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Here is your random reminder to reach out to people in your life you don’t talk to often, but who always make you feel better when you do. I just reached out to 2 of my friends like that about some stuff that was on my mind and I literally feel 100x better… Do it!


I found my high school band written final exam.

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Hello! I just found you and I really think that your work is absolutely fantastic. I have a question though! From the experience you've had, would you think its okay for someone without any experience in art ( official art lessons, took art as a subject ) to actually take a mainly art course in university? Thank you!

Hello, sweet Anon! Thank you! I don’t know who you are, but I love you for asking this. It’s a good question. 

I actually have a lot to say about this mostly because of my recent dramas in life, so grab a snack and a blanket; get comfortable. :)

I think that whether or not you take art classes at university has to do with your learning style and needs as a student, and whether or not you want to pursue a career in art.

If you’ve never had any “formal” art education, I’d maybe first check to see if there is non-major art class that you can take to test the waters and see if you like what they teach. There are usually different branches of the art department at a university. For example, my school visual arts dept. is divided as: graphic design, studio art, and illustration. Talk to the professors. Often, they’re happy to listen. See which part of the department is more your flavor and you can even usually get permission from them to take a “majors only” class even if you’re not in the major. College-age is a good time to make mistakes and learn from them, explore what you like, and become an even more awesome person.
There are many good things about art classes/school. I love having a network of amazing teachers and students that are super talented– they can tell you what you’re doing right and what you can improve. You meet awesome people, and sometimes the art department invites really awesome artists to speak at your school. You can meet them and network with them. I’ve met artists that work at Disney Animation, Pixar, Blue Sky, cool people who illustrate Children’s books (ie., Brett Helquist, the illustrator of Series of Unfortunate Events), etc.  It’s awesome.


I recently realized that art school/college is not for me (at least not right now).

My background story as an artist is kinda different. I started taking art classes my senior year of high school (2009-2010), and I kinda slid into college assuming that I would pursue an education in art because I ended up really liking it. I even got a full-tuition art scholarship to a university with a great art program. 
I took a couple art classes my freshman year of college. Art and non-art classes included I was taking 15 credit hours, which is considered a “normal” class load (and it was also required for me to keep my scholarship). I had a hard time because, little did I know at the time, I was struggling pretty badly with depression and anxiety. That made it really hard for me to get any work done because I thought if I couldn’t make a perfect piece of art, there was no point. The thought of being imperfect depressed me and gave me anxiety.
I felt SO much pressure to please all my instructors with my art. Every semester in all my classes (art or not) I’d end up in a big cycle of not doing assignments, then not going to class because I felt ashamed that I wasn’t prepared, and then I’d burn myself out trying to catch up with all my work, and then I’d get sick and miss all my classes and fail. However, just because I got failing grades doesn’t mean I didn’t learn anything.
Long story short, I ended up only taking 3 art classes my whole 4.5 years at college. I didn’t even graduate. For a long time I felt like there was something wrong with me because it seemed like everyone else was working 30-hour work weeks AND taking 18 credit-hours and they were doing fine, and I couldn’t even take 6 credit hours, and work to pay rent, pay tuition, and pay for groceries. So I moved home to live with my family. That was super hair.
I know that sounds like a big downer. This just happened like two months ago so it’s still a fresh wound, but I am healing and there IS a happy ending to this.
I am learning to manage my my depression and anxiety instead of fighting and struggling with it.
  (Also, just as a disclaimer and side note, if you have depression and anxiety that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go to college. You just need to make sure you’re taking care of yourself).

Upon exploring the art classes/college environment, you might find (much like me) that what you want to learn/what you need cannot be found at university.
I finally admitted to myself that I didn’t need to go to college for art - again, it’s a good place to network and for some people it’s the best place for them to learn, but it’s not for me. It took me a long time to come to grips with that.
I learn best by self-educating. I don’t feel as much crippling anxiety as I did at school, because now when I make art I am still learning, but I am not killing myself to get a good grade or beating myself up because I didn’t get up for my 8AM figure drawing class.

There are some really good artists that had minimal formal art education and are still super successful. Just look at Jake Parker and Elena and Olivia Ceballos

Jake Parker has a YouTube channel. He has so much knowledge. In his videos, he gives solid advice while he draws something cool. In a video called, “Drawing a Dragon and Talking About Art School e003,” he shares some good ways to self-educate/prepare for art school/decide if art school is for you.  THIS VIDEO CHANGED MY LIFE. Listen to it/ watch it. It’s worth your time. 

—-According to his video, he says that artists need to do these things, whether it be at college or not:

1) Build a foundation.
-composition - light & shadow - color theory - human anatomy - perspective

2) Draw a few hours every day.
- try to fill a sketchbook evert 1-2 months

3) Copy!
- copy in a separate sketchbook to learn things you like - Things to copy: other artists, film stills, books.

4) Start and finish a personal project.
- illustrate parts of a book you love, do character design and environments for a movie for fun – things to remember when you do this: JUST DO IT. JUST FINISH IT. “Finished, NOT PERFECT.” Perfection can come later. “The world needs people who can finish things.”

And I think university is a good place to start your art education even if you don’t “finish” it there, because you can get personalized instruction and advice in person. 
 But we also have the internet. You can learn so much! You can follow all the awesome artists you want on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and in some cases, YouTube. They often have advice, tutorials, etc. There is so much information floating around out there. If you can get critiques from fellow artists online, that is pretty valuable. The cool thing about social media is you can kinda be friends with them! You can comment on their things and they’ll see it most of the time. This is such a cool time for artists! We can all network and be buddies!

So the moral of the story is don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Be kind to yourself. Find a balance that is good for you. If you can take a bunch of art classes and keep up with the work load and stay mentally sane, do it. But if you can’t, don’t be hard on yourself. I spent my whole 4.5 years at school beating myself up for not being like other people. Don’t do that to yourself. Listen to your mind, body, and spirit. It will tell you when it needs to be challenged and when you need to take it a little easier. Create things. And definitely take art classes/educate yourself about art. We human beings have an innate desire to create things that didn’t exist before- Be it art, music, or laughter. Definitely follow that part of you.

Sorry that was super long and probably waaaay more than you were asking for, and also sorry if it seemed scattered and crazy - I just drank like 10 cans of diet coke so I’m flyyyyyyyying!!! Haha.
I hope that answers your question, and I honestly hope it helps you! <3

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I'm new to the Stony fandom and was wondering if you could give me some people to follow? Thank you!

dailysuperhusbands will be your number 1 Stony resource. (Seriously. It’s so well-organized, it’s amazing.) Also check out stevetonynet. Another great resource is cap-ironman, which is the Tumblr for the Cap-IronMan community from LJ. They arrange things like Big Bangs (writers sign up to write stories, artists sign up to make fan art of the stories) and Reverse Big Bangs (art comes first, then writers sign up to write stories for art). 

890fifth is a bi-weekly Stony fic challenge. 

As for individual recs (a lot of these people are going to have multiple, for lack of a better word, functions (i.e. author, artist, etc). I’m listing the ones that, off the top of my head, set them apart, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do other stuff), listed in no particular order (the order is whoever I remember off the top of my head, and however they’re ordered in my follows. Although, not even chronologically, since I started from the beginning and went back, then went to the end and moved forward):

everybodyilovedies and copperbadge are great for comics knowledge, among other things (they both also write, and copperbadge/Sam is also great for life advice, but that’s entirely besides the point).

Some authors: sakuratsukikage, starspangledsprocket (also great for Chris Evans related stuff and general shenanigans), tony-starks-nipples, imaginaryelle, winterstar95, writingromanoff, theappleppielifestyle (who writes awesomely, is also taking commissions, and seems to fill them insanely fast *hint hint*), colonelrogers, wordsplat, laireshiiwritestony, musicalluna, onemuseleft, captaintonys-tark, sineala, pensversusswords, missbeckywrites, kurowrites, fakesheep-luna, captainneverever, teaberryblue

Artists: j000000, brownbear-tm, zealouscorgi, nat-draws-things, sirdef, kelslk, a16yearsold, krusca, perindax, utsukin, osuda, artbyfliff, rinis7, hello-shellhead, ironfries (I’m not actually sure if they’re still in the fandom, but they still have lots of Stony art up and/or floating around Tumblr), sekra, sakubows/sakubow, crazyk-c, daki-tb, nohaijiachi, frafru, hayatecrawford, tgoamt, wackyavengers, yoats, rinnirrinnir, ask-the-stark
(also check out the art tag on dailysuperhusbands. That way, you can find some artists whose style you personally like to follow) qouinette-not has some really nice Stony pieces and a really awesome art style that I like, so I recommend checking out their blog, even though I don’t think you’ll be seeing a lot of Stony pieces from them in the future. 

stevetonyfic has fic recs. 

Other awesome people: thedirectorstark, brandnewfashion (also author, same username on AO3), igavethatbitchalink (also writes; is MystikSpiral on AO3), flange5 (is currently doing a read-through of old-school comics, so lots of comic scans), squeeful (I’m not sure how much Stony she posts/reblogs, but she will headcanon with you and also be salty with you; it’s great), jenngeek, wreck-it-rogers (also an artist), doctoranthonystarktinmantonystarkmilessmorales,  ask-thelittleheros (Which isn’t focused on Stony, but their AU is great and thoughtful and awesome in general), directorshellhead, starkwest, shellhead-rogers, avengersasssemble, yougavemeahome, cyborgcap, tony-starks-heart

Also keep an eye out for stevetonyfest, which is an awesome event that’ll come around again in the summer, I think.

Of course, there are lots of other awesome people in the fandom who I might have forgotten to list or haven’t encountered yet, but once you start following people in the fandom, you’ll start seeing who they’re reblogging from, interacting with, who OPs are, etc. 

Lots of authors are on AO3. I recommend checking out ppl’s blogs cuz most of them will have links to their AO3 accounts. 

[Note to people I tagged: if you’re not in the fandom anymore and would like me to add that caveat or remove you from the list, please do not hesitate to contact me, either in reblog or through an ask (which I will respond to privately).]

(edit: links should all be working now. if they are not, tell me and I will gripe about Tumblr’s broke-ass coding some more and see if I can fix it without fucking everything else up too)

#252. King Dedede has the most awesome villain club around. So awesome in fact that only three people are allowed in Dedede, Meta Knight and Dark Pit. all the other villains want to be in this awesome club that is totally not a abandoned school. Specially that douche bag ganondorf who said Dedede wasn’t a real villain well who’s laughing now, who’s laughing now(sob,sob,sob,sob).

Meta-Knight: there there dedede, let it all out.

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who is ben winston and why do people hate him

you know that guy in high school that thinks he’s awesome and he brags about being awesome and when you try and tell him he’s not so awesome he ignores everything and only makes sure to pump his ego up whenever he can and everyone pretends to like him even though no one does and then in the middle of zayn’s angelic solo in You and I he pans out of the shot and you’re like wow this guys is not awesome and he makes coma inducing music videos. 

that’s ben winston. 

positivityandpaperstars  asked:

I am a late-to-the-game college student (in my thirties) and just started a new semester. I get so much anxiety (which usually leads to depression) at the beginning of each semester. Despite part of my brain wanting to get more educated, the rest of it is freaked out and wants to bail, HARD. Do you have any advice?

I wish I had some silver bullet advice for you, because I’d use it myself. The best I can offer is this: everything worth doing in life is hard, and the difference between people who do awesome stuff and people who always wish they’d done something awesome is not giving up.

I’m 43, and I desperately want to go back to school, so I can get a proper degree … college students terrify me, and I’m not actively pursuing it because I am truly afraid that I will fail. Right now, I’m a person who is wishing he did something awesome, because he can’t get past the fear.

Middle School Student Led Newspaper

Think about it: awesome or awesome? I’m leaning toward awesome.

I’m mulling it over for next school year. We have a publisher in town, we can do online stuff, I have (I’m certain) willing kids and soon to be 8th graders who’d probably love to be on the editorial staff. I have a high school adviser who is likely willing to share advice and resources. It’s ambitious, and maybe a little crazy, but I’m pretty sure it has potential to be amazing.

I know this is such a high school thing but god, the sheer potential of a middle school student is overwhelming sometimes. People really do underestimate this age sometimes. When the high school teachers visited my room a few weeks ago to observe a close reading lesson they were amazed at how independent my 7th graders were. In awe of the things they could do that many were selling their 9th and 10th graders short on. So why not try it? My kids crave independence, to be a part of something, to be creative for the sake of being creative. I can just see them losing their minds (in the best way) over press passes and interviews and advice columns. It’s exciting to consider.

I mean come on, a whole slew of 7th and 8th grade J-Kids? I LOVE that idea.

I bought Awesome Mix Tape Vol.1 on ITunes and it’s been on repeat for 2 weeks now.

It’s hard walking down the hallways  at school and not dancing to “Come and Get Your Love” and any other song it.

I’m basically head banging in the hallway or mouthing the lyrics.

People probably see me and think I’m insane.

But who cares? I’m channeling my inner Star-Lord! :D

Soul Eater Not! - 1

This was so cute. It was funny too because when I first heard about this show I was like, how can they use Soul Eater in the title and not have any copyright problems? I only read later on that it was actually in the Soul Eater universe and then I was like oh, awesome. 

Tsugumi is so cute. I am pretty positive I probably called her Tsumugu some time in this synopsis. 

First episode so going to make this kind of short. It helps if you are already familiar with the Soul Eater world but not necessary. 

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