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A Date With Markiplier

Just a list of my favorite things in this whole ordeal
- bonjour
- the trifecta of Markiplier personas made it in (Dark, Wilford, and the asshole, better-than-thou Markiplier)
- Tyler’s friggin Elvis costume and sideburns
- Tyler dressing up with a Mark mask not even cut out of the piece of paper it was printed on
- the fact that when you choose horror, Dark doesn’t actually give you four choices. He just gives you one that will move the story forward.
- Tyler and Ethan’s play poster
- the skeleton
-that big ass diamond that isn’t even attached to a real ring
-“close your eyes now. Bwoooop.”
- the fact that I’m pretty confident Amy was the camera person for most of this
- Chica got us all shOOk
- Ethan in a suit
- literally every time the quick transitions had to happen and it was so obvious
- I need makeup because I’m ugly
- Mark’s freaking sandwich waddle
- the fact that when you choose to eat pbj, Marks the one that dies because of peanuts
- the fact that they actually made Mark sit in front of a camera and dig for ten whole minutes
- “Just press X”
- the fact that exit doesn’t really do anything
-Mark’s extension wig in the jail cell
- the frigging pink crocs that are squeaky as everything on this green earth
- the fact that this happened. It was so good and I loved all of it

Classic perv greeting


Hitoshi Shinsou’s majorly intense eyes!💜

Two Cent Riffs: The Abduction Saga {SUZ}

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Last time on Steven Universe Z

Julien: I gotta appreciate Amethyst’s new bean love.
Roy: Why, though?
Julien: Black beans are the best, and they are good for the heart.
Roy: Dude?
Julien: Aaaand I can imagine her doing this as well.

Does anybody love both this and Bob’s Burgers? Any artists?

Roy: Looks like they ship Sebastian and Tamatoa, too.
Julien: That’s crazy! Sebastian would be crushed under the sea. Literally crushed. It wouldn’t work, I tell you.

Julien: Maybe they can catch his scent!
Roy: What would Onion smell like?
Julien: You mean to tell Onion wouldn’t live to his name and try to smell like the best onions? You lack imagination, Macintosh.

Roy: I guess they were gonna watch to get into roleplay.
Julien: And I guess Lars would be the ghost in this case.

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Roy: Dude, really? Not everyone in SU has a nose, you know. She looks nice.
Julien: With Sapphire, it’s different. With the young one here, it’s like

it’s like having Tatsumaki (One Punch Man), without her nose.

It’s like having Jojo without his nose.

It is like having Squidward Tentacles, WITHOUT HIS NOSE!

Roy: Dude, get over yourself.
Julien:….  Okay.

Julien: No no, Connie. She doesn’t have a nose.
Roy: Come on now.
Julien: Sorry sorry. That’ll be on my mind. Also, Connie is such a weeb. LOVE IT!
Roy: Love it!

Roy: Hey man, have you noticed something?
Julien: No, besides the art looking consistent for once.
Roy: Not that. Where was Mr. Smiley, the Pizzas, The Frymans. Hell, where was Greg in this?
Julien: Huh. You got me there.

Connie and Steven out in the woods

Connie feeling them leaves out in the woods

A noseless gem out in the woods!
Roy: Ass!
Julien: Sorry, she just reminds me of someone….. Oh yeah.

Julien: I was gonna say Sleen Giant! Ho ho ho!

Julien: My. Looks like Shaquille really was a gem.


Julien: Oh ho ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAA!
Roy: What’s funny?
Julien: [laughing] Not this. 


Roy: Oh my god! YES!

Julien: Zero point energy!
Roy: Oh. If someone can animate this or have good photoshop for these few seconds.

Julien: Oh hey, Lars.

Julien: The squad is up and out!

Roy: Oh, I just got high school flashbacks.
Julien: Food with enough to share?
Roy: They always looked my way.

Julien: Ooh. She’s a little more eerie without a–
Roy: You say nose one more time.
Julien: Snozz. Happy?
Roy: Yes. And if you’re not happy with this, you draw the nose.
Julien: Okay.

Roy: I hate you, sometimes. But, go ahead. Do it.

Roy: One thing questions me with Topaz.
Julien: How she’s able to keep any of them from dying? How this is kinda wrong? Why hasn’t she put them in her and Aqua’s vessel yet?
Roy: Yeah, the third one.
Julien: Hostages, of course.

Julien: I geniunely love these two with Aqua being the little shit and Topaz being the respectful bodyguard.

Julien: Aquamarine ‘bout to drop somebody!

Roy: Okay, so Peridot’s not at fault here, right?
Julien: Eeeeeeeeeeeh, yeah?


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Roy: Welp, I just pinpointed the time Pearl blasted off again.
Julien: That, and you were just fucking lazy this time.
Roy: Blow me.
Julien: We’ll see later.


Roy: If Della Saba can say this in the voice, that would rock!
Julien: Della Saba would rock if she voiced any Plankton line in this voice.

Roy: What does that mean, anyway?
Julien: You don’t want to find out.

Julien: Wait, whhat did Onion say to her?
Roy: Maybe something to keep to mind.

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One more pic for this little shit

Roy: Wait. With Steven being that at that height. Oh no.
Julien: Yep. [phew] He gonna know what gem crotch feels like. My man.

CHO-colate chip ship

Good try, Pearl. Good job. You did your part. You fought well. Well done. Good show.


Roy: Draw the squad, anyone?


THe crapper.

Julien: To be fair. If I tried to square up against a literal hulk like Topaz looking like him, I’d just run too. Seriously, that fight doesn’t even look fair.

Roy: I guess Topaz is like Link, especially from Breath of the Wild.
Julien: Oh, bless their hearts.

Julien: Could’ve fused before… okay.

Roy: Oh man, he’s truly going to pay for his mother’s crimes.
Julien: Crimes of what? Saving the entire planet from both human decolonization and the Cluster, a being that would’ve literally destroyed the Eath? And this is coming from a kid who is so jesus after redeeming Peridot, Lapis, the Cluster, Bismuth, Centipeedle, and his own Uncle Andy. After giving his Crystal Gem team the confidence and acceptance in moving on with life after Rose’s departure. After helping Connie become more outgoing and spirited in her own life, not to mention give her and her parents some better ground. All that, and he’s basically gonna get sacrificed by the Diamonds?
Roy: Yeah, because he’s the main character.
Julien: I love you, you insightful bastard.

Julien: And so ends season 4, with Connie calling out to Steven who just left Earth in a flash.
Roy: With Lars.
Julien: With LARS?!


Ahem, to this season in its entirety

Thank you. Welp, I’m finished for the season. You?
Roy: Yeah. Let’s head out.

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Drama Blogs That Deserve The Praise

I am a small blog, only about 120 followers, who for some reason stick around to hear me geek out about all the dramas and films I love. I am thankful for all those who are willing to engage with me in a meaningful way about our common interests. In real life, there are so few people in my circle of influence that watch Asian dramas and movies and willing to appreciate and talk about them with me, near me, or in any meaningful way. So I was inspired to take a moment to shout out 5 blogs that I follow consistently who I just think are fantastic. If you follow them already, that’s great, and if you don’t you really should. This is such a small community that deserves to engage in meaningful and fun content.

1. @kdramastuff

If you are looking for awesome screencaps on currently airing dramas (particularly some maybe lesser popular Korean dramas) this is an EXCELLENT blog and one of the first I followed when starting to engage with a Tumblr community. Consider it a must if you want to find out what’s good out there. 

2. @lavenderbyun

Consistent produces or has content to discuss and some really great opinions on dramas. I absolutely love the posts on this blog and find myself in heaps of agreement with the commentary and selection that is focused on. I appreciate you and am so glad you’re on Tumblr!

3. @dramatroll

The most fun and entertaining drama memes you’re likely to see. The content is clever and sometimes laugh out loud funny — always a nice change of pace from traditional gif sets and caps.

4. @sseureki

Secondly only to @kdramastuff, this is a blog that I regularly follow and look out for the posts. Great icons for all sorts of shows, and I love @sseureki‘s non-asian drama related posts — very refreshing!

5. @irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

I really appreciate the commentary and tags to the posts — So much fun to follow and super entertaining.

Honorable Mentions:

These blogs are equally good and deserve a follow as well. If I’m leaving any of your favorites out, please mention them in the comments. :-)


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