awesome reasons to go to the fair


Ok but get this: literal Big Beautiful Woman Great Fairy with flowers in her godly afro curls

The Great.F’s are a core part of my Zelda AU(vol), since they will help the poor fairy that was split in half to come back togueter(and other things), at Link’s request.
They also think his green eyes are oddly interesting, for some reason.

Her hairdo was inspired by the flawlessness of kieraplease!!!!!!! Go look at her awesome fashion sense

Party Time!

It’s time for Affliction to come to life! So if you enjoy music, dancing, making new friends or embarrassing old ones join us for an evening of partying!

When: Saturday September 12th
Where: The Darkmoon Faire Under The Big Top
Time: 6:30pm WRA Server Time


Just a little note. The band isn’t fully filled out yet and some can’t make it because one reason or another but to keep things going let us use that imagination shall we? Other then that I hope to see you there for our first club night and hopefully the start of something awesome!