awesome pulls!!

“You can fly?”

The “no superheroes” origins AU where it turns out Tim’s best friend does, in fact, have super powers. Awesome

(Two teenaged boys pull a bunch of really, really stupid stunts to find out what Conner can and can’t do: the series.)



dating yoongi ;;
  • constantly making idgaf faces at each other after each smart remarks
  • “i didn’t choose the thug life, it chose me”
  • “you mean turtle life”
  • swag fashion all day and everyday, even when it’s just white tees and basketball short wear
  • transitioning from holding your hand to placing an arm around your shoulder whenever guys walk passes by
  • having awkward yet comfortable conversations when serious topics are brought up
  • singing to jimin and jungkook’s high notes in every damn BTS song, to only get scold by all the members
  • “stfu already, ya suck!”
  • “jealous much?”
  • him casually holding your hand and playing with it during movie nights when cuddling together and when in public
  • rhyming what you can when boredom hits, and showing it off to yoongi that you’re also a mad rapper 
  • “haha, you’re cute but you’re not at my level yet”
  • “you mean you need to get on my level”
  • getting trick by him all the time because he’s a trickster who pulls awesome pranks
  • and later on helps him prank the members when he’s done pranking you
  • taking late night walks with him when his muses are gone, and he’s tired of being suffocated in the studio
  • playing with him at the basketball court once outside, to relieve some stress off
  • him letting you hug his back because he enjoys your love and warmth
  • cooking with him in the kitchen on both your days off, because he learns new recipe and wants to out beat his jin hyung
  • you pinching his cheeks and biting his arms so he’d wake up, since the man wouldn’t wake up
  • him pulling you down immediately in bed and snuggling you up close, for he pretended to be asleep to see if you’d come bother him
  • his sweet and semi wet kisses showering your face, and you screaming for him to stop
  • “you’re so annoying”
  • “but you’re still with me”
  • you staring at him while he smugly smiles at you, and you can’t help but laugh
  • laying in bed with him on cold mornings with your hoodies on while watching the TV installed inside your room
  • lacing your pinkies together when not holding hands
  • you holding him in your arms when sleeping, while his face buries in your chest
  • “love you”
  • “love you too”

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Omg do you want to know what happened last night


You know how in season 12 the reds and blues are in the gas station and Grif says that ‘someone emptied their slurpy machine’? And how in season 11 we see Locus kill the attendants there?
I am convinced he drank all the slurpies. And now I have this awesome picture or Locus pulling a Washington and drinking brightly colored slurpies through a straw with his helmet.

Imagine trying to tell Dean that you like him

“So,” you said, clearing your throat, “There’s this guy.”

He slumped back into the couch, dejected, but still forcing a smile for your benefit.

“Oh, yeah?” he asked, trying to sound like it didn’t punch him in the gut, “What about him?”

You smiled, “I really, really like him.”

He exhaled through his nose and raised his eyebrows.

“Awesome,” he said, before pulling a tight smile, “I’m happy for you. He’s a lucky guy.”

You laughed, setting your beer down on a coaster.

“He’s an oblivious guy,” you told him.

“How so?” he asked, trying so hard to disguise his jealousy.

You shook your head, smiling in disbelief, “It’s you, you idiot. I like you.“

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*squeals before handing and tripping over a 14 foot long green snake plushie* Isn't it awesome!! *then pulls out a small tie-dyed fuzzy plushie out of hoodie pocket and handing it over* Hope you like it!!!

Ah!!!! I love it so much!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!! I will cherish it for ever!! ♡♡♡♡

I swear this conversation literally just took place
  • girl from college: I heard that Star Wars isn't nice.. Like I heard it's childish.
  • Me: No it's not it's awesome
  • Me: *pulls out phone* look at my BB-8 case
  • Me: *reveals my lock-screen* look at my Kylo Ren wallpaper
  • girl: oh that's nice.. Bu-
  • Me: hold on I wanna show you something else..
  • girl: okay.. ?
  • Me: *pulls out a 'Rebel Alliance' Pouch from inside my backpack* I carry my small items in this, it's from Star Wars
  • girl: what is-
  • Me: hold on that's not what I wanted to show you
  • girl: ...
  • Me: *pulls out BB-8 sphero toy from the pouch* look at this
  • girl: wtf
  • Me: :D
  • girl: ..
  • Me: :D
  • girl: ??
  • Me: *unzips hoodie to reveal Star Wars shirt* look at my children :D
  • girl *backing away slowly*: ohmygod
  • me: so seventeen writes all their own songs and they have english speaking members so the english lyrics are always really good!
  • sister: oh awesome!
  • vernon: pull up on your whacks with the mac fully loaded AH!
  • sister:
  • me:
  • sister:
  • me: their song adore you is great!

Leslie kisses Burski (Undateable)


The sky was so awesome, I pulled off the road to set the phone up. Glad I did.

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