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Your trollhunters artwork made my day!! It deserves way more appreciation and artists such as yourself making gorgeous fan art for it just makes me so happy! Of course you don't have to draw anything you don't want to, but if you'd like to make more trollhunters artwork please do!! I'll be there haha :)



female awesome meme: [7/10] characters who deserve better

He’s deserted me. He tried to stop this marriage, but offered nothing in return. He has taken what was not rightly his and walked away from his consequences. Why did he have to come? I hate him for it. — Elizabeth Poldark


Octavia Blake’s speech in The 100 04x10 “Die All, Die Merrily”

Beautiful proofs (#1) : Divergence of the harmonic series

The harmonic series are as follows:

And it has been known since as early as 1350 that this series diverges. Oresme’s proof to it is just so beautiful.

Now replace ever term in the bracket with the lowest term that is present in it. This will give a lower bound on S1.

Clearly the lower bound of S1 diverges and therefore S1 also diverges.
But it interesting to note that of divergence is incredibly small: 10 billion terms in the series only adds up to around 23.6 !


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