly, it helps so much to get rid of that gross, dirty feeling.

• if you can and like to, shave your legs. You’ll feel like a goddess, and that helps, trust me.

• put on some awesome-smelling body lotion. You already look like a goddess, so now its time to smell like one. This can also help if you’re feeling self-conscious about that period smell (which no one else can smell, just btw. No one walks past you and says “ew that girl smells like period”, especially if you’re keeping yourself as clean as possible down there - eg changing your pad/tampon/etc as needed, making sure to wipe really well, etc.)

• if you can’t handle the process of taking a shower, at least wash and moisturize your face. Not only will it help to calm the menstrual breakout that a lot of us get, but you will also feel clean and rejuvenated.

• HEATING PADS/HOT WATER BOTTLES ARE MAN’S GREATEST INVENTION. If you need to leave the house (i.e. to go to work, run errands, etc), you can use one of those stick-on heating wraps they carry at most drug stores for joint and muscle pain, and it will hide nicely under your clothes and keep some heavenly heat on your muscles down there. However, BE VERY CAREFUL if you use one of those. The skin on your lower abdomen is very thin and sensitive, so make sure you don’t stick the wrap too low and don’t leave it on for too long. Also, don’t cover it too tightly with clothing - wear something loose if possible. If it starts to feel too hot or painful, TAKE IT OFF IMMEDIATELY.

• GET YASELF DRESSED. Wear something that makes you feel sexy and confident. It sounds like the worst thing ever, but getting dressed and looking like a million bucks helps my psyche soooo much when I’m on my period and miserable. Of course, sometimes you need a day where you never take off your pjs, and that’s okay too. But if you’re down in the dumps and feel ugly and gross, prove yourself wrong by getting dolled up and sexy as hell, even if you aren’t leaving the house. SLAY, QUEEN. YOU’RE A DAMN GODDESS.

• if you have stuff to do, DO IT. Some people have very severe menstrual symptoms, and in those cases you may not be physically able to move. That’s okay. You take your time and don’t you dare feel guilty about it. But if you at all can, at least /try/ to do some of the things you had planned. Don’t let Aunt Flo stop you. Moving on with my day as much as possible helps me to feel empowered and honestly just better about myself, even if physically I’m not feeling great. It helps me feel more in control, rather than being controlled by my period.

Please feel free to add to this list if anyone has any tips or suggestions to make periods less awful based on their own experience; these are just the things that help me. Good luck, warrior queens. Go forth and slay.

Hope everyone is having a nice day! :)

(Have a Hinata enjoying some cool tunes)


Mission: VegasCon was a success!

Four days is a lot of con, like a lot, but it was a blast as always.  Got to hang with my ESB, @torn-and-frayed and got to see the fantabulous @mrsjohnsmith - who is an absolute delight in every possible way.  She hooked me up not once but twice with a better view of the con.

Once again, I come away with love for this cast and this SPN family.  It’s clear they love each other and they love us.

No major stories to report, just a few fun highlights.

Steph and I attended the first ever PJ Party with Kim and Brianna, it was a ton of fun.  I think the ladies weren’t quite sure what to do, but they definitely made time for each person at the party, made them feel included.  These ladies are amazing and I ADORE THEM SO MUCH.

My Jensen photo ops were awesome.  He smelled AMAZING.  He always smells good, but the musk was particularly potent this weekend.  I got my standard hug and a Charlie hug and I couldn’t be happier. (He’s even sticking his tongue out a little bit. Be still, my beating heart.)

My Mishalecki op was SO MUCH FUN.  Jared had a few drinks in him, and he gets super touchy feely after drinks.  I told Jared and Misha to do whatever they wanted…and this happened:

There was nothing innapropriate, but here were a lot of HANDS.  One of them was rubbing my back and Jared rubbed my arm for an extended length of time before giving me a hug and a “Thanks, darling.”  (’Darling” is his favorite word, I think.  He’s called me ‘doll’ before too.)

Last but not least was autos.  They took FOREVER and Steph and I were almost last in line.  I brought two boxed of Girl Scout cookies, one for each J2.  We had Jared’s auto first.  I said, “Hey, I brought you cookies.”  He proceeded to grab both and kind of smash the boxes while gripping them tightly to his chest.  I told him he could only have one, so he threw the Thin Mints at me and kept the Samoas.  Steph predicted accurately that this would happen.

Jensen was all smiles and the best part of his autos was watching him interact with a baby, giving her high fives and making her laugh with his over the top reaction.  She even tried to bust back into line to see him again!

Oh…and got a no-makeup selfie with Gil McKinney, who is a total sweetheart.

So all in all, great weekend.  I’ll be editing pictures a little later, after spending some time with my family, so keep an eye out for pics.

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have you done a clexa fic recommendation post?

I have! I high-key recommend everything on this list.

Negan thought there was a weird smell when he sat the kid down in his room. Very faint, heavily masked, something familiar but just out of reach of memory.

He smelt it again in the truck, driving Carl back to Alexandria, sniffing the driver casually, then Carl. What the fuck was it?

But being in Carl’s room, surrounded by his clothes and personal items, it became clearer.


Shit, omegas were uncommon before but now? They were fucking extinct. No omega should have survived in this time, not surrounded by death and violence. They would have cowered away and been caught.

But there is no denying it in the room, taking long, deep whiffs of it, Carl watching him curiously.

Fuck, it smells fucking awesome.

Negan strides over to Carl, grips his arm and forces his nose into his neck.

There was no fucking way this kid was a sheepish, little omega. Omegas didn’t survive and they certainly didn’t sneak into trucks and gun down two men.

But that scent is there on Carl’s skin. Masked by Alphas (he can smell Rick and faintly Daryl) and a shit ton of walker blood. Even without the cover up, it’s faint and hard on his skin, meaning he didn’t turn 18 until recently, but it’s fucking there.

Carl pulls back (really, Negan lets him pull back) and watches him with wide eyes, piecing it together. The scent and the look combined has his Alpha dick hard in a second.

“Well, well, well,” Negan draws out, keeping hold of Carl. “A little Omega hiding in Alexandria? I didn’t know I’d get something this fucking good on my next visit!”

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I'm highly allergic to coconuts, so no thanks (・_・;) (I haven't seen that movie yet, did you like it?)

“i didn’t know people could be allergic to coconuts! well…i guess you can consider them from afar if you want.”