awesome screencap!


//wakes up in the middle of the night// WE WERE ROBBED!!!

Classic perv greeting

Attack on Titan: Episode 36 Screencap Redraw

I haven’t posted much Jeankasa lately but it is my other top ship (along with Jearmin.) That being said, this moment was another I was waiting all season for so obviously I couldn’t go without drawing it too! Going to keep trying to work on more of these. They’re a lot of fun and good practice!

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“Humans are remarkably complex. Their emotions are more bewildering than I thought.” -Gowther


Hitoshi Shinsou’s majorly intense eyes!💜

A Date With Markiplier

Just a list of my favorite things in this whole ordeal
- bonjour
- the trifecta of Markiplier personas made it in (Dark, Wilford, and the asshole, better-than-thou Markiplier)
- Tyler’s friggin Elvis costume and sideburns
- Tyler dressing up with a Mark mask not even cut out of the piece of paper it was printed on
- the fact that when you choose horror, Dark doesn’t actually give you four choices. He just gives you one that will move the story forward.
- Tyler and Ethan’s play poster
- the skeleton
-that big ass diamond that isn’t even attached to a real ring
-“close your eyes now. Bwoooop.”
- the fact that I’m pretty confident Amy was the camera person for most of this
- Chica got us all shOOk
- Ethan in a suit
- literally every time the quick transitions had to happen and it was so obvious
- I need makeup because I’m ugly
- Mark’s freaking sandwich waddle
- the fact that when you choose to eat pbj, Marks the one that dies because of peanuts
- the fact that they actually made Mark sit in front of a camera and dig for ten whole minutes
- “Just press X”
- the fact that exit doesn’t really do anything
-Mark’s extension wig in the jail cell
- the frigging pink crocs that are squeaky as everything on this green earth
- the fact that this happened. It was so good and I loved all of it