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abendhimmel  asked:

I love your style and your makeup. I am so excited for the Bisexy Series and more of #realtalk. Your videos and posts always cheer me up. Thanks Rosie. You are awesome sauce <3

I’m filming the next Bisexy video today!!!!! I’m so exciteddddddd!!!!!! Rose and I will be filming another #RealTalk probably on Monday :) xxxxx

As promised, ladies, gents, and gender non-conforming individuals alike, I present you the World’s Most Bitchin’ Handshake. Starring This Queer Loser in the White Dress (me) and Jeffrey “Awesome Sauce” Cranor! Ta-Da!

(Film taken by my friend Adena. Actual handshake was created by New York Neo-Futurist Dan McCoy. Original video of handshake here. My cosplay was supposed to be an Erika, and it was made by me an hour before the show. I was made by my parents.)