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Hey folks, I’m doing my part to put out the call.  Titmouse made a kickass pilot for Niko and the Sword of Light.  If we can land the series the Motorcity crew will have something awesome to sink their artistic teeth into.

As the time comes closer to amazon choosing which of these pilots to take to series they will be looking at the numbers of views, reviews, and shares.

What I’m trying to say here is that if you want to support awesome artist driven animation, then go watch some awesome artist driven animation!

You can watch Titmouse’s pilot for Niko and the Sword of Light here!

Watch it, rate it, share it, do your part in the fight for rad cartoons!
(also, signal boosts are always welcome too)


Lost Time
Little Comets
Lost Time

Little Comets // Lost Time

Just like the waves, you made me feel so ill
So up and down, I wish that you’d be still

daughter-of-the-rain-and-snow replied to your post “In case your antifascist senses have been tingling and you’re…”

That’s awesome! My country is sinking, and I love to hear that actions are being made to prevent this issue in the world. I hope that Italy continues in the same path. Now you beautiful Italians, lets get you marriage for everyone ��

Honestly Italy is still a raging hellhole but somehow not everything sucks. We might be one of the few countries around whose highest institutional positions are not occupied by assholes at the moment.

Let’s not even touch the topic of refugees. Italy is saving thousands of lives every day but no one is giving us any help and we’re kinda collapsing because we can’t afford it but we still value people’s lives even if they’re black or muslims you know, which is apparently not a very common attitude

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Looks like the Channel Awesome ship is sinking soon and taking everyone with it--Doug, Linkara, Lindsay, Todd, Rap Critic; 'sbeen a fun ride.

Is the site in any financial trouble? Because when Doug stopped doing NC for those couple of months it really hurt their traffic. And when Doug came back to doing NC he filled it with unfunny skits and stupid SJW bullshit rants so yeah I’m not gonna miss Channel Awesome. 

I’d give them another two years before their site closes down due to lack of intrest.