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28/6/16 10:37 PM // typing out notes from my seminar today + awesome view of Oxford from the top of the tower at St. Margaret’s Church. I have a total of 3 courseworks to complete so far. The summer course has been pretty great and I’ve made more friends than I expected so 😁


If you want to attend this AWESOME seminar contact me ASAP at @claycombkarate or call me At 909-829-1642 for more details! There are limited spots left!
We did the 1st Super Seminar at the Mighty Black House in 2015 then the 2nd one in 2016 at the Machida Academy and now the 3rd Super Seminar! Each year it’s An Amazing Experience!! Call me at 909-829-1642 ASK ME ABOUT THE SENSEI SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER!

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Learn the original Machida Karate from the Machida Family and train with Grand Master Machida!
3 seminars in the same day!! 1st  Seminar - Master Machida 
2nd and 3rd - Lyoto and Chinzo Machida
Hurry up! limited spots!

Get your tickets on

Machida Karate
Self-defense for real life
(424) 347-7255

@chinzomachida (at Machida Karate Academy)

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Here is Part 1 of my notebook from today’s online seminar “32 Awesomely Practical UX Tips” presented by Rosenfeld Media and Environments for Humans.

These pages feature the first speaker of the day, Dave Gray (founder of XPLANE, author of Gamestorming and The Connected Company).

Because Dave’s session was so interactive, and focused largely on sketching, it was very easy to sketchnote his presentation. I found that I stopped sketchnoting while listening to the other presenters, mostly due to the density of the content and the speed… (I’m still pretty slow, I’ll admit) but I plan to add to this notebook over the next week or two as the videos become available.