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People often ask whether they should use Koenig’s made up words in real life.

He says yes, because all words are made up in the beginning. 

He also quotes lexicographer Erin McKean: “Anybody who’s read a children’s book knows that love makes things real. If you love a word, use it—that makes it real. Being in the dictionary is an arbitrary distinction; it doesn’t make a word any more real than any other way. If you love a word, it becomes real.”


“…I can fix that.”

Based off this

Moral of the story: Don’t let Hiro go on solo missions without the team + Baymax behind him.

When one stops in Diamond City to meet with their friendly neighborhood synth detective, one must make traveling mercenary companion eat power noodles with them.

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Awesome reference for writers or general curiousity

The Crime Museum in Washington D.C. has a great website for anyone with an interest in crime and criminology. Not only that, but they have a whole friggin library full of anything you want to know.

I mean look at this

T H E Y  H A V E  E V E R Y T H I N G

Need some info on famous serial killers?

YOOO I’ve never heard anything about female serial killers!

Yeah, remember the Craigslist killer?

Okay, but I want some stuff on the basics of forensic anthropology for a fic I’m wroking on. Anything?



It’s AMAZING. An incredible resource. Hell, it even tells me what fabric they used in most of the captions, which makes me GIDDY WITH GLEE.

I’ll make a post later about the really really cool things in here, but something happened when I first opened the book. This was the first thing I saw:



Nemesis Romulans had stirrup pants…? (top right)

Hold the phone

Even the Klingon ambassador’s dignity isn’t spared?!

and apparently you put them in pants that will never ride up.

Do you know what this means?



This past Sunday, February 22nd Japan celebrated its 27th annual Cat Day, a national holiday alternatively (and awesomely) referred to as “Nyan Nyan Nyan Day.” People in Japan often celebrate this cat-tastic day by posting photos and videos of their cats for each other to enjoy and, of course, singing the praises of Maru, still one of the world’s all-time cutest cats. Japanese food and craft blogger Caroline celebrated by baking and decorating these six incredibly kawaii kitty-shaped éclairs. They’re each so adorable, we aren’t sure how she was able to eat them.

[via Neatorama]


Great reference video!!!

Ok so I looked up that UFO book and it turns out there is indeed an entire series of books like this

Not only about UFOs and space but anything relevant and important, ranging from science, religion (lots of Paganism and spirituality), culture, evolution, alchemy, art, nature and sacred geometry and then some

^ these are just a few.

They’re basically little handbooks that will give you a run down on each subject, but still being highly informative. They have customizable box sets, but you can also get bind-ups where multiple books of relating subject matter have been combined into one big book

AND they have coloring books which have recently become popular due to their therapeutic nature and memory/concentration enhancement. Plus cool designs!

Also look at this sick Venus poster

I’m really excited about this and now I want to collect all of them. I think they’re very useful for people new to certain subjects. So, I wanted to share!

Here is their official website and you can also find their books on Amazon.

My Academy Award Acceptance Speech:
  • Me: I'd like to thank my boyfriend for all of his love and support and to apologize for all of the times I said I was gonna leave you for Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • Me: *finds Benedict in the crowd*
  • Me: *miming a phone with my fingers and stage whispering* Benedict. Call me!
  • Everyone including Benedict: *laughs*
  • Me: I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding.
  • Me: *looking at Benedict and leaning close to the microphone* I prefer to text.

 "Hey Danvers, you up for a little race?“
"You’re on Rhodes, how much of a head start you need in that clunker?”

Collab with the beautiful wiredoll! Happy Rhodeycon everyone!